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the myth of men not being able to commit - characteristics of polyester

by:Cailong     2019-08-16
the myth of men not being able to commit  -  characteristics of polyester
Boomer Lane's life is constantly amused by the large number of articles she sees that tell a lot of men can't commit to relationships.
Her own experience is that men are more engaged than women.
The difference is that although women have a relationship with people, men have a relationship with objects without life.
Then the husband broke all his records in the Marine Corps (
A few days ,)
Before he was awarded the Medal of Honor and several sets of underwear with "USMC.
Years later, he was still wearing a bright gold T-shirt and boxer shorts with the USMC pattern.
Now the husband has a deep and meaningful relationship with many inanimate objects.
Even though he graduated from college decades ago, his jersey has not received a degree yet and has not gone anywhere else.
He has collected the table lamps that have survived since college.
He listened to music on the ceiling transistor radio.
The latest relationship that caught the attention of LBL is the bed pillow of NH.
NH and LBL have separate financial, independent toothbrushes and learn that each of them has a unique choice of pillows.
Therefore, LBL did not notice the pillow which is usually only a few inches away from her head at night.
But recently, LBL decided to replace her own pillow, which was purchased a few years ago and never met the high standards that LBL set for herself.
When she mentioned this upcoming purchase to NH, he replied, "Oh, I think I should buy a new pillow too.
"It was not until then that LBL looked carefully at NH's pillows.
For the sake of readers with a refined constitution, she will not describe it in detail.
She will only say that there is no label on the pillow, warning that the removal is illegal.
Apparently, it was made before the federal bed pillow and mattress law was introduced in the early 20 th century.
Just like any relationship we choose to give up, we sometimes just stay on the best things a relationship can offer.
NH is no exception.
After deciding to change the pillow, he reminded himself of all the good times he had with the pillow over the years and all the positive features the pillow had. It was foam. (
LBL did not know that the foam pillow was made after the appearance of polyester fiber. )
It can be folded up to read and keep the folded shape. (
LBL does not know that this is a positive feature for human skin or pillows. )
The next day, LBL and NH went to Macy's, where pillow sales were taking place.
LBL immediately found the pillow she was looking.
NH had to check each pillow and finally asked the salesperson where the foam pillow was.
To LBL's surprise, there was a foam pillow.
Must be special-ordered.
When NH's pillow arrived, LBL noticed that the box in the living room was intact.
It took a few days to remind NH to open the box and he finally opened it.
After that, the new pillow was left on the floor between the NH bed and the wall.
NH explained that he had to get used to the facts for a few days.
Finally, one day, LBL noticed that NH was using a new pillow. She was elated.
Her excitement lasted only a while, and when she noticed that the old pillow was now in the same place as the new one, on the floor of the space between the bed and the wall.
LBL asked NH why the old pillow was still there.
NH explained, "when the cat starts grabbing the quilt in the middle of the night, I need it to be thrown on the cat.
Some relationships are difficult to maintain.
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