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this may fit in a tool belt - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
this may fit in a tool belt  -  clear plastic sheets
When you pick up the complete idiot guide for simple home repairs for the first time, you may not be overly excited;
It may not give you "must-have-it" feeling.
But don't put it aside too soon.
For some reason, you might find that home like I did --
There is some sound and savvy knowledge to improve the author's new book, Judy ostero.
Do you know, for example, that since the window yarn is made of a woven thread, you can fix the hole by weaving the loose edge of the patch on the edge of the hole? I didn't.
This: "If you are going to take the tap apart and clean up an area, you can arrange the tap in the order in which you take it out.
"Then," If you need to take the parts to the store to find a replacement, list the parts and orders so that you can put things back the way you take out the parts.
"If you 've come in handy, you might think: Just tell an idiot ---
So the title of the book is one of more than 450 idiot guides.
Adding it to the "dummies" series, it's clear that publishers want to see a lot of dim light bulbs.
But when it comes to simple home repairs, I think the audience is big enough from me.
I should know about the house, but, sadly, I always find it easier to entrust a handy boyfriend or husband with help than to learn how to fix the creaking floor.
With such a book, though, I can start acting like a feminist I call myself.
The book is divided into five parts: Get to know your house;
Repair surfaces and openings;
Pipes and fixtures;
Wiring, electrical appliances, heating and cooling;
Safety and maintenance.
The actual name of the section is annoying: "Deep skin", "circulation system", "task control", etc.
There are many other cute chapter titles (
"Door: box open and closed ")
But happily, this is where the jinks end.
Although some fake people
The type of book is a veritable chaos of the cartoon and comic circus, which is the most direct, serious and helpful one.
It is characterized by a clear line chart, the definition of words that only we idiots need to define, listing at the beginning of the section to tell you what you will find, list at the end of the section to tell you what you found, and a small box of information called "What do professionals know.
"The latter is very smart.
For example, if you go out and buy a cordless electric drill, regardless of the power supply, price or function, don't buy it if it doesn't feel good in your hand.
The last gift I got from reading this book was that I realized that I needed what the author said was "the workbook of your home ".
She suggested three.
Ring binder with 3 inch wide or more spine filled with clear plastic sheet protector, owner's manual, receipt, brochure, electrical schematic are all inside, service records related to home, etc.
I put my items in various folders called receipts and houses.
But if my Yosemite holiday and my karaoke
Of course, my house deserves the same respect.
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