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the legless horsemen - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
the legless horsemen  -  black plastic sheeting
50 panting riders stopped at the end of the track after the race.
A camp attendant ran up with beer and rum, sprayed them with wine like a crazy boxing coach, then sped up with the backpack on the short circuit and kicked the mud, same refresh on the other end.
In the splendor of the color ups and downs, the Mariners thundered back and forth in their gorgeous costumes, and when they shouted and shouted, they wore a plumb hat through the air.
One competitor miraculously balanced, holding the reins in one hand, and holding a live cock in the other.
He was angry and broke the bird's neck halfway.
The coach cheered the onlookers.
Four hours to play.
Only half-way -
Wine pit-
Stop testing the balance of equestrian athletes.
The family and supporters on the crowded grass around the stadium cheered loudly.
The riders shot again, but in the center of the crowd, it was almost a slow motion, and one slipped down from the saddle, slid down from the side of the horse, and fell to the ground.
Immediately, he was trampled to death by the horse behind him, spinning under their hoofs, bouncing around the runway like a pinball.
He lay still, a bundle of lifeless baggage, and the gorgeous clothes were torn and dirty.
The race attendant flocked, and he was taken to the cabin floor as a town pharmacy by a friend.
On the street outside, a group of relatives gathered and waited frantically for news. A scared-
People who look like men appear at the door, and when the rider is declared dead, there is a chilling cry in the crowd.
The annual horse
In the town of Todos Santos (All Saints)
In Guatemala, this is the end of the week.
The Mayan carnival that makes Pamplona run cattle looks like a PTA meeting at Berkshire.
This is an Aboriginal cultural celebration for urban residents who are very proud of their race and heritage.
Their pride is the most powerful in town costumes dressed in big, red and white striped trousers, purple embroidered shirt jackets and hats similar to straw-made Peys helmets.
The origin of the Todos Santos horse race is based on this pride. During the mid-16th-
During the occupation of the century Spain, a local drunkard stole a horse from the Conqueror, and, inspired by alcohol confidence, he rode in town for hours before being caught.
At the end of October each year, on the eve of the day of death (
When the Guatemala people commemorate their dead loved ones)
The people of Todos Santos celebrated the rebellion with eight people. hour horse-race.
It's reminiscent of parrio in Siena, Italy.
On top of that, you must have a drink for every turn here.
No winner: Our goal is to stay in the saddle, though completely intoxicated.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the health and safety records of the event are not flawed.
In fact, when competitors die, it is said that the harvest of success.
On average, two people die each year.
About 50 Todos Santos riders compete on behalf of friends and relatives each year.
According to locals, riders are chosen because of their equestrian skills, not because of their ability to hold a good party.
The role of the support team is to ensure that the rider's glass and their own glass remain full.
The training for the bacchanalian trial will begin on Monday and a final order will be issued at the end of Sunday's death celebration.
Seen by some as an excuse for indulgenceand to excuse -
In this small town with only 3,000 people, alcohol abuse is rampant, incidents often turn violent, and race is also an identity statement from the indigenous community of Guatemala, which still feels discriminated against by the ruling elite.
In fact, some people will go bankrupt in order to hire the honor of a horse race.
The legacy of pain and bloodshed has been shrouded in the region since the end of the 36 th century
The civil war in 1996 killed about 200,000 civilians.
As political trauma is far from healing, there is a general uneasy peace between distant places.
Right wing military dictatorship and left wing-
Used to be the enemy's right-wing guerrillas.
In fact, the hostile mountain landscape surrounding Todos Santos is located in a valley above 2,500 above sea level, without political protection.
Above the town, overlooking the endless valleys and peaks, the rough wooden shed in the farmer's village was smeared with propaganda slogans from different political parties.
On the barren grasslands, though buildings are not visible, fragments of the pottery jars are scattered on the ground like a thin snowfall.
These are the ruins of villages that were razed to the ground. during the war, the houses and residents of these villages were destroyed by government forces under scorched soil.
The dictator's earth policy in 1980.
Heronimo, a gentle-spoken man, lives in a farmhouse near such a plain.
He used to be a civil patrol.
Under the cold clear sky on El Torre, the highest non
At the volcano point in Central America, he told about the day when the army came to his village and told them that they would be patrolmen.
To clarify the terms of employment, the soldiers killed half of a dozen men and women who did not dare to open the door.
The Todos Santos festival provides an opportunity for people like Heronimo to drink away past ghosts even if it's just temporary.
Just the day before the horse race, the wind carried the party in full swing with tempting hints: played a few bars of songs on a huge wooden piano
Like malinba, laughter.
Outside a house on the outskirts of the city, about 40 revelers meet on the side of the road.
As the stranger approached, a welcome roar sounded, and the owner stuffed the beer, rum, cigarettes and whatever else they could offer into the hands of cold gratitude.
Through the rich slap-in-the-face universal language communication on the back, when the rusty late clouds float over the peaks above, everyone dances in the open air of the valley.
As night falls, hiking into the town is active by the drunken Bomi incident.
However, the atmosphere of Todos Santos seemed tense: there was a crazy, almost hysterical atmosphere as if the celebration had gone out of control.
A man was stabbed before midnight, and another man was drunk and forgotten.
We found that the death toll is already three, and it's only Friday.
The horse race will start at eight o'clock A. M. the next day.
In the early morning sun, at least 20 men have fallen on the side of the road, the victim of a five-day binge.
The other men, their smart clothes are deteriorating, and three or four people are in the street, hugging each other and singing songs that are strangled.
When this whirlpool of chaos is staged, it is difficult not to succumb to unhealthy voyeism.
Like watching a lively game of children
It's funny but you know it ends with tears.
On the mountain of the racecourse, a 400-
On a one-meter-long runway, thousands of onlookers scramble to find a place.
At the start of the race, the riders went up and down the storm with a frenzy of enthusiasm, splashing rum at each end like marathon runners at the water station.
They held on to chapter one.
The thighs were covered, waving arms in the air and making loud noises.
With little guidance from the rider, the horse is dangerously close to the obstacle, has bent under the weight of the crowd and has the potential to slide into the track.
As the animals thundered in the past, those animals with orbital positions had to take their heads back.
The most famous casualties of the week were those who fell from the moment.
At the end of the race, the team of about 200 citizens followed, and the Dead Rider was supported by a blanket, his red and white striped legs dangling from one end, and the riders believed, back up the deadly runway to his house by the fields that will now reap the harvest.
The mourners 'line slowly crossed the corn crop, and the wind blew the muffled voice of the woman who had lost her loved ones.
On Sunday, the party continued to binge on the street, but now it's over --to-go-
Kind of like home.
Overnight, two more fallen passengers were injured and killed, a bus attendant was knocked down and killed by his own vehicle, and a returning local strangled his wife, found out she was pregnant by another man.
The motionless man threw the hill into the cemetery, with his crying family, his arms connected, and woven home for lunch and more wine.
Outside the cemetery, a dozen stalls sell beer, chips, marshmallows and funny hats.
Still impressive upright costume rider is dad
As the music dances, there are as many drinks overflowing as there are in the throat.
Inside, the children jump between the pastel colors
Colorful graves with offerings and flowers, shooting each other with toy pistols
Holiday Toys of choice.
The older relatives took turns crying on the stone and then went back to the dancing circle with the bottle in their hands.
In town, the incident increased the population of the cemetery as drunken drivers killed people who fell asleep on the road.
A local driver was sitting in a car in handcuffs.
On the truck, two soldiers were next to him: The body was partially wrapped in black plastic cloth and hung beside him.
The families of the deceased were visitors to Todos Santos, who asked the driver to be taken to the nearest big city, Huehuetenango for trial, but gathered hundreds of angry villagers around the chosen people
In order to prevent prisoners from being brought to trial that they consider unfair, we work with our families.
In Todos Santos, lynching is no stranger and dangerous.
Suddenly, the crowd rushed forward. A shaven-
The LED army captain held up the baton on the front line and pulled out a jar of tear gas.
The mob stepped back.
The mayor has been hiding in the town hall outside two doors, and he was dragged out of the room to solve the problem.
The coffin passed like a crowd.
Surf at a rock concert
Up, just before the arrival of chengunderta, measure the body before sending the coffin back in the same way, and replace it with a suitable coffin.
Finally, the driver will be sent back to the local prison before paying compensation of $6,000 (about £3,300)
Deadlier family members.
The average wage of the farm worker is $1 per day and he is unlikely to leave soon.
Finally, eight people were killed in a week-long catharsis.
Three murders, five accidents.
The people of Todos Santos returned to the ground.
Have a lot of work to do
This year is expected to be a big harvest.
The Todos Santos race is part of the 10-10 race
The festival, which begins on October 22, contains all saints days (1 November)
The day of death (2 November).
Participants in the Saints day competition drank almost eight consecutive days of wine before the competition and had to give up their sex life.
50 riders started the game at 8 in the morning.
At the end of the game, only one person left his horse.
The racetrack is 400 long and the winner rides up to 20 times.
At the end of each lap, riders will drink a can of rum before they start over, and live chickens, which they will use to hit the horse.
Eight people were killed in section 2003.
Two people were murdered, one drank himself, and one was knocked down by a bus.
Four people died from injuries that fell from the horse.
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