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the end of the chip clip - metalized food bags

by:Cailong     2019-07-15
the end of the chip clip  -  metalized food bags
Re-seal those nasty metal food bags with this super secret technology.
No clips, no tape, no old chips.
Watch the wonderful video!
And fight with the National People's Congress there.
Himself and man.
Nature is man and manStaleness.
Many technologies have been tried.
Tape Program.
People in clothes.
Special equipment,. k. a.
"Chip Clip ". The roll-up-and-shove-in-corner-of-
Cabinet operation. The eat-the-whole-bag-at-once system. And others.
The video shows all of this, but the instructures are about these steps.
They came.
First squeeze out most of the air from the bag so that the front and back of the bag are together until the chip or nearby.
Roll the bag over the potato chips.
There is "scroll" on the back, as shown, fold 3 or 4 cm or each end to the front.
Fix the corner on the bag with your thumb so that the end does not unfold.
Spread the middle part towards you with your index finger.
At the same time, push with the thumb, gather the corner up under the prominent part of the production.
Promise yourself that you will burn 1000 calories before you reopen the bag.
Nutritional fact: 130 calories per serving, 45 calories in fat.
12 copies per bag.
Produced in a facility that handles peanut butter.
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