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the house of groaning shelves - polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-16
the house of groaning shelves  -  polyester film
There’s pin-drop silence.
The gentle rotation of the fan, the sand of the paper, and the slamming of the dropped book often make it split.
Unlike the school library, there is no "bookstore" here ".
One is not needed;
There are not many tourists to shush.
For the most part of the day, some of the city's magnificent old libraries have only aging books left.
Pick one from the shelf and in a lump of dust you will see little silverfish hide and seek.
Uma Maheshwari, a librarian at the Madras Literary Association, said that many of them were difficult to maintain and were brutally torn apart in the past (MLS)—
The oldest in town.
But not now.
Books are now being adopted.
Give everything to get them back to health.
These are placed on a separate shelf, new
Their life cycle has passed.
"So far, we have given them an elegant life of 200," says Uma, who beats her fingers on the remaining 45 waiting for adoption.
In the library of the Madras Literary Society, I was brave enough to give an interview. Photo: K.
Umma mishwari shouted from below: "The PichumaniMadras Literary Society" books can be taken from there, but most people don't because of dust. "When I carefully climbed the metal ladder leading to a set of shelves.
"We should probably install a chair lift . . . . . . " She said, then turned around to take care of an older tourist who wanted a book about writing (Jawaharlal)Nehru.
Search started.
There is no classification of these books;
The directory is not set in order.
203 after decoration-year-old red-
A few years ago, the wire of the brick structure had been removed and the books had been removed from their place.
Founded in 1812, the association is part of the St. Petersburg College.
George, started by the then collector of Madras Francis White Ellis.
In 1830, the association became an auxiliary institution of the Royal Association for Asia, and before moving to its current location on University Road, it was operating from the conimara Public Library, which was in the public teaching complex in 1905.
"We need volunteers to sort and set them up (around 80,000)
Uma said on an antique rosewood chair.
Grab the rocking railing and I took another step.
From here you can see a thick layer of dust on the fan and cabinet.
So is that brick. and-
Lime mortar wall with Rajasthan accent and tall windows.
Looking down through the grill, I was a little dizzy.
"When does the elevator expire? ” I ask.
The opera "Omania Kewa" by aretolis1619)
John Baptista's trip to India1680)
Natural principles and philosophy of Isaac Newton (1740)
Coffee with Captain G. A.
Mustafa bokes of the Muhammad Library. Photo: R.
From the glass compartment, an old man asked me for a business card and told me to write my address and contact number on the visitor register.
Retired Indian Air Force Commander G. A.
Mustafa's family began with his great-grandfather and has been taking care of it since the library was founded in 1850.
According to the book "Madras" re-discovered by the Chronicles
Muthiah, "The library is Nawab Ghulam Mohammad Ghouse Khan, curator of the museum Edward Green Balver and his sponsor Arcot, as Madras Muslim Public Library
Mustafa was there during the critical period from 1939 to 1945, when the library lost most of its collection;
When the building proud of Islamic architecture was demolished in 1996 and rebuilt in 2005.
"There are more than 15,000 books and manuscripts, many of which were donated by the kings of Egypt, Turkey and Jeddah over 1850 centuries.
They can't be found anywhere else in the world, "the chip in librarian Tameemur Rahman. It’s around 5. 30 p. m.
Almost closing time.
With hot coffee.
A 1852 edition of pan-yellow Persian astronomy book and a fresh one
In another book, Tameemur got the technology about photo encapsulation --
A technique for recording manuscripts using special processed polyester film coated with glue
He claimed to have started in the library.
On my way out, Mustafa stopped me and said, "Saba Mustafa is my wife.
"Suspended for a long time.
"She is the only hero to restore the library to normal operation.
Would you please mention it? ”Home to: H. D.
The remains of love in old Madras (100 years old)
The magazine Lancet (July 1883)
, Ramayana, written in Persian, and the Banaba Bible walking at the dark conimara library on the first floor of the Egmore Museum Library, at the far end of the room, a faded poster goes to the road of the old building.
The narrow path leads to a bright round room with tables and an employee who will accept your request for reference --
Like in a department store.
This is where you are closest to the conimara Library (
Bobby Robert Burke conimara was founded in 1890)—
Unless you have a special visit permit.
15 minutes to 5. m. —closing time.
I walk in the red place
The huge structure of the carpet is paved with a series of teak wood frame.
On my right is a glass box with important books such as Henrik's Thambiran Vanakkam (
Original in London);
In the middle is the Gandhi statue of Roy Chowdhury;
Old maps of Tamil Nadu villages are placed on the floor, just like small footpads.
I opened one and saw a dark sketch of the village of coolavaidi in pudukitai district.
On my left is a counter with small windows, where the librarian used to send books.
A narrow wooden staircase leads to a long, wide hall with books left on the floor to dry.
The other end includes a large circular reading table.
What connects the two is a small space with records of the Lok Sabha debate.
When I picked up a book, the light suddenly came on.
Horrible, but only for a while.
The brightly colored Myanmar windows give me a soft light enough to see the truncated half
Round roof and decorative pillars, marble viewing of akah mulberry leaves and flowers
Floor and exit.
Hometown: D. existing Omnes Quae
Hieronymi Strido (1553)
And the opera "The Singer" (Greek Latin)by Plato (1578)
It is part of nearly eight lakh books.
Library of Oriental Manuscripts. Photo: R.
Library curator R.
Chandra Mohan carefully opens a glass panel in the room with two doors inside to take out a lingam-
Styling structure.
"This is the original text of the third article written by Manikavasagar," he said . ". The over-350-year-
He said that a few years ago, the old Palm manuscript was on display at the World manuscript exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.
Next, he took a set of palm leaves engraved with Nakkeeran's famous Thirumurugatrupadai.
Right next to it is the New Testament in Hebrew, solini mantrim, the drawings of Mohab pohardo on handmade paper, and the ivory manuscript box.
"There is more," he said, opening the doors of rows of wooden shelves, which are filled with more than 70,000 copies of Tamil, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kana Arabic and Persian;
The smell of lemon grass filled the air.
There are several palm leaves on the floor that have just been coated with oil.
These are the personal collections of Colonel Colin McKenzie (
In 1783, he came to India as an engineer and participated in the establishment of the East India Company Madras)
Dr. linguist and traveler
Leyden, who is between India, 1803 to 1811, and C. P.
Chandramohan, who was part of the Indian Civil Service in the 1830 s, read this out of his speech.
The library, controlled by the government archaeological department of Tamil Nadu, was founded in 1869 and collected at the presidential Academy and then moved to the University of Madras.
He said, "even if you walk out of the room, memories of the smell will linger.
Ten minutes later, I realized he was right.
Home: Tolkappiyam, Manimegalai, manuscript of grandfather SilapathikaramMeeting TamilA in the United States has been swaminagar Gallery Picture: S. R.
Security guards at Kalakshetra's colonial gate said "continue" and sure enough, behind the trees was a white building.
The statue of Tamil grandfather U Ve Swaminatha Iyer welcomes visitors.
Just not inside.
Only the staff on lunch break.
The library was established in 1943, including Tamil literature collected by Ubud, and it is well known that Ubud has been searching for Palm leaf manuscripts for a lifetime and copying them into a book.
This content has now been transformed into a microfilm (462 in total)
Indira Gandhi National Art Center
These are converted into dvd again.
The library itself is computerized with research facilities;
It seems to know the road ahead clearly.
Home: 96-69
Ye Wen of Sanggan literature;
32 of the 120 surviving palms
Manuscript of leaves.
After watching a show at the Kadambari Art Gallery, in pursuit of the artDakshinaChitra library, I went to the best place that might be the DakshinaChitra --kept secret.
Rows of winding children went in and out of traditional buildings, and a large group of people waited at the ceramic arts center to mess up their hands.
But the library seems to have disappeared from the hustle and bustle.
Founded in 1984 in the office of the Madras Craft Foundation, the library has approximately 200 books and, in addition to the 9,000 books collected by the National Folk support center, now has more than 5,000. With out-of-
Printed art books and magazines such as Indian magazines, Lalit Kala, Indian textile history and Marg, and about 1,50000 photos, this place seems to be an extension of the gallery.
Home: traditional Indian drama, Sea paper Therukoothu, Theyyam and Tolubommalata, Sargam;
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