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The imitation game: Canada's laws around realistic air guns put police in a tough place - clear plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
The imitation game: Canada\'s laws around realistic air guns put police in a tough place  -  clear plastic film
The Wascana pistol club showed some pistols.
There are real guns and airsoft guns that imitate them.
It includes a Beretta 92 FS and a pony government 1911.
Club president Kelly morns and club member David Schmidt pose a challenge to ask which are the real deals.
Not so easy.
"I think they look very convincing," Schmidt said . "
They don't just look real either.
Same weight.
"Unless you know exactly what you're looking for, I think I know very well what to look . . . . . . But many people don't know.
"Police, the police don't care if it's a shotgun," Schmidt said . ".
Designed to look like a real airsoft gun
Gun lifestyles are often raised by the police as a concern, but they are legal.
There have been incidents in Regina and police have responded to calls for guns that eventually became air guns.
On 2014, students and staff at Balfour College were evacuated or locked, and dozens of police officers, including SWAT members, responded to a report that a student had shot at the school.
When the young man was found, the weapon was found to be a BB gun. Det. -Cpl.
Ritchie Fraser of the Regina Police Department estimates that 25 to 30 of the guns seized by the police are air guns.
Fraser is a member of the Royal Canadian police force and the municipal police force who fight gun crime in Canada.
Frasercatalogs lists all the guns seized by Regina police.
Fraser said that although he saw a large number of guns, the airsoft guns modeled on the real fire brigade were "very convincing ".
Some of the revolver's airsoft gun counterfeits even include bullets that store ammunition, which makes the gun look like it's full of bullets.
Police also saw air guns made of transparent plastic look more authentic.
"This puts the police in a terrible situation," Fraser said . ".
"I don't think you're too happy to shoot a kid with a shotgun.
We have seen it in the United States.
But we are here to protect the rights of the public, so we are not paid for the shooting, "Fraser said.
Fraser never personally directed a shotgun in his direction, but knew what he would do if it did happen.
"Well, I know what my decision is.
I can't make rounds before I fire. "Said Fraser.
There are three main types of air guns.
Enthusiasts involved in war game simulation use air guns, while Target balls or BB guns are used for shooting.
Air guns generally emit large plastic BBs, while other air guns emit lead bombs or metal BBs.
Air guns and target shooting have a dedicated fan base in the province of SA, fearing that more restrictions on guns will be harmful to their respective movements.
"The restrictions already exist and you can't really control what people think or do, so it's really important if you put more restrictions on it," Moens said . ".
Canada's law on air guns is complicated, to say the least.
No matter how real it looks, the air gun will be provided as long as it meets certain requirements.
Most retailers require customers to be 18 years old to purchase, but there is no legal age requirement at the time of purchase.
At Saskatchewan, guns can be purchased in chains such as Cabela or Canadian tires.
The province also has its own dedicated air retailer.
A business run by Jeff Heather, who lives near Asquez.
If the air gun falls within some range of parameters, there is no need to obtain permission or registration.
If the projectile of the air gun travels at an initial speed of more than 500 feet per second, or the maximum initial speed energy is 5.
7 joules, considered a firearm, must be registered.
If the initial speed is less than 366 feet per second and the gun is according to the real-
It is considered to be a duplicate gun and is a prohibited item in Canada.
Anything between these speeds
Even if it looks like a real gun model
Completely legal, no registration required.
Chris McCormick, who runs airsoft's Facebook page locally, admits it's a strange law.
"I think they're trying to find a reliable definition to distinguish between airsoft guns and imitation guns, and that's where they land," he said . ".
Some air guns have orange tip for sale at the end of the barrel, but since they are not legally required, they are usually removed by the player.
Under the Criminal Code, any air gun used for a crime is considered a firearm.
People who use it in a crime are subject to the same punishment as the real gun.
The issue of air guns was discussed, Davis said, but he believes that because gun lobby groups have opposed further gun restrictions, the government is reluctant to include them in legislation.
Davis thinks it's not included in bill C-
68 it is a mistake that they should be treated as regular guns and need some form of regulation and age requirement.
"When you have these things, you reduce the risk of a child being shot dead by the police," Davis said . ".
Airsoft guns are a competitive sport similar to paintball, but for those who want something more realistic.
It is almost always played outdoors by participants wearing realistic military equipment, and carries imitation of real guns commonly used by military forces.
Many guns used are electric, others are Springs
Load or gas drive.
Jeffrey Lowinski, 22year-
The old player of Humboldt, after being introduced by a friend, entered the air gun six years ago.
Lopinski has nearly 16 air guns, all of which mimic real guns.
Lopinski is working together-Close Distance-Quarterly battles.
He has a pistol from the KWC Scorpion sub-machine to the Bravo L96 long-
Range Sniper Rifle
Asked how real-time they look, Lopinksi said: "You don't see any difference . ".
Lopinsky said he used all his air guns as real guns and would carry them even when transporting them to the event site.
"I don't like to transport air guns unless that's the case.
Just because if someone sees this, sh-can hit the fan quickly, "Lopinski said.
Lopinksi said he "agreed 100" with police concerns ".
"You let a man walk down the street with an M4 assault rifle, and you let a man walk down the street with an air gun M4," lopinski said, "You can never tell the difference . ".
However, Lopinski is not in favor of a limit beyond the age limit for purchase.
He is worried that more restrictions will have a devastating impact on airsoft and will put too much burden on people.
"I think it will eventually kill it," Lopinski said . ".
McCormick also agreed to the age limit for the purchase of air guns, and he agreed with lopinsky's concerns.
"That's the way we like to get people involved in the sport, you will have a friend, you will have a spare gun and you will say 'Come on, we will make it happen, 'McCormick said: "If you have to write a license exam or something like that right now, that will create real obstacles. ".
Moens and other air gun enthusiasts admit that these guns can cause damage, especially the eyes.
Moens says safety precautions taken within range are the same as real guns, and Lopinski says some guns can draw blood at close range.
A report cited on the Canadian Academy of Pediatrics website shows that air gun damage is the second time
From 1974, the main reason for eye-removal surgery in young people aged 18 and under in Ottawa --1993.
The report reviewed 11 non-
However, there is no specific explanation of whether BBs or bullets have been used.
10 of them were injured due to the anterior temporary area of the eye or brain, and 1 was from the chest.
Of these 11 cases, 9 occurred in adolescents aged three to seventeen. years-old.
CPS said in its recommendation list that the national policy regulates the non-
Powder guns are needed.
Although he did not want to see more measures to restrict access to air guns, Moens expressed sympathy for the concerns expressed by the police.
"When someone points a gun at you, you don't have time to be sure if this is true.
When you do this, you may be dead . "
Guns are not as dangerous as real guns, and parents should be responsible if minors acquire and abuse guns, Moens said.
People's attention to their hobbies should not overthrow public safety, Davis said.
"People have to understand that public safety is better than your own personal problems in terms of personal property," Davis said . ".
Davis believes politicians are reluctant to change the law on air guns because of concerns about public influence.
Public Safety Minister Ralph Gual declined an interview request regarding the law on air guns due to time constraints.
In a statement, officials from ancient Seoul said that in the near future, the government will re-establish the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee, which advises the minister on gun legislation.
Many enthusiasts who talk to it agree that anyone who is not careful about an air gun should suffer the same legal consequences as a real gun.
"You deserve everything," McCormick said . ".
Whether or not the law changes, the gun itself does not disappear into the air.
"They won't go.
"It's not a consumable either, so it's always there until it's actually recycled and destroyed," Fraser said . ".
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