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the top 5 gear pieces for winter 2016 - characteristics of polyester

by:Cailong     2019-08-16
the top 5 gear pieces for winter 2016  -  characteristics of polyester
Gear: Everyone loves this stuff even if they have little or no chance to use it.
Of course, part of the charm here is pure materialism, but there is no doubt that a small piece of new jewelry, only one piece, can make a season sweeter, and give you a necessary push.
We don't need much motivation;
Even a new bean hat is enough for you to go out and find something to do.
A big project, like a new snowboard, can refresh the skills and restore the vitality of the sport.
On the other hand, many of us have feelings for the gears that have been with us for many seasons.
These inert objects made of oil and metal are no different from any other trinkets made in our lives.
But our love for the outdoors, our love for sports, gives them a life and personality that the plastic spoon in your kitchen drawer will never have.
The number of gear manufacturers and products continues to grow.
Just when it seems impossible to have three more manufacturers.
One more jacket appeared.
When the cloud curtain disappears, a Stio will appear.
Many of these companies have done great things;
The overall quality of the industry continues to rise.
All the great equipment that is now in existence has become difficult to classify, and every year you have to pick the equipment that stands out from other equipment.
However, we have taken the time because the ZRankings team has been at the exhibition, talked to the delegates and reviewed the latest information for everyone.
The results include some familiar names and some new names, including a very good software that requires inclusion in the top 5 of this year's Forbes winter season (
As we become undisciplined, the list for this year is 7). 1.
Arc' Teryx coat-$575Gore-
All kinds of Tex jackets are always great. They just are. Two-layer, three-layer, soft-What Shell-They're great. Gore-
Tex is very good at innovation every year and takes its products to a new level.
But Gore has the most bombers.
Tex shells tend to be hard and noisy, as hard materials wrinkle up like paper bags.
The Arc'teryx Tantalus jacket solves some of these problems because it uses Gore-which uses different meters-
Tekes in different parts of the jacket.
The work's shoulders, Hood, lower back and forearm are gore-
Tex has excellent strength and wear resistance.
The rest of the coat, including the back, body and upper limb, are all with a softer, quieter N70p 3L Gore-Tex with lo-
The soft shell of the attic is backed and warm to the clothing.
This is no different from Stingray. The Classic of stin is to stick to lo-
Loft wool material like GoreTex. 2.
Giro contact goggles
For $240, someone is trying to make goggles with an easy-to-swap lens.
They have failed until now.
This contact makes it work with some of the amazing little magnets that effectively secure the lens on the base, which does a good job of contemporary, frameless, fancylooking goggle.
To release the lens from the goggles, Giro has a button built into the top right corner
Side of the frame.
The button removes the edge of the lens from the frame, leaving the magnet out.
The adhesion between the two units is good enough that you may have to pry the lens open with a screwdriver without a button.
This really answers the biggest fear of this product: when you, I, who is wearing these things, will inevitably wear glasses?
We can say in a statement that any episode that separates this lens from the frame could damage any goggles.
The lenses have a wide variety of finishes, which of course is the point, as they can be exchanged on the mountain as the weather goes from clear to flat.
The optical system, from Zeiss, provides a broad and clear landscape of the terrain you are about to crush. 3.
Black Diamond 107-
The $880 black diamond continues deep into the apparel industry and has made some amazing work, but what we're looking at here is the company's new ski product, Boundary 107.
The design of this skis looks at some of the elastic Rolling Stone skis that have infiltrated the market in the past few years.
Why do people like them?
Because skiing is easy.
Their wide foot structure allows skiers to go through a variety of grain shells and good things without thinking twice.
Border 107 do all this.
But they are light enough not to crush those carrying boots
Pack or peel off the ridge outside the resort.
The name of the ski means in-bounds and out-of-
Border skiing, for this purpose, border 107 is provided.
Engineer of black drill-
They are a great team and we have seen their actions up close
In addition, some measures have been installed to curb chatter and unruly feedback on various surfaces that we would rather avoid when driving at high speed or crossing skiing.
The side walls include rubber, which can absorb feedback from the tip and edge before reaching the binding and your feet and knees.
Long skiing time, fast skiing.
Model 184 cm: 138mm on the front and 107mm in the middle (hence the name)
There's 123mm behind. 4.
Pretend to be a ghost-
There are dozens of down jackets and insulation for $320.
None of them, however, put the character of the faint whisperer into a smaller-weight package.
197G, you may forget that you even put on this coat.
Even better, there is a thing called Q in this coat.
Have special powers.
This fluffy goose down is full of permanent water resistance and will not be a longing sponge for your sweating or external precipitation.
Put it on the outside of town or on the top of the boot, or use it in your shell on warm days.
Just double check before you leave the house to make sure you stuff it into your backpack;
It's small in weight, otherwise you won't notice it. 5.
Stio Wilcox fleece hoodie
We 've been trying to find things that can turn our own looks from losers to cool.
This is a difficult task.
But when we find something that does it, we put it on as soon as we get a chance, until the gear that says breaks up into dust, we are forced to find another loser --to-cool converter.
Our latest finding in this category is Stio's Wilcox wool hoodie, which is not coincidental from Jackson Hole's cool kid Hamlet.
The hoodie is made of knitted polyester, so it exudes a classic knitted wool look while providing the insulation, weight and softness of the wool.
Throw this while drinking coffee, or better still drinking beer.
You don't seem to care, but in a way everyone wants your hoodie.
The problem is that everyone wants this hoodie and it's actually hard to find.
If you can't find it yourself, consider Stio's Gannett Peak hoodie ($155)
, A smaller, similar part that can be worn separately on mild days, around the office, or in a ski jacketlayer.
It can also cause other people's jealousy, so be careful. 6.
Reward: Berghaus VapourLight Hydroloft Reversible Hoodie-
$ 220we are constantly looking for the perfect insulating parts that can keep us warm when the wind starts at the top of the elevator line at a freezing speed, but when we hike, we still don't suffocate in our own sweat --
Pack or ski back to base after a drop failure.
Except in the coldest days, many of the ground-level employees are not qualified to do the job because they sweat and lose their effectiveness.
So this means finding a flexible synthesis solution.
We found one: a Reversible Hoodie from Berghaus Hydroloft.
No, this jacket.
It is wearing a two-sided jacket with two different sides: one is wind-proof and the other is breathable.
When you work hard and need ventilation, wear out the breathable side;
When you need the maximum insulation, like when you sit in the elevator or drink a tall boy at 4: 30, put the wind-proof side out. m.
Exaggerated the conquest of the day. 7.
Bonus: Avanet of Avatech-
My own background includes technology, code, words, writing and gear for $10 free per month.
My hobbies have always been concentrated outdoors.
This last project managed to combine all my interests, so I had to include it even if it was not a traditional gear.
Avanet, a software that appears in the form of web and mobile applications, complements Avatech's existing snow detection hardware, which has been on the market for a year.
Avanet's application will be released to the public tomorrow, November 18. The snow probe—
The latest model is SP2-
It's an engineering miracle, and in seconds, avalanche forecasters and snow scientists get richer and more accurate data than they can get by spending an hour digging a snow pit themselves.
The cost of the survey is $1,799, which is for professionals.
However, the software platform Avanet is for anyone who venture into the mountains, whether they are skiing, splitting, or whatever.
From November 18, users will be able to see avalanche and snowfall data from a range of sources, from professionals from Avatech probes to travelers in other remote areas, all of which are true
Time Observations on a single platform.
The mobile app is currently only available on iOS, which makes it very easy to report from the field, because it uses the phone to record the user's GPS coordinates, if the user chooses, the app can use the phone's hardware to quickly record information such as the angle and angle of the slope.
Users can add pictures or even recordings to their observations to embed more details, whether it's an avalanche or a smaller indicator.
Users who witness serious whumpfing or sluffing can add this observation to Avanet in less than a minute and include all relevant details.
Another user in the same area with altitude and square phase can use this information to decide how and where to proceed in remote areas.
The basic version of the app allows users to view relevant snow observations and data and report their own snow observations and data that anyone can use for free.
This is a clever tool, and if there is any indication in the demo version, it is performed by an engineering team of MIT descent based in Park, Utah.
Brint Markle, CEO and co-founder of Avatech, told me: "We think we are a data company with a mission to make mountain travel safer . ".
More complex versions of apps that allow route planning and customizable terrain visualization will be $5 per month and $10 per month for professional platforms.
There is no doubt that Avanet will be everywhere in remote areas like shovels and detectors.
I just wish I could think of it myself.
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