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The Right Chemistry: Before ether was a potent painkiller, it was a hit with revellers - where to get mylar

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
The Right Chemistry: Before ether was a potent painkiller, it was a hit with revellers  -  where to get mylar
The marble and granite statues in the Boston public area depict a doctor in medieval costumes, holding a piece of fabric next to the face of a man who seems to have fainted.
The inscription on the base of the statue wrote: "In honor of the fact that inhalation of the ether can lead to insensitivity to pain, this was first proved to the world at Mass.
Boston general hospital, OctoberD. 1846.
No name was mentioned. It was on Oct.
1846, dentist William Morton ushered in the era of surgical anesthesia by having the printer Gilbert Abbott sleep in his designed respirator.
Surgeon John Collins Warren then began to remove the tumor from the patient's neck without any usual screams or bumps.
Warren looked up at the doctors who witnessed the incident at the theater of surgery, who would be called the "Ethernet Dome" and declared, "Gentlemen, this is not a liar.
"This refers to the attempt by another dentist, Horace Wells, to prove the failure of anesthesia at the same hospital with a smile or a smile.
In this case, Wells did not wait long enough for nitrous nitrogen to take effect, and when Wells tried to pull the tooth, the patient growled bitterly.
He was ashamed of the cry of a "liar.
"While Morton was honored for the first organized demonstration of Ethernet anesthesia, he was certainly not the first to experiment with this chemical. The sleep-
Prior to 300, the induction of the ether was first recorded, when the famous Swiss alchemist, philosopher and doctor pallassessu pointed out that its steam would lead to a non-reactive state of the chicken.
Ether does not exist in nature, so where is parcelsus to find the heating alcohol sulfuric acid by itIn 1540, German doctor and botanist Valeria Cordus, then known as sulfuric acid, A new highly flammable substance with characteristic odor is produced.
Sulfuric acid is the ancient name of a compound called "sulfuric acid" today.
Cordus found that a solution that heats up either a green sulfuric acid or a natural mineral iron (II) sulfuric acid produces a "sulfuric acid oil ".
Then in the 17 th century, the Germans
Dutch chemist John Grober found that burning sulfur with nitrate (potassium nitrate) produces sulfuric acid.
Potassium nitrate breaks down to produce the oxygen needed to convert sulfur into sulfur oxide, which is dissolved in water to produce sulfuric acid.
In the 19 th century, potassium nitrate was replaced by vanadium oxide, a catalyst that makes it easier to produce sulfur dioxide.
This is the method used to produce the sulfuric acid needed for the synthesis of ether for 1800 seconds.
Before the successful performance of the ether in general Massachusetts in 1846, it had developed into a form of entertainment. Middle-
Class attendees and medical students in Europe and the United States play under the influence of the ether.
What's even more strange is that drinking Ethernet is common in Europe and is particularly popular in Ireland, where the Catholic Church advocates drinking alcohol and requires people to promise not to drink alcohol.
Drinking Ethernet is a way to bypass vows.
Ethernet was sold in bars and shops until its 1890 s when it was classified as poison. Dr.
Crawford, a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania, attended the Ethernet bubble, and when he took over a rural medical clinic in Georgia in 1841, he recalled that, there are bumps and bruises in the ether frogs at times, but they don't seem to notice.
Can Ethernet be used to relieve pain? He now wants to know that with the help of ether anesthesia, he gave birth to his wife's second child.
Long continued the painless tooth extraction procedure and used ether-in 1842-
Before continuing to remove the two tumors in the neck, let James Venable sleep with a wet towel.
But Long is not a scholar, not interested in publishing, nor eager for fame and fortune.
Two years ago, William Morton's famous demonstration long documented his efforts in the Journal of Southern medicine and surgery, the paper titled "aesthetic problems in the first inhalation of sulfuric acid ether surgery"
He described a number of cases, including a boy whose two fingers were cut off, and he was ethereated in one operation instead of another.
Long reported that the patient suffered terrible pain without the ether, but was not interested in it.
The reason he was waiting for publication, he said, was the need to overcome criticism from local colleagues who thought the Ethernet effect was just an example of the charm that was promoted to pain at the time-
Restore method.
In his publication, Long added his name to the list that claimed to be the inventor of Ethernet anesthesia.
And, of course, William Morton and Charles Jackson, a doctor who gave up medicine to set up a private laboratory for Analytical Chemistry, where he also taught students, including Morton, to expand his scientific knowledge.
Jackson claimed that he had introduced Morton to Ethernet anesthesia and that the two had been involved in a fierce battle for years.
There is also William E, a Berkshire Medical School student.
Clark claimed that he used the ether to sleep for the first time.
There was no claimant's name on the Boston monument because of the dispute.
But it does quote Isaiah's quote from the Bible: "This is also coming out of the Lord of hosts, who is very good at his work," and the problem of solving people's concerns is, the relief of pain somehow interferes with God's will.
This sentence shows that the medical intervention itself is the gift of God and is supported by the relief on the statue, which depicts a woman who represents the victory of science sitting on the throne of the test tube, burners and distillers, Madonna and children are under approval.
There is also a civil war on one side of the monument, and a united field surgeon is preparing to cut off the legs of an injured soldier.
The soldiers slept peacefully.
He will not feel pain thanks to the ether.
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