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the right steps to diy staircase refurbishment - white plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-08
the right steps to diy staircase refurbishment  -  white plastic sheeting
Stairs and stairs are usually the last in terms of home decoration, although they are usually the front --and-
Center, the first thing you and others see after opening the front door.
Although it is not expensive to renovate the stairs, it is a messy and skilled job that ordinary DIYers can't reach.
However, the basics are not difficult to master, and you can take the right steps to lift the stairs with a little planning and help.
In particular, the old house, which requires stair repairs and upgrades, said Jordan Spier, a RenoMark contractor and special speaker for runs Home and Reno Show, which will take place on February. 17-
At the international center in Mississauga.
Spear plans to deliver his speech "Old House: the following things" in February. 20 at 2 p. m.
Spear said that when it comes to restoring the stairs, "The first is to be on the safe side," he specializes in repairing century homes and is renovating his own 160-year-
Old House in Port Colburn, Ontario.
"You want to make sure that the pedals are not too worn and too" cupping "and that the noise is safe, the railings are safe and the components are sturdy.
"Changing the basic physical design of the stairs is often not an option, as it can mean significant structural changes that are expensive and time consuming.
"Don't go for cheap and easy repairs," suggested Damon Bennett, another RenoMark contractor . ".
On the show, he will make a presentation at three o'clock P. M. entitled "stay safe during your home Renault"m. on Feb. 19.
"If you can, go down the stairs and see how they are protected.
I hung so much with only two nails.
"Renovation and dyeing first of all, evaluating the Wood, Chris Palmer said he is also a contractor for RenoMark and will be attending the exhibition at one o'clock P. M. P. M. m. on Feb. 17 and at 2 p. m. on Feb.
Everything is over to give his speech.
Stairs made of high-quality hardwood floors such as oak or maple trees are usually worth repairing.
Peel off the carpet or part of the runner to check the wood. If it’s low-
Pine or spruce grade (
Called "builder level ")
Then draw, cover or re-
Carpet is the only option, says Bennett.
If you are lucky, you may just need to replace the pedal that is most damaged.
"In order to match the old pedals, sometimes you have to do it yourself with an electric planing bed," said Palmer, an industrial designer, then appear in Canada's Handyman Challenge and other TV programs to earn property, open the house overhaul, and serve as a resident handyman expert in global television.
"Or find a place like peacock Wood in Oshawa, where there is rough stock and can dress it up according to your needs.
To repair, remove the carpet and the bottom of the mat, pull out all the nails, and then fill and polish before painting or dyeing.
"You can't put water --
Oil-based stains
"Based on stains, so make sure you get the right product," Spear said . ".
CappingAn replacement weightRe-carpet
Step on, or cap with a new pedal.
They are sometimes called fake pedals and can sit on existing pedals.
After that is the problem of replacing or repainting the mouth. Re-
Stepping on is to knock off the existing pedal.
The three refurbished warned that replacing them and capping was not as easy as it sounded.
Capping also changes the rise of the steps, the top is short and the bottom is high.
Even if it's just half
Poor inches can cause tripping.
$20-option with veneer tread
$30 range, but ideal for solid wood, according to the type of wood, more than $30.
Also, you will either do your windmills or do them.
Set up 14 stairs with red oak pedals and vertical boards, including three hoist machines ,(
Add the corresponding new railings with new bars and ingots)
Will cost $5,000. $6,000 —
Or more, depending on where you are, who does the job, how much work needs to be done.
Still, compared to the time and effort spent painting the stairs and the spectacular end result of a new set of stairs, this could be a good choice.
With shabby stairs or low
In addition to re-laying the stairs, there are also stairs
Another option is to paint a carpet or cap.
As with dyeing, preparation is everything.
Pull out all the DingTalk and fill in all the holes --
Some contractors use car body filler as epoxy to fill in large chisels and flaws
Then there is sand, sand and sand. A shop-
Vac accessories for the Sander will help, and sealing the work area with plastic sheets will also help.
Remember to wear a dust cover and eye protection.
Look at pro-
Dolos, Sherwin and other horizontal painting shops-
The special tread paint by Williams or Benjamin Moore is water-based and is designed to attract traffic.
If there was oil before
Stains or paint on the stairs, you need primer bonding and transition coating like a cow's eye.
A good paint supplier can match the paint to a decoration or wall, and even to a stain if you install a new railing.
Applying the tread to a dark, white trim and elevation risers is a popular look.
If you need to go up and down when dry, it may take a few smooth coats, half stairs at a time, or every other step.
Railings, carpets and rod if you're going to redecorate
Carpet because the wood is not worth repairing, consider using new railings to enhance the whole look.
Do you replace with forged Wood ingots?
Iron or vice versa?
Besides aesthetics, this is also a question of skill.
It could be tricky to remove the railing, Bennett noted.
"You can't delete them if you want to use them again, so you have to be careful," he said . ".
"It will look uncomfortable if you are not doing it right.
It's really the best to have someone with experience and skills come in.
He also said that even just painting or repainting
Problems may occur with railing dyeing.
"You have years of skin oil on your railing, so you need a good cleaner to remove it before you start grinding it, otherwise you will embed it in deeper wood.
"The aesthetics and solid foundation of stair runners, especially for children and the elderly.
"The finish line is smooth, so it's slippery," he said . "
"I 've seen someone laying tiles on the stairs, but it's not my choice --
Too slippery, too dangerous.
"Runners can buy and install with their feet.
Alternatively, you can cut the carpet and bind the edges to create your own runner, which can also match the existing carpet.
* Stairs, explain Bannister: Also called handrails.
Noise: the round part of the tread.
Some stairs are flat, also called the cow nose.
Newel post: vertical columns at the bottom and top of the stairs connected by the railing.
Vertical plate: vertical face between the tread.
Runner: a carpet in the middle of the stairs.
Shoe Rails: a wooden mold designed to run at the top of a boxed staircase and position the spindle.
Spindle: also known as railings, they are the vertical parts that make up the railings.
Run straight: stairs without turning or stairs platform.
Stringer: the side of the stairs, the pedals and the riser are mounted on the stairs.
Pedal: the step part of the stairs.
Hoist: Triangle-
A pedal with a large shape that allows turning left or right, usually in three groups.
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