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this 600-sq.-ft. downtown home is an oasis of comfort and simplicity - acrylic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-06
this 600-sq.-ft. downtown home is an oasis of comfort and simplicity  -  acrylic panels
Jason Ho likes challenges.
Especially in small packaging.
When most people buy it-
As the size increases-the 32-year-old health-
The designer of nursing facilities bought it.
He hung started with a shared apartment during his college years, and then purchased a small apartment in the city center while studying for a master's degree in architecture.
He has graduated to 600 now. sq. -ft.
He purchased the ground floor of the lesllieville townhouse.
But he has a plan for the next step: 400-sq. -ft.
Renovated Garden Cottage.
"I think it's more comfortable to be small," he said . "
"It's easier to manage and it's easier to keep it clean, and everything I need is there if it's designed well.
"For every building enthusiast, their desire is to manipulate the space and see what they can do and build it on their own.
"His favorite place is a very small office, and in front of his townhouse, all 75 square feet, he thumbs up and flipped through design books and magazines, he searched and drafted plans online.
Two of his catsGogo and Yoko —
Usually hang out there too.
Chairs and tables can accommodate customers or friends, and sometimes he even puts down his yoga mat.
"It's a great place to stay away from the chaos of life," said Ho, who is busy managing the property he owns and renting out and signing contracts for a construction company.
His table was neatly decorated by a template and placed under the windowsill.
A lot of books are collected here.
"I love sketching and reading, I have a collection of books, and I'm kind of hoarding books," he said . ".
Sit down and Ho is with the sidewalk.
For privacy, frosted film is installed on the window, but you can open the window to enjoy the Park View across the street, or the person watching on the sidewalk.
The cat was always there and squeezed on his lap
Or on a laptop.
"My friend is not a cat fan. they think it is very abnormal," he said . "
Or on his laptop.
"But we like it.
It is bright and connected with street activities and the larger world.
The weather is warm and sunny. . .
Maybe I'm a cat too.
"He separated his little oasis from the bedroom, bathroom and closet area with steel pipe by using acrylic panel, glued to cement floor with silicon material, hand-
Polish for translucent effect.
"Small spaces force you to be more organized," Ho said . ".
Although he is often in largescale health-
He prefers small care programs.
Space projects, such as projects he does for friends and family who are also interested in small space life.
"I thought a lot about how a person can live well in a very small space.
"I live in so many places myself and I have learned that in order for it to work there needs to be some connection with the outdoors," he said . ".
This prerequisite is easily met by the back garden, an extension of his living space: small and lush, visible from sliding glass doors on the back wall of his home.
The stairs of the small patio lead to a courtyard full of trees, shrubs and flowering plants that provide winter interest and summer color.
Ho brought nature in, too.
Flowers are a must, and he creates a natural landscape sculpture with a backlit birch trunk.
"Since the compartments were to be left there, I decided to hide them in a natural way --He said.
"The Birch reminds me of the country cottage, which offers beauty and functionality to create a small oasis of its own.
Ironically, it turned his family into a retreat, including the ability to have friends.
Thanks to the food shopping center near Leslie Ville, Ho has a strong interest in cooking.
But that means his kitchenette has to be used as an entertainment area. The island —
Ikea cabinets-
On the casters so that it can be moved to create extra floor space;
Hot counter-
The black-resistant steel plate has a pull-out section that creates more work space, or a table.
It's not surprising that he Hong is a huge fan of the small house movement.
"Small spaces are the best," he said. "Everything is very close, but they only work when they are part of a larger whole.
They must be more
The task or you end up with the split feature that really makes the home feel chopped.
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