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these are the days of herbs and roses - corrugated plastic

by:Cailong     2020-11-16
these are the days of herbs and roses  -  corrugated plastic
"There is not enough time for the weekend.
"I dug a hole in the garden last weekend --and-
I split watusi when it hit me suddenly.
Like lightning, I realized that the herbs I loved and nurtured in the summer were still standing to a large extent and looked very good.
Sorry though-looking, frost-
Gentle Basil, it looks like the air was removed from the tire;
Other herbs stood up waiting for me to find some useful uses for them in the kitchen.
Now is the time to cut and dry many of the herbs you have planted this season.
The best places to bask in are bay, marjoram, mint, oregano, rosemary, mouse plum and Baili.
When I dug a bushel, I realized that I almost missed the opportunity.
A cluster of mint sizes.
I will not throw the excess into the compost, I will cut the stems and leaves and put them on the screen (
I use my compost sieve but any one can).
Put them in a cool place (not freezing), well-
Ventilate in direct sunlight.
Your Garage will work well unless the weather is very cold.
This "seven groups" herb is perfect for drying in this way as they are rich in essential oils
Oil that produces the taste we like.
Once dry, the taste will be very concentrated and you will use onehalf to one-
The third one you will be fresh (
Except Bay).
You can tie these herbs up and hang their little branches in the same dark, cool and good environment --
They will be ready for use in four to five weeks. Freeze!
There are other herbs in your garden that can be preserved.
But it doesn't dry because they lose flavor and fragrance from essential oils.
Basil, leeks, cilantro, dill, parsley and tarragon will retain their flavor if frozen.
The only thing they lose is their texture.
You can cut small branches when cleaning and drying (
No "dry" but no water).
Pack them in a sealed container or food storage bag and put them in the refrigerator for up to six months, after which their taste disappears.
Alternatively, you can chop up these herbs and freeze them in a tray of ice cubes.
The third option is to mix herbs with olive oil in a blender to make a thick paste.
Freeze the liquid in the ice.
Cube tray or food storage bag.
Drag them in: if you have herbs growing in containers outside the door, you can put them indoors for a while.
I urge you to use them a lot, as using them in the kitchen reduces young growth.
But keep in mind that they will become clean.
As our days get shorter and the natural light gets less intense, bed bugs haunt and/or die right in front of your eyes.
That said, unless you have a greenhouse, or if you put potted herbs under a growing light.
Rosemary, tarragon, thyme and lavender will look good for a while, but they will soon start to fall due to their natural need for strong light.
Start herbs: The best time of year to start herbs from seeds is late winter/early spring, the day is getting longer and the sun is getting stronger and stronger.
The timing of buying herbal seeds every year is not bad, but the fresh 2014 shares will reach retailers in early January.
In the new year, we will talk more about the seeds.
Rose: This is a great time to winter the roses in a year.
It's no big deal except physical labor.
First determine the frost-tender roses in your garden: Bush roses and climbing roses do not require a soil blanket or triple mixture in winter.
This time of year, however, hybrid tea, Florida, large flowers, and most of the micro-rose shrubs do need the winter.
I suggest you use the corrugated plastic rose collar to help build up the soil or mix as much as you can.
You do not protect the shrubs from frost as you isolate the lower root zone and the "Bud Union (
Where the main stem of the Bush is in contact with the root)
From the freezing of our winterthaw cycles.
Do not use leaves for this purpose because they contain active bacteria that promote mildew and other diseases.
Stick together with clean weeds
Free Mix and pile of rose shrubs at least 60 centimeters or 2 centimeters-
The main crutches of each plant should stand up.
I didn't cut the Roses back in the fall because I like to see what kind of winter damage will happen in the spring once I cancel the winter protection.
Only in this way can I decide what will be cut off and what will stay in the factory.
Please note that I did cut off the roses that grew more than one metre to prevent them from "beating" in strong winds and breaking in the bud union.
If the temperature is above freezing point this weekend and there is no downpour, I would also suggest you at your width-
It's like blue holly trees, mangrove trees, yellow Yang, Yang Ye, and, of course, Azalea and evergreen azalea.
This provides an invisible but effective defense against the drying effect of winter wind and air.
I'm going to buy a Christmas tree this weekend.
How can I make it last for a month?
My advice on cutting trees fresh: Rod roddtmark Cullen is an expert gardener, writer, broadcaster and garden editor for Renault and decorative magazine.
You can register his free monthly in markcullen.
Watch him on Canada's CTV every Wednesday at 8: 45m.
You can contact mark through the "contact" button on his website and follow him on Twitter @ MarkCullen4 and Facebook.
Mark's new book "Canada Lawn and Garden Secrets" is available for sale in both home hardware and all major bookstores.
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