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the secrets behind immersive aquarium design - acrylic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-06
the secrets behind immersive aquarium design  -  acrylic panels
Written by Oscar Holland, Tennessee Aquarium CNNAt, visitors live through a series of changing ecosystems inhabited by otters, fire lizards and brightly colored sun fish.
This experience is specially designed to replicate the route of the neighboring Western River, which flows all the way from the Appalachian Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico.
Located in Chattanooga, the site was once the world's largest freshwater aquarium, but it is now dwarfed by the huge aquarium in China and the Middle East.
The Tennessee Aquarium, but the secret of the aquarium design is not the size ---
According to an architect behind the project, it's about telling a story.
"The Tennessee Aquarium is really the story of the Tennessee River," Peter sologubu, vice president of the construction company camgeseven, said in a telephone interview.
"We look for stories that can collect animals and arrange them into a bigger experience.
Like a movie, a music or a book. -
When you leave, you feel like you have gone on an understandable journey.
"Planning experience to start working at the New England Aquarium ---
A building considered a symbol of Boston's Concrete Heritage-
In the 1960 s, sorogu was a veteran of the aquarium community.
He has since helped create public facilities in the United States, Italy, Portugal and Japan.
The first priority in cam County is always the fish itself, he said.
But when it comes to the visitor experience, the design process revolves around how--and where --
People meet them.
Most aquariums are built in a "linear" way, which means that visitors rarely deviate from the established route.
As a result, architects and designers see their role as planning a series of moments.
Take the beauty of jellyfish or the miracle of penguins. -
"It's a spectacular thing for them," Sollogub said . ".
"What we're trying to do is enhance them by developing you through their encounters, or seeing them swim below you or at different levels.
James Hampton, a design partner at architect James Hampton's company, specializes in public and private aquariums, which he calls a "wow factor", a key factor in design.
"It seems to be a proper way to describe walking --
Through the tunnel at Dubai Mall 2. 6-million-
Gallon aquarium-
A project in Hampton-a 157-foot-
Channel 270 long-
The degree view of the fish in the surrounding water.
On June 1, 2016, visitors watched the fish at the Aquarium of Dubai Mall in the Gulf emirate of Dubai.
"I tend to start with 'wow, '" he said in a telephone interview . ".
"Usually the most water is the midpoint, usually the predator tank.
You may have a meeting in the end. and-
Meet the opportunity-
Otters, for example.
"While Western countries traditionally have the largest and most exquisite aquariums, China and the Middle East are becoming more and more influential in the market," Hampton said.
In 2014, Changlong Ocean Kingdom in Guangdong province, China became the largest aquarium in the world.
87 million gallons, almost 20 gallons.
Pool size.
At the same time, the Grand View Lake Aquarium, also in Guangzhou, has the latest record of the world's largest aquarium windows, with 134 feet by 27 feet acrylic panels.
The $5 billion Changlong Ocean King aquarium has 49 million liters of water.
Credit: Mark Laston/AFP/Getty Images, but the "bigger and better" mindset doesn't necessarily favor good design, as Hampton says.
"There are not necessarily large exhibitions (
High density)
"The fish is inside because the fish tank is too big," he said . ".
"When the client says to me 'I want it to be bigger than the tank of x or Y', I tend to tell them ---
Instead of saying it must have a certain size-
They need to ask what they want to show.
"You don't need too many tanks because (fish-like)
Sharks and groomsmen are not necessarily (visible)
Swimming in such a big exhibition
"Completely immersed in the natural environment, whether through rock or artificial coral, is the core of the aquarium design art.
Preventing sunlight is also a priority, as it produces algae and unwanted reflections.
These considerations not only provide a more realistic habitat for marine life, but also encourage people to enter
Pause the important state of doubt.
However, the advanced engineering capability of transparent acrylic resin in recent decades-
A material sufficient to withstand the water pressure of millions of gallons of aquatic products ---
This allows designers to pursue a sense of complete immersion.
Since the first time
In 1985, a walking tunnel called the shark tunnel was built in Auckland, New Zealand.
Throughs and big screens have become industry standards.
On April 2, 2007, in Atlanta, Georgia, a hammerhead shark was seen while visiting the Georgia Aquarium.
Credit: Streeter Lecke A/Getty Images North America/Getty Images "and" old ~
"In the style of the aquarium, visitors will pay $10 to browse these" photo frames "at the exhibition for about an hour, and then they will go out," Hampton said . ".
"They already have a great experience in general, but now it's more immersive.
"When you walk into the cinema, you want to be shocked by the big screen and the strong colors on your face ---
That's what we try to do, with as many acrylic as possible so you can really feel the environment you're in.
"With a physical immersion education designed to reach its limits, virtual reality and augmented reality play an increasingly important role in modern aquariums.
In addition to providing information about different species when visitors visit exhibits, the technology provides the possibility for digital display of animals that are difficult or immoral to raise.
"We are using VR technology and doing enhancements on the wall, projecting on the panel," Hampton said . ".
"We can increase the height by 4 k.
The definition screen behind the acrylic panel, so when you first walk into the shark show, feel the water in front (On the dry side).
"When you see virtual sharks swimming in the background.
Press the button and it will tell you how big they are, how much they eat and where to swim ---
It gives you the details of the sharks we can't imprison. " This 9-
Foot Sandbar is one of 25 sharks that surround tourists under the age of 85
Undersea Tunnel.
The $40 million aquarium includes millions of gallons of water, 11,000 animals and the only 5 seamless tunnels in the world.
The Newport Aquarium is located in Southern Cincinnati, Kentucky.
Credit: Getty Images/Hulton Archives/Getty ImagesBoth Hampton and Sollogub see a means for the purpose of these tools.
The ultimate goal is to build emotional connections between humans and nature.
Sollogub says this, in turn, provides information on educational methods that support aquarium design.
"The biggest part of working in an aquarium is bringing guests to places they have never met before," he said . " He recalled seeing inside.
He helped design the Baltimore Aquarium to delight the children of the city school.
"They are so wide --
As you can imagine, this is all about it.
"I think the aquarium is the purest education.
Instead of telling people what to think, you let them feel and experience ---
Be a part of it
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