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there’s a new nokia android smartphone – and it’s just £119 - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
there’s a new nokia android smartphone – and it’s just £119  -  polycarbonate
Earlier this summer, the re-launch of Nokia's classic 3310 made headlines around the world-and now comes with a new Nokia smartphone.
Like 3310, it was made by HMD Global with a Nokia brand license, and it was a bit cheap for £ 19.
Unlike some manufacturers, they loaded additional software on their phones-thinking Samsung's apps are like voice-and HMD is using the "pure" version of Google's smartphone software.
Nokia 3 will become the main model of HMD-high-end models
The terminal flagship that challenges the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 models will appear before Christmas-but it offers the same value and functional balance as in the past, making Nokia a popular choice. The five-
The inch HD touch screen is filled with the front of the device, three illuminated Android control keys are hidden in the polycarbonate case under the screen, and with a microSD card, 16 gb of storage can be added up to 128 GB.
Above the screen is an eight-pixel selfie camera and an eight-pixel wide selfie camera.
The angle autofocus camera on the back of the phone.
The phone is connected to 4g LTE via mobile and Wi-
Fi, Bluetooth, and the latest NFC technology allow you to make contactless swipe payments using Android Pay.
The price of the Nokia 3 is very competitive.
99 RRP of SIM-
Free mode-if you shop around and buy your phone on a monthly contract or "pay on demand", you should find a discount.
It will also sell viaCarphone warehouse, Vodafone, EE, Argos, Tesco, Virgin, Amazon (Amazon ).
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