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the history and uses of mylar sheets - mylar polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-17
the history and uses of mylar sheets  -  mylar polyester film
These unique qualities of Mylar make it possible for the new end-user market for tapes, capacitor media and enclosures.
During the 1970 s, even in the increasingly fierce competition, Mylar became the best-selling film of dupont golf.
Today, Mera is one of the most popular movies.
The frequent use of Mylar films includes stacking on any map where additional data and copied data can be gaunt without compromising the performance of the map and sail, solar sail as an alternative thrust means for spacecraft and electrical insulating textiles, as the basic material of the tape (
Audio/video tapes, etc. )
Heat insulation materials for tents in cold environment.
The inner wall of the House or tent is covered with a Mela film, and the glittering surface faces the interior.
This reflects the body's heat back to the house or tent and heats the interior more effectively.
The exterior wall of the House or tent is covered with a layer of Mela, with a shiny surface that extends outward.
This reflects the heat that the sun comes out of the House or tent, and is more capable of cooling the interior, and the Mera crisis carpet is used to replicate the body heat of an electric shock patient to the patient, mylar curtains reflect sunlight and heat away from windows, and five layers of Mylar in NASA's space suit enable them to resist emissions and maintain astronaut's balmy, foil balloons for floral arrangements and parties are incorrectly called "Mylar" and mylar foil is used as a mirror-
Like some decorative surfaces on the cover of the book.
Shirts and other elastic cloth.
In addition, Mylar foil, along with other plastic films, is used as a medium for foil capacitors, very thin Mylar is used like a diaphragm in an electrostatic speaker, and Mylar has been used for assembly of drum heads since 1959, because when it is stretched to the bearing of the ring, its toughness and performance.
They are single and double, with 2mil and 10mil on each layer (1 mil=0. 0254)
In width, with a clear or dense surface, the protection is covered on the button/pin/badge, as a thin strip, forming a seal between the control surface and the adjacent structure of the aircraft, especially the sailing boat.
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