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these hardly seam stylish! japanese brand debuts bizarre 'thong jeans' with all fabric except the seams cut away - but can the barely-there garment even technically be called pants? - clear plastic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
these hardly seam stylish! japanese brand debuts bizarre \'thong jeans\' with all fabric except the seams cut away - but can the barely-there garment even technically be called pants?  -  clear plastic panels
Every season, another fashion brand launches a new denim outfit that breaks the limits of what's called jeans.
But in the end it may be that a Japanese designer has gone too far.
Featuring the 2018 Spring/Summer Series at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo this week, the brand Thibaut introduced a denim pants with few pants, everything except the seams was cut off, leaving only one thong
Like the foundation below.
While the "edgy" look may be available next year, it cannot be purchased.
Now, it just makes waves on the Internet as a concept that nobody asks.
The woman who model jeans also wore an old pair of sneakers and a nude suit.
Most importantly, she is wearing "jeans" that have been "alienated" and are not recognized.
The designer seems to have taken a pair of scissors and cut all the fabric before and after the denim fabric.
Not only is the legs gone: the fabric of the pelvis and hips is gone, leaving only worn seams that look like fragile cage contours.
"Yes, the thong jeans are now there and I will start my formal jeans production event if you can forgive me . "com.
While the new item is definitely worth a surprise, it is by no means the first suspicious cowboy to enter the market.
It's not even the only pair of jeans that look like a built in jeansin thong.
Earlier this year, ASOS launched a loot
A strange pair of jeans
Right above the ass.
Jeans above waist
High, but in the lower part-
Until the butt crack-is a half moon-shaped cut-
Come out and accent by the thinking panel of the fabric.
This style seems to be intended to evoke the "whale claw" look that reveals the thong peak from the top of the jeans.
The jeans, known as "asos high-waist straight leg jeans, opened with ashes on the back and washed in black with a belt", are still $60.
On April, social media reported crazy about a pair of jeans with a zipper on the hip.
The bottom of the exposure is part of the cooperation between Levi's and Vetements of France.
This pair of Cowboys also features a zipper at the back of each leg.
Topshop also made waves for a few strange jeans --
It's actually made entirely of plastic.
"Moto transparent plastic straight plate"
The Leg jeans are sold for $100 and while they accept the shock and style of the jeans, they are completely transparent plastic.
The models in them folded them on shorts. The all-
After the brand launched another pair of jeans with a clear panel on its knees earlier, the clear jeans just seemed to push the envelope further.
The sites cost $95 and are labeled "ridiculous" by social media users.
"We want to destroy.
Moriach, design director at Tophop, told Elle shortly after that we wanted to do something that would allow people to talk.
This is a positive thing.
It is a positive thing to debate and discuss, so our clients come to our website.
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