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these traditional hand-crafted 'juttis' travel the globe - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-25
these traditional hand-crafted \'juttis\' travel the globe  -  pet manufacturing process
It all started with one of the three brothers and sisters. Neha Chabbra —
I'm getting married.
"We want to make juttis for ourselves because running around the wedding in high heels can get tedious," Akansha said . " She's with her sisters --
Niha and arty
He started designing juttis a few years ago.
In 2015, they launched their brand, Pastels & Pop.
The design of juttis started as a "fun wedding project.
Opportunity to meet with juttimaker-turned-
Construction workers have sparked a crazy idea in the United States.
"We wanted to match the shoes at the wedding and asked him to make juttis for us," Akanksha shared . ".
Their designer, juttis, swept most of the guests out at the wedding without any prizes.
"When our juttis got the most compliments, we were moved by another crazy idea.
We asked the jutti manufacturer to quit his construction work and work for us.
We created 10 pairs and posted photos on our FB page.
Juttis sold out quickly and orders from Australia, the UK and the US began to flood, "added beams Akanksha, who is now shipping their designer shoes worldwide.
What is special about pastel and Pop juttis is that they are in bright colors, not in traditional brown tones.
"We used silk and silk, beads and sequins in embroidery.
In fact, we draw inspiration from the vast stage of Indian embroidery to create these designs, "Arti added.
Pastels & Pop is designed for men and women.
The Chhabra sisters said they were "involved in every step of the manufacturing process ".
While Neha is in charge of the digital side, the youngest Alti is in charge of the design and Akanksha is in charge of the business and the artisans.
"Now Pastels & Pop has 32 embroidery artists in Bengaluru and 42 artisans in Punjab," Akanksha said . ".
It's not just foreigners who like these national footwear.
Bollywood celebrities including Sara Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, Malaika Arora, Dia Mirza, Tapsee Pannu also added these handmade shoes to their wardrobe
"It's an art of dying because juttis is not always comfortable.
The wearer tends to slide on a smooth surface, and juttis is usually not suitable.
We have made a design change and have not received a complaint about foot pain or sliding factor, "Akanksha Liang.
Leather mainly uses faux leather in their design.
Later, in order to increase the artistic appearance, people began to embroider a lot.
The three are currently working on "vegetarian juttis", which they say will be available in June.
The three have had an impact in the virtual world and are now launching their own physical stores in Bengaluru.
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