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The Top 5 iPad Air 2 Accessories And Cases - solid polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-14
The Top 5 iPad Air 2 Accessories And Cases  -  solid polycarbonate
The IPad Air 2 will be landing at the store and door soon, and while you may be looking forward to trying out some newer features, there are plenty of fun accessories to enhance your iPad experience.
There is also a good chance that you will want to protect your most precious things --
Probably the thinnest. possession.
The IPad Air accessories market is not as plentiful as the iPhone 6, which may reflect a steady and bland tablet sales in recent years.
But when Apple tries to reposition the iPad Air 2 as an advocate of productivity, there are a lot of fun accessories that can turn the iPad Air 2 into a commercial tool, and better yet --round tablet.
Here are my top 5 iPad Air 2 accessories and casesPhorce Pro. Phorce Pro is a pack for charging your tablet
And other equipment
When you carry it with you
It can charge three devices at the same time.
Including laptops and smartphones
And provide you with a real-time update of the battery life of the device and the remaining power in the bag.
It's all possible because the big power core can charge 14 times for a laptop or iPhone 5S.
It also adds some interesting features, including sending you notifications in unattended situations (
If you don't put your phone in your bag)
And waterproof design.
It's also equipped with shock-
If Phorce pro encounters the ground unexpectedly, it is foam-resistant. The downside (
A big one)
However, the package costs more than the actual iPad, the Mac-compatible version retails for $699, and the PC option retails for $649.
Clamcase turns your iPad Air 2 into a faux laptop that lets Microsoft Surface Pro run with its money. Most plug-
In the case of the keyboard, the cheap and fragile kit can't accurately copy the feeling of the laptop, and the trend of rummaging the cabinet is worth it.
Clamcase is an all-inclusive case that clicks on the back of the iPad Air 2 and turns it into-of laptop.
It connects to the iPad via Bluetooth and features a fully functional QWERTY keyboard and 360-
The degree hinge that can turn the keyboard into an upright bracket.
While other modified keyboards are made of rubber and are not very comfortable to type, the flip case is made of solid polycarbonate (
Nexus 6 is made of the same plastic)
Effectively reproduce the desktop typing experience.
Amp Bluetooth speakers are usually less exciting, mainly because the market is too saturated and they basically do the same thing.
But the team behind the Amp has shown that there is still room for innovation, though in the smallest sense.
Amp doubles as case and "theater-
For example, the sound system of the iPad Air 2.
It connects to the back of the iPad, syncs with Bluetooth and comes with a dual-fold speaker that makes a loud and clear sound for seven hours in a row.
The coolest thing about Amp is its design.
When facing the inside, fold the speaker double as a protective case.
When the iPad is fully stretched and supported, it looks like a real little-
Add more depth to your entertainment content.
The Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro keyboard case is the same as the Flip case, and the Belkin QODE Pro Keyboard is a sturdy keyboard accessory for the iPad Air 2.
One of its main features is that it has a year's battery life.
The premise is that the backlight button should not be overused.
You can also pair multiple devices, so if you type something in on your smartphone and need to switch back to your tablet, you can do so.
The magnetic stripe that holds the tablet in place means that it can be used with the keyboard in either landscape or portrait mode.
Otterbox defenderOtterbox has a pretty good history of making solid protective covers for smartphones and some tablets.
The Otterbox team has confirmed with me that they are updating their defense series for the iPad Air 2.
While few details are available, it may be similar to the popular iPad Air version, which features a sturdy polycarbonate skinny case and built-in
Rubber layer to prevent sudden impact.
Otterbox Defender for IPhone 6 is a top phone
High quality mobile phone case to protect the equipment in many ways.
All ports of the IPhone 6 are blocked by plugs to prevent dust and sand from entering, and the TouchID has a "protective film" that prevents wear and tear while maintaining functionality.
The IPad Air 2 version is also powerful.
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