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this republic day, here’s another reason to celebrate: india inc. is now a big part of the war against plastic pollution - polyethylene terephthalate properties

by:Cailong     2019-07-29
this republic day, here’s another reason to celebrate: india inc. is now a big part of the war against plastic pollution  -  polyethylene terephthalate properties
Indian companies are trying to get their companies and India out of reckless reliance on plastic products by drastically reducing the use of plastic products and identifying sustainable alternatives.
India celebrates Republic Day every January 26 to mark the date when the country's constitution comes into force.
But this year, in addition to commemorating a democratic India,
Celebrate the struggle of companies to join in the fight against plastics.
There are several initiatives
India hosted startedon World Environment Day last year, and many companies decided to embrace the theme of "plastic pollution.
It's long overdue.
According to a report published by the Institute of Energy and Resources, as of 2016, per capita plastic consumption in India was about 11 kg per cent;
This figure is expected to rise to 20 kg in 2020.
70% of the plastic produced is often thrown into the bin and eventually thrown into the landfill and water body.
But change seems to be gaining momentum as companies join the fight.
From reducing the use of plastics to finding sustainable alternatives, business organizations are stepping up efforts.
We have listed five companies that decided to "green" India and the steps they are taking: Borosil in glassware-
Borosil, which produces kitchenware and packaging materials, is moving in the direction of producing more ecological products.
Friendly choice.
The company has expanded its product range and added more glassware.
Borosil has introduced bottles made of kitchenware, storage boxes, lunch boxes and glass to help people avoid using plastic in their daily lives.
In the cement industry, it is found that ACC Cement is unlikely to reduce plastic waste by converting plastic into plastic in the future.
ACC Cement has established a system for extracting fuel from non-fuels
Recyclable plastics and materials such as rubber and polystyrene.
The company is digging waste from cities as well as industries such as paint, automobiles, textiles, consumer goods, refineries and petrochemicals.
The ACC stores plastic waste, removes moisture and breaks it into tiny particles to make fuel.
Pepsi India is trying to collect and recycle PET bottles (PET)
Plastic waste generated in 36 areas of Maharashtra.
It is with Gem Enviro, the producer responsibility organization (PRO)
, Set up reverse vending machines and other infrastructure for this purpose.
The beverage company also plans to set up a collection center for PET bottles.
On June 2018, PepsiCo also announced that it will pack all its snacks, including Lays and Kurkure, in a fully packable factory. Based on packaging.
Infosys aims to make the campus plastic
FreeInfosys is working to get all of its campuses out of Africa
Recyclable plastics by 2020.
The information technology profession also pledged to reduce the per capita production of plastic waste by 50%.
The company decided to replace PET water bottles, plastic tote bags, food bags, toiletries, trash can liners and business card holders used on campus with eco-friendly products
Friendly material.
Hyatt Regency India has taken considerable steps to reduce the use of plastics.
It is being transferred to the glass bottle and replaced
The guest rooms are equipped with convenient facilities with paper or cardboard, and there is no need to use plastic picks and swi poles.
Hyatt Regency hotels across the country choose laundry bags and bio-
Replace plastic with biodegradable garbage bags.
Hyatt House's luxury hotel Andaz Delhi and Hyatt House in Mumbai are using cardboard containers and spoons made of corn starch and replacing plastic straws with paper straws.
The plastic pollution war continues across India, with states such as Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Himachal, Telangana and Karnataka banning singles
Use plastic, including plastic bags and tableware.
This may last for a long time, but there is also reason for businesses and business organizations to cheer for it. [
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Son duo is changing the status quo by recycling plastic bottles into brooms]
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