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'the revenant' ultra hd blu-ray review: a masterpiece in every way - colored window film

by:Cailong     2019-07-19
\'the revenant\' ultra hd blu-ray review: a masterpiece in every way  -  colored window film
Probably at least a year late, but Ultra HD Blu-ray
Ray is finally here.
Admittedly, its arrival in AV scenes is very lowkey so far;
Only a few players (
Or there's only one currently in the US: Samsung UBD-
K8500 has been reviewed here.
And 30 or so films, many of which are catalogue titles with questionable artistic value, have considerable popularity and missed picture quality.
This week, however, Ultra HD Blu-rayRay is serious. Why?
Because the 20 th Century Fox launched Ultra HD Blu-ray
Ray version of the Wild Hunter
Everything in this version is amazing.
As long as there are already a lot of comments about Alejandro Inarritu Oscar, FilmI will not discuss this section in detailwinning epic.
However, simply put, it's inspired by the incredible Panasonic DMP-
Ultra HD Blu-ray-
Ray playerPicture is based on films made by people who seem to be regularly covered with more dirt and blood than their skin, and "wilderness Hunter" is really a very gorgeous movie.
Ultra HD Blu-ray-
Ray version provides the fascinating accuracy that the home entertainment world has never seen before, every unwavering detail, every dazzling color and every delicate lighting game.
Let's take a look at the number of details in the picture first.
I 've seen some discussion about Ultra HD Blu-ray.
Ray, is this question four times the resolution of ordinary HD blue light?
Ray is really different.
To be fair, there's super HD Blu-ray
The light title is there, and the benefits of resolution are disappointing.
However, it is hard for me to imagine that anyone can watch the Wilderness Hunter on the ultra-high clear blue light
Ray is not keenly aware that the image quality of the 4 K/UHD has improved with the normal HD Blu-rayray.
There are more details to see in almost every part of each shot.
The rocky outsourcers in the distance contain more ledge and ridges, the Woodlands contain more individual leaves and branch details, and the face looks like a real person standing there, looks like a porch with amazing definitions for every strand of hair and fur, etc.
Details are not just the details, it's not just the original details of Ultra HD Blu-ray
However, I feel the extra resolution of ray.
Compare with normal blue light
Ray Fox's help with UHD also reveals a greater sense of depth in the 4 k image, thanks to the way the image retains details further in the background. The all-
The extra definition of the circle also brings greater firmness to all objects in the image, resulting in more three
The sense of dimension of space is perfect for the epic scale set by the Wilderness Hunter.
Everything feels so direct and tangible that you feel you can reach it directly.
Most of the Wilderness Hunter was digitally shot on the ALEXA 65 camera at native 4 k resolution, with the advantage that such an original master format can be used (
Includes no video noise to break your connection to the action)
When creating Ultra HD Blu-ray
Ray is there and everyone can see it.
In addition, for clarity, the resolution advantage I described is 65-
When I watch from a completely normal viewing distance, inch Samsung TV;
I don't need to press my nose on the screen like some 4 k Cynics might expect.
Even if I upgraded HD Blu-ray
With the upgrade feature of Panasonic UB900 or Samsung un65js9500, light to Ultra HD, the result looks significantly softer and more blurry than the real native ultra HD glory of Ultra HD Blu-rayray disc.
Turn next to the high dynamic range (explained here)
Part of the Wilderness Hunter's chin
Off HD Blu-ray-
Ray experience, advantages over Blu-ray
The ray version of the movie is more clear.
In fact, the difference is so big that it is back to Africa.
After watching the Wilderness Hunter in HDR, the HDR material feels almost frustrating.
It's like someone turned off half of the TV lights and left the final image in some sort of eternal twilight.
The Wilderness Hunter was shot in almost entirely natural light, and film photographer Emmanuel Lubezki wanted to shoot with the highest possible dynamic range currently taken from a digital camera.
Thanks to HDR, it is possible to see more of this natural dynamic range on TV than the standard dynamic range (SDR)
Sources and screens make an amazing experience simple.
Mountain peaks like the sun rise into the night sky through clouds, flames and sparks, and the light reflected at the top of the running water enjoys an intensity, and far beyond any dynamic range video that might use the standard, the night scene of the movie can combine darkness with infinite subtle gray information, shadow details and subtle color descriptions in the way of old blue light.
Rays cannot be expressed remotely.
Extra color all of this, I didn't even mention the impact of the more extensive color performance brought by the Ultra HD Blu-ray of the Wilderness Hunterray version.
I guess the Wild Hunter is not the most colorful movie.
For example, it's definitely not a Lego movie.
But that doesn't stop you from feeling the effects of extra color information for Ultra HD Blu-ray in almost every frame
Ray master contains.
Sometimes it exists at an alarming intensity of Sunset, flame, or suddenly spewing blood;
Sometimes, it is in the small tone change on the character's face;
Sometimes, you can see different shades even under the strongest sun;
Sometimes it's in the subtle drift gray and white tones that our heroes often find themselves staring at the clouds.
But no matter how it is expressed, the extra color message always makes people feel its presence, lending a whole new level of naturalism and realism to images that bring you into the movie world, this is something I have never experienced outside of top movies --
Commercial cinema.
Actually, when everything is said and done with this realism the feeling is what makes Ultra HD Blu-ray
The Wild Hunter Thunder is so special.
It turns the picture you watch on TV into the real world you watch through the window.
You might think that a film with a barren natural landscape like Wilderness Hunter would not have a particularly exciting soundtrack.
Actually, while DTS-HD 7.
1 mix may not have the great power of Marvel blockbuster, it does almost incredible work in subtly creating the sense of space and nature around you.
Tips like background wind noise in the underlying tone of each scene, creaking trees and almost subconscious shifts prove to be very effective in further building up how you and the movie protagonists feel in the wilderness.
More importantly, the soundtrack is usually a contrast between subtle fun and the moment when things happen
Often very suddenly
To the extent that it is perfectly suited to the film, the beginning may be cruel.
In fact, the audio of the Wilderness Hunter is so effective and memorable that I can't help but think that it would be great if there was a Dolby Atmosphere combination that could introduce a sense of height for the sound "landscape.
The last thing to add here is the Ultra HD Blu-ray
Ray mix is the same as what you get on Blu-ray.
Ray, so only with its excellent visuals, Wilderness Hunter really makes the new disc format a reality.
Have any questions about whether the AV world really needs another disc
Ultra HD Blu-ray based on video format
The ray release of the Wilderness Hunter lets them rest in a spectacular way.
So far, I haven't seen anything from the streaming or even broadcast world that shows they're able to offer something that's consistently eye-popping
The descent image contained on this truly beautiful ultra-high clear blue lightray.
Once you see the wild hunter play from Ultra HD Blu-ray
On a high quality HDR/4 k TV, ray looks like almost everything else is soul-
In contrast, monotonous and mushy.
If this is not the definition of a game-
I don't know what it is in family entertainment.
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