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the triumphant trug - dacron material

by:Cailong     2019-08-18
the triumphant trug  -  dacron material
Daily Telegraph-
Sponsored green power 2001 electric marathon will be held on the ground
Break the battle between classic and modern design and fail in a series of six recordshour heats.
Nine teams beat the winning distance of last year. A wood-and-
Canvas cars built at that time
The famous technology used to make World War I wings aircraft won the fastest qualifying championship before carbon emissions
Fiber Racing car produced by professional racing manufacturer Reynard. Wooden cars
Nicknamed "Sussex Trug" with light canvas skin --
Billd School, Billingshurst-polyester material made by students
Broke the record in Goodwood's historic 2-round qualifying. 4-
Drive a mile at 29 near Chichester. 69mph.
It also records 144 miles of life at an average speed of 24 miles an hour.
But this is anyone's game because of the Sussex Trug and hotly-
Tipped bie Bigenor is a group of racing enthusiasts from Midhurst Grammar School.
They have produced a bunch of cars that can reach 4,000 miles per gallon in the Shell Mileage Marathon. The torpedo-shaped Trug -
Led a long time in last year's green power final and then retired due to mechanical failure
After Equipe Bigenor was forced to make two unplanned pit stops for the puncture and separated drive chain in the last 20 minutes, it was won by the nose.
April 10, 2001: Graham Humphries, the assistant head teacher at the weird School, said in a winning formula match that Trug's old --
The old look does not suggest the countryof-the-
Art techniques under its skin, including
The motherboard computer used to monitor the motor and battery performance will relay the update to the pit during the race.
He said: "This construction method may have started from World War I, but it is one of the most innovative cars with light weight, high strength, good aerodynamics and the latest
British Airways pilot Michael Joseph led the design team including 14-year-old son Robert and 12-year-old Howard, adding: "But all these modern materials mimic natural renewable resources, one of the most advanced cars in the competition.
"This is the third year of the electrical event, which was first held in 1999, and aims to encourage students at Sussex Middle School to learn technology in order to alleviate the chronic shortage of local engineers.
The tournament has developed into a major national competition series, with seven preliminaries nationwide for 12-year-old children16.
They offer the same 24-
Volt electric motor and rechargeable 12-
Their own cars are powered by volt batteries.
Sussex schools will dominate
In the October finals, 29 of the 62 places were on the final list, but several new competitors, after recording the result of a winning distance close to 118 miles last year, it is expected that there will be strong challenges, although they are qualified on a slower track.
And the winners and runners.
The Daily Telegraph Awards-
The team on display went: Saint-Swain girls' school from Winchester, Hantz;
Rochester Women's Grammar School, Kent
Warden Park School in cookefield, Sussex;
Branston School, located in Branford, Dorset County;
Fox Ford school Coventry
There is also the Ludlow Church School in Shropshire, England.
Barry Hilles, head of green energy, said: "Many first
Time Entrants perform much better than expected, so they are not far from catching up with established teams.
Standards are rising every year.
Some cars this year are pure works of art.
"The final round of qualifying will be held on Sunday, September 23 at the Duke's barracks in South Cerne Gloucester, near selencester, at Avon's School, Wiltshire and Wales, and those teams that fail to complete the car in time.
The final was held on October 14 at the Goodwood track near Chichester, Sussex;
Free admission.
For details, 01903 715915 from Greenpower (www. greenpower. co. uk). The finalists (
Arranged at the fastest average speed)
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