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the ten most innovative companies in africa - polyethylene terephthalate properties

by:Cailong     2019-07-29
the ten most innovative companies in africa  -  polyethylene terephthalate properties
Forbes recently released its annual list of the world's most innovative companies.
For some reason, there is no representative of Africa on the list.
So when Forbes writer Samantha Schaf made a report on the top ten most innovative companies in the United States, I decided to list the most innovative companies in Africa.
It's a subjective list, admittedly, but I think it's quite accurate.
There are ten real African companies, leading in the media, telecom, retail, restaurants, food and beverage industries.
These ten companies are constantly reshaping themselves, setting industry standards, and fundamentally changing the industry.
These companies create, then create, and then innovate.
They use new ideas, products and services to create new businesses that are dynamic and profitable.
I have effortlessly introduced you to my personal 10 most innovative companies in Africa: safalikham industry in Kenya: Telecom Group Africa's largest mobile telecom provider is easy to become a subsidiarySaharan Africa. Reason: M-
The first text message in Africa-Pesa
Based on the transfer service.
Safaricom launched M-in 2007-Pesa (
M-mobile and Pesa-
Swahili of money)
It allows users to deposit, transfer and withdraw money via SMS.
Users who want to remit money only need to access the registered M-
Pesa agent with money and recipient phone number.
For a fee of more than $1, the agent sets up a virtual account for the subscriber, credits the account with money, and then sends the amount to the recipient's account.
Users can even send money to recipients on different mobile networks, and recipients can send money at any M-
Just show the ID and enter the password and the Pesa agent is fine.
Safaricom also took the lead in launching a service that provides users with credit call times and passes through M-
In addition, the Pesa platform has a strong customer loyalty reward program.
South Africa Industry: since the opening of the first restaurant in 1987, South Dos has expanded in thousands of locations in 30 countries on five continents.
The secret to its success is probably its marketing. For example, one ad featured a dim, plump blonde, and the other described the fallen dictators like Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe and Colonel Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. grilled Peri-
Among the young and fashionable people in Africa, Peri chicken is very popular.
The Nando's meal is based on the traditional kabambiquan-
The Portuguese diet patterns and spices, such as "piripiri ".
The company also produces a range of sauces that are sold in restaurants and supermarkets in Nando.
In 2010, advertising Times magazine named Nando one of the top 30 marketing brands in the world.
Nando also promises that if anyone can prove that they have been to all the restaurants in Nando, they can eat for free.
East Africa's largest media group is subtly transforming itself into an internet and financial services giant.
From 2009 up to now, the National Media Group has launched N-
Soko, a classified advertising site competing with Craigslist in Kenya, Twende-
Kenya's first online travel website and National Haila, an international remittance service that allows Kenyans in the diaspora to send money online to their families.
The group's flagship publication, national daily, is the highest --
Newspapers are distributed in East and Central Africa.
Daily circulation: 210,000.
The Daily Economic News is the most popular business magazine in East Africa, and its television and radio stations have always been the most popular among African audiences and listeners.
MTN, South African telecom industry: Telecom 2011, Africa's largest mobile telecom operator, has launched a mobile currency insurance solution Mi-
Life insurance, which provides funds in the event of death of a subscriber or close relative.
The premium is deducted once a month from the user's MTN mobile wallet.
The service is available to users of the network in Ghana.
MTN also won innovation for its MTN InternetOnTV, the device that allows users to browse the network from the TV at 3g speed and MTN travelers, a mobile app, mobile users are allowed to browse and book accommodation and car rental services using their mobile phones.
Zimbabwe telecom industry economy: Zimbabwe's dominant mobile telecom company has lucrative operations in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Burundi and Rwanda, and even 3g licenses in New Zealand.
Now Econet is looking to build the largest solar company in Africa.
Last November ecological network to carry out ecological network power station-
A revolutionary solar device that allows individuals and families across Africa to light up their homes, charging their phones compared to the current solar equipment available in Africa, energy is usually used at a relatively cheap cost.
In addition, Econet Wireless in South Africa recently launched Carry Me Home-
Death and repatriation policy for Econet Call Home customers.
Green handle TV, NigeriaIndustry: neliwu-no invention for media and entertaintiroko TV-
The film industry in Nigeria is very popular, but Nigeria
American-based companies have helped revolutionize and beautify it.
Iroko TV, known as "African Netflix", is the world's largest digital distributor of African films.
Use on-
Nolewu enthusiasts around the world can watch the latest Nigerian movies by paying just $5 a month.
IrokoTV usually buys digital copyright for movies from producers, and currently has more than 5,000 movies and more than 500,000 registered users.
Woolworths, South Africa Industry: South worths is one of South Africa's largest retailers selling all products from food and clothing to household goods and electronics.
The retail giant is also an emerging player in South Africa's financial services industry.
Woolworths provides customers with financial services such as loans, debit cards and home insurance solutions through a joint venture with Absa Bank.
Woolworth also makes its own brand, from sliced bread to grape juice and ice cream.
Pick n Pay, South Africa industrial: Retailer
Famous FMCG retailers have 450 stores in South Africa, Zambia, Mauritius and Mozambique, with 45,000 employees.
Pick n Pay is one of the earliest retail stores in its subsidiaries
Include financial services in their services.
Select Pick n Pay outlets provides credit services for large purchases, among other things (Like electrical appliances.
No deposit.
Pick n Pay also has a thriving ticket resale service, a travel comparison website that lets customers play lottery tickets online.
In addition, in 2010, the South African retail giant became the first company to offer eco-bottled wines to its customers. friendly PET (
The East African brewery is the largest brewery in Kenya.
The company produces, sells, distributes and sells a range of alcoholic beverages, including spirits such as its flagship beer brand, Tusker beer and Baili, Smilov and Black Label.
The company also produces and sells soft drinks in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, such as Alvaro and Guinness, Malta.
Well-known brands in South Africa: food and beverage brands are the leading fast service and leisure restaurant companies in Africa.
Famous brands develop, operate and franchise restaurants to prepare, package and sell food menus for pricing.
Some of the famous restaurants include the pizza, Wimpy, Steers and fishaway.
As of 2010, the company has a global footprint of 1,764 licensed restaurants in South Africa, 17 African countries and the UK.
Do you agree with my list?
Talk to me on mnsehe (at)forbes. com.
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