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the leaky roof circuit : string of rainstorms is inundating roofers with work - clear plastic roofing

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
the leaky roof circuit : string of rainstorms is inundating roofers with work  -  clear plastic roofing
Before the roofing workers finished their work, the stormy weather had been unloaded to the homeowner Efren Meza.
So on Wednesday, the workers were trying to wrap his house in plastic before it rained in Meza.
But the same wind is blowing a new storm south.
Staff near downtown Los Angeles are trying to nail huge blue tarps on Meza's bare plywood roof, causing them to rummage wildly.
Fortunately, from his front yard, Meza was proved to be unstable.
The barrel was ready by the time he was 75. year-
Old partition House on 27 Street.
So is the supply of mop and towel.
"The old roof fell off last Saturday when the weather was good," Meza shrugged.
"We had a drought. -
Who thought it would rain?
All we could do last night was take the bucket out and grab the leak.
"Throughout the Los Angeles Basin, people found out after five dry winters that they lived under a leaking roof.
They are hitting the ceiling.
Tony Campos, a resident of Boyle Heights, stood in his second seat and said, "The water came with whowho --"
The floor balcony of his Evergreen Avenue home.
"I want them to come at 3 (o'clock)to fix it.
View of downtown Los Angeles from the balcony-
And dark clouds coming in from the West.
On top of his head, a large loose roof floated in the wind.
Behind the house, clear plastic strips have been nailed to repair the early leaks.
In Alhambra, while Huon Lee was out of three floors of his olive drive, he walked past a pile of abandoned roof tiles, and he looked at the landlord's extension to the roof.
The real face of the apartment
The roof work was put on hold until the clear weather came back.
There are piles of replaced wooden tiles arranged in the driveway;
Unopened wooden tile packs are covered with black plastic trash cans padding to protect them from the rain.
When talking about the waterproof cloth, Li said: "This solves this problem . "
"There were no more leaks last night.
But before that, we got wet.
"Roof contractors reported on Wednesday that the storm flooded them and they couldn't handle more work.
"Everyone found out at the same time that they had a leak," said Ron Gregory, Donnie's roofing contractor . ".
John Hayley, project manager at Los Angeles roofing, says there is little way to plug the leak when it rains, unless something like a clogged drain is the problem.
"The leak could be 50 feet away from the leak," Haley said . ".
"Most people know that their roof is not good.
But it is livable because of the drought.
People calling for a new roof could have to wait two months to find the roof staff, Haley said.
"All we do now is run around and try to put out the fire," he said . " He added that the emergency included fixing the skylights at the Lakewood Center mall, which were blown out by strong winds on Tuesday.
Rooftop company in Santa Monica
Owner Randy Haskins answered 75 service calls on Wednesday.
Two weeks ago, he said, his phone may have been called twice a day.
The rain brought him back to hiring 12 roofing workers he fired last year.
"Over the years, the rain didn't get very heavy and everything came home," Haskins said . ".
"People are panicking to say that their ceiling is falling.
"A leaking lady in Westwood had to have the fire department make a small ceiling in her kitchen with plastic.
They made it so that it would flow into her sink.
Haskins said his 20 employees will not start a new roof project until the current stormy weather is over.
But in Long Beach, masonry contractor Larry Andre is loading his pickup truck with $650 worth of tar paper and new muwa in preparation for the start of a weddingit-yourself re-
Do roof work in your own home today
"It's raining and I can't do any masonry work, so I can also work on the roof," he said . ".
"The city said I could put a new roof on top of my old roof so I didn't have to tear everything down.
"Carlos herndez, assistant manager of the roof supply company, provided Andre with a special knife for cutting asphalt tiles.
And instructions.
"We heard some stories about the disaster in which the roof was demolished and then the rain came," herndez said . ".
"People use horror stories about leaks to make phone calls.
He said: "a woman's home is leaking too much and the exterior wall is full of water.
"She had to drill holes at the bottom in order to get the water out.
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