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this pet's a big blue-box problem - pet film

by:Cailong     2019-08-18
this pet\'s a big blue-box problem  -  pet film
Okay, so what's the story about pets or Pete?
This is the plastic in the water, the bottle with "1" in the bottom recycling triangle.
Its name is polybenzene Diester.
Although the molecular structure is different, many transparent plastic Berry boxes, lettuce boxes and egg boxes are also made of PET.
They are made through a thermoforming process in which the PET film is pressed into shape, while the bottle is forced to lean the hot plastic against the mold cavity by blowing the air into the tube(
Some of the transparent containers are actually polystyrene-a crystalline version of the packaging foam and meat plate-marking PS with numbers 6, leading to more blue box challenges. )
Whenever I mention that transparent plastic Berry boxes, salad boxes and egg boxes are non-recyclable, I receive painful emails from readers.
The municipalities received the same feedback.
Willma Bureau, head of contract and collection at Simcoe County, said: "There are people calling almost every day and wondering why we don't collect it . ".
"We are under a lot of pressure, but we consciously decided not to collect materials that cannot be recycled in North America.
"Toronto, Peel, Durham, Hamilton and Halton also don't want thermoforming containers.
Things may change next year. Brampton-based Par-Pak Ltd.
$2 is being imported.
£ 5 million worth of equipment from Europe to marinate and purify bottles and thermoformed PET for reuse in food
Level container.
The company produces cookie trays, deli and salad containers, baked goods and disposable foodsout containers. Par-Pak's vice-
Glen Armstrong, sales president, said the devices will be installed and operated early next year.
It will have the ability to handle nearly 12 million kilograms per year, which is a big flap.
"We are going to be the first company in Canada to do this, although there are companies in the United States that go the same way. S.
Said Armstrong.
Classification tests were carried out at Dufferin recycling plant in Toronto and Waterloo area, and thermoforming bags were shipped to the United StatesS.
Processing south of the border.
So, what is the difference between a bottle and a thermoformed PET?
"The molecular weight is different," said Fred edgom, PhD and technical consultant at the Canadian Plastics Industry Association . ".
He started in the plastics industry in his 1950 s.
"The time of molecules in thermoforming materials is not as long as the time in the bottle resin.
This makes it easier to process in thermoforming.
"If the two PET blends, it is necessary to process the material of its basic chain of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms to achieve proper viscosity, involving reactions and substances with impressive names: ester, polyester, ethylene glycol and polyester Diester.
The decision on recycling depends on three things: the market, the ability to classify and the willingness of consumers to recycle.
For thermoforming PET, the problem is saleable and sortable.
It can be picked up using optical sorters that recognize pets, but if you are manually sorted, how do you distinguish pets from other transparent containers when they fly on the conveyor belt?
"My customers will not take anything that is not bottle-grade material," said John Baldry, who manages the Toronto recycling facility . ".
Some thermoforming did pass and he said he would lose his customers if there were too many Thermoforming in the bag.
He sympathized with a large egg company that offered to make transparent plastic egg boxes with more expensive bottles
Grading pets to make them recyclable, but as Baldry says, "The problem is there (clear)
The egg box outside was not made by Pete at all.
Recycling is a young industry.
Of course, the plastic industry is working to make products recyclable and protect its flank from competitive products such as biological products.
Plastic, which may bring more challenges to recycling.
According to Par-Pak, use post-
Consumer PET reduces greenhouse gas emissions to 10 times what it takes to produce raw resin from fossil fuels, and the company wants to purchase recycled PET (
Bottle and thermoforming grade)
From nearby sources
"Our ultimate goal is to have our container put in a blue box, collect, sort and grind, and then we buy it and make more containers out of it.
"It's sustainable, it's a real closed loop," Armstrong said . ".
In new homes and apartments, trash talk usually comes up every Saturday.
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