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the truth about horse joint supplements (part 2) - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-16
the truth about horse joint supplements (part 2)  -  pet manufacturing process
Since the development of grand flex joint's original amino glucose joint support formula in 1994, many companies have tried to replicate the unique formula of Grand FLEX unique.
Back in 1997, in one of the most respected horse consumer publications in the United States, Michael prumb Ma magazine, in the first review by many, grand Flex was recommended as the best choice for amino glucose levels, and include some important alliances.
Grand Flex also contains vitamin C and bioflavins, tobacco Amine, and all minerals and amino acids that we find essential to the health of joints and crystalline tissues.
This product has an excellent clinical response.
After several new amino glucose products are on the market, some of them replicate the Grand Flex formula of the domtokenco co-factors;
Added more as a window
In our view, it is more fashionable than any plan that makes absorption or health benefits easier.
Since the first positive review of Grand Flex from 1997 to 2008, Michael pramma magazine continues to give Grand Flex the highest rating for the best recommended joint support formula and provide long-term joint health benefits.
Glucose-amino hsl.
Amino glucose sulfate: the view of the Prairie
End the debate on the difference between amino glucose HCL and amino glucose sulfuric acid ester.
Amino glucose sulfate is used for early clinical review and is a combination of 40% sulfur and 60% amino glucose.
Amino glucose hydrochloride is an updated and purified version containing 98% pure active amino glucose.
Sulfur is an important part of a co-supported collaborative approach that includes sulfur in a more biologically available form, such as sulfur-methyl and/or male sex is more effective for elemental sulfur
While amino glucose is clearly the main component of a combined supplement on the market, it has long been considered the other half of the formula needed for the combined product to be effective.
As an integral part of cartilage, it provides structure, maintains moisture and nutrients, and allows other molecules to pass through cartilage, which is an important feature because there is no blood supply for cartilage.
When this ingredient is naturally produced in the body, its function is beyond doubt.
Some amino glucose products highlight the inclusion of sulfuric acid cartilage extracted from compounds from cattle sources, which is a necessary and beneficial addition of amino glucose.
This argument is misleading.
In the past few years, many important scientific tests have been carried out, which ultimately show poor absorption of cartilage taken in the form of oral supplements.
Because of its very large molecular structure, the rate of absorption results is very low (
250 times more than the amino glucose molecule).
There are many main studies supporting this theory;
The New England Journal of Medicine concluded that oral absorption of sulfuric acid ester was less than 12%.
According to the encyclopedia of natural drugs, the absorption of complete monosodium sulfate is estimated to be from zero to thirteen.
Dr. Ian Wright, the leading veterinary plastic surgeon in the UK (
Horse and Hound)
You can feed the horse supplements containing sulfuric acid ester at the recommended dose rate, which will not be absorbed.
Surprisingly, the vast majority of manufacturers continue to add it to their products.
Due to the large number of studies showing poor absorption, the view of the Big Meadow, we chose not to use the sulfuric acid as an independent component in any of our products because of its large molecular size, in our view (
Detailed Research Support)
Affects its ability to absorb efficiently.
When administered as an oral ingredient, it is not possible to effectively achieve the health benefits of monosodium sulfate.
However, we did use de-
The Poly-soluble sodium sulfate is an indispensable raw material in our biological cell collagen ii.
This ingredient, along with hyaluronic acid and type II collagen in this triple patented ingredient, has gone through the manufacturing process, resulting in the reduction of the highly bioavailable ingredient matrix to 1/90 th of the original size. . .
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