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think inkjet - unleash your imagination - clear holographic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-06
think inkjet - unleash your imagination  -  clear holographic film
Add unlimited size to creative crafts using computers, inkjet printers and dedicated media.
Inkjet printing opens the door for thousands of colors.
Why print on white paper?
You can spray if you can think of it!
Release your imagination.
Professional Papers are just the beginning of an endless media alternative to standard print paper. High-
Resolution photo paper with glossy and matte finish turns home photos into long lasting memories.
Parchment and scraps of paper add elegance and individuality to text printing, make precious gifts and display items from your favorite pieces, and add to your invitations and greeting cards
Although these papers are wonderful, they are just the beginning of what you can do with a little imagination and inkjet printers.
Gold, chrome and White Silver all have metal inkjet media.
Although metal inkjet media accepts color or black and white printing, it is usually better to print black and white on gold.
If you print yellow on silver metal media, it will look like a gold mosaic.
The silver Orange looks like bronze.
This conversion takes place between ink and media, so you don't have to apply difficult text and photo operations in order to get an elegant effect.
Use holographic film to add dazzling effects to photos and text.
The background color of the holographic medium is silver.
The holographic film reflects the full color spectrum and presents your print items in a rainbow color, changing with the perspective.
Super Color shrink is a soft plastic that accepts inkjet printing.
After printing, you bake the plastic and it will shrink and Harden, reduce your image size and add texture to your project.
Both transparent and white art paper has super color shrinkage.
Even if you can't draw like Monet or Van Gogh, you can still create a masterpiece on the canvas with a super colored art canvas.
The Super Color art canvas, designed for inkjet printers, is actually a special coated nylon surface that can render your images and photos so beautifully that you don't even want to box them up
Cling to the window media makes it possible to attach window posters and movable art attached to most glass, plastic and baking enamel surfaces.
You may know that it is impossible to print white, but you can make white embossed paper with inkjet embossed paper and white embossed powder.
Ink-jet embossed paper to prevent ink drying.
Sprinkle on your print with embossed powder, then heat the image with a embossed tool or a hot gun and watch your design turn into an image of an embossed bump.
White and transparent embossed powder can be found in any good craft retail store.
Save the relief image with a clear acrylic spray.
Apply your design to unpainted wood, marble, slate and leather using inkjet friction
Decorate the glass, metal, ceramic, candle on the sticker paper or using water slide decal Media, combine imagination and professional inkjet media to maximize your creativity.
The possibilities are endless when you think about inkjet!
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