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the roadside blooms - transparent pet sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-05
the roadside blooms  -  transparent pet sheet
On a rain-
In Nagarjuna Circle, near Mount Banjara, we watched the beginning of a new bloom.
A row of bouquet shops on the main road presented a lovely scene.
These stores are always in great demand and have customers throughout the year.
"Who doesn't like flowers, madam?
When the rain was running out, a salesman in one of the stores asked.
There are different color bouquet of roses and other flowers.
At a nearby booth, flowers from Bengaluru and abroad sell like hot cakes.
A salesperson told a large variety of flowers from Bangladesh.
Rose has three colors: yellow, red, peach and white. imported roses include Chrysanthemum, Lily and stars.
We walked into a small room full of floral diversity.
A group of workers were busy preparing bouquets.
One of them took a bunch of roses of different colors and put them on a small sponge.
A container for flowers.
He arranged them neatly with the branches and carefully wrapped the flowers with transparent sheets.
"The sponge soaked in water and the flowers kept fresh for four days," he shared . ".
Another worker has been making bouquets for 12 years.
"I learned the art of bouquets --
Made in Kolkata and worked there for four years before moving to Hyderabad.
"I have been in this city for 8 years," he said . ".
Gopal has been working in the flower industry for six years and summer is a tough time for them.
"Due to the wedding season, flowers are needed in the summer and we have to constantly sprinkle water to keep the flowers fresh.
"There is waste," he said . ".
There are many customers from students to politicians on different occasions.
Sometimes people buy a bunch of flowers as their last gift, said one worker. minute gift.
One salesman shared: "We had politicians, employees buy bouquets for bosses, people buy bouquets for wedding receptions, New Year parties and young people who buy roses for friends on special occasions.
Praveen, a florist who started his business 15 years ago, highlighted competition in the market.
"Flowers need to be maintained, especially in the summer, at a very high price.
Each rose is sometimes sold for £ 10 and customers usually bargain.
"We don't want to lose our customers, so we end up with less profits," he said . " They missed their personal lives, he added.
"This flower business takes up a lot of our time and we spend less time with our family.
This is a risky business.
"The price of a regular bouquet is 50 and it is up.
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