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three island hideouts - clear plastic roofing

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
three island hideouts  -  clear plastic roofing
In this lush valley of lava, the rain falls on the sheets-
The veins of Monaro volcano.
I'm sitting on the screen
On the porch, listen to it falling on the tin roof of my Buddhist resort center.
Eucalyptus does hula dancing in the wind, a mosquito hovers on my feet but does not land, and a peacock in the temple often screams like a bitter soul in hell.
At the same time, I have a good book and a cup of tea, and I am very close to heaven on earth.
Granted, this is not the kind of paradise depicted in the Hawaii resort brochure, where the sky is always sunny, the beach is right at your doorstep, the room is luxurious and there is always something to do.
There's no one here in Wood Valley.
Sailing, no shopping, sightseeing cruises, golf course, swimming-up bars.
In fact, there is no stimulus--
It's exciting unless you feel too far away from all this that you might be in another world.
This is what I started looking for when I went to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago: a place that is super refined, away from the routine, there is a beach in the distance, a quiet night, ginger and something comfortable, like tap water and clean sheets.
The trip was a success because I found three attractions:but expensive)
Cottage on the north shore of Kauai Island;
A cheap tree house in kukui nut tree, Hana Coast, Maui (
I had watermelon for dinner because I couldn't get the propane stove to work);
On this amazing Big Island-and very cheap--
In Wood Valley (
Rain almost never let).
No nightlife nearby and few restaurants, these places are not for everyone and there are disadvantages in every place.
But all three have at least some features that make them a little bit paradise for me.
Stylish Kauai CottageI spent an evening in Hideaway II, about 30-
On Kauai Island under the Kilauea Lighthouse, just a few minutes' drive north of the airport, in part due to the cost of $325 per night (
Four in general-
Need to stay at least one night, need to pay $100 cleaning fee to boot).
So I rented snorkeling gear, bought groceries along the way, planned to stay where I was as soon as I arrived and leave the place as much as I could.
The latest of the three cabins (
The other two are the hideouts of my cabin with the owner, but the latter usually does not rent out)
Located on 11 acres overlooking the northeast coast of Kauai island.
They were built by Michelle Hughes, a professional developer and designer who owns large swaths of land on the island and created Awards
Win holiday villas for millionaires in Aspen.
Located about 10 miles east of Princeville, the cottage is in the coyappe area, with Sylvester Stallone and other celebrities vacationing in the pasture and sea cliffs, yielding to the most fascinating on the island, one of the untouched beaches.
It is well known that the secret beach is not only long and wide, surrounded by ironwood trees and connected by cliffs that ooze fresh water in small streams and waterfalls.
Most of the land adjacent to it is privately owned, which makes it a bit difficult to get to the beach (
All Hawaiian beaches are public by law, but not always easy to reach).
In the past, outsiders who took a chance to walk a road from calicheva Road were often nude swimmers (
An illegal entertainment event in Hawaii, where homeowners nearby hired a guard to enforce the law).
Hideaway II guests have four different Beach passages, including a path along the bottom of the carefully trimmed Canyon, and a path along the height of the ridge, tie a rope between the pillars to help you put it down.
So the Hideaway II is not for the weak and sick, but the secret beach is a pure pleasure, soft beach and lava that stretches out in the waves, the mighty waves dolphins swim in Cape Kilauea and the proud lighthouse is on the east side.
When I arrived, Michelle Hughes was doing a final landscaping of the Hideaway II and laying the slate around the hot tub.
The cottage, made of local corals and stones, sits on the top of a hill with its tiled roof gently reclining, implying a teahouse in the Oriental Garden.
There is a patio on three sides, and the ocean and the legendary Napa cliff can be seen from the recliner.
Inside, the floors and cabinets are beautiful carpentered maple with teak shapes around sliding glass windows and doors.
The cottage is no more than 500 square feet and has a kitchen/living room, bathtub and bedroom.
In addition to this, there is no fee to be waived, making Hideaway II--
Love the luxury Oman hotel in Asia, or the back Ranch hotel in Grand sur--
Perfect to the last detail.
Counter at the top, espresso maker, faucet heated to 190 degrees and upscale Thermador collection in kitchen;
The sliding maple leaf door in the bedroom is hidden behind the TV, CD player, fax machine and washer/dryer combination;
Although there is no bathtub in the bathtub, there is a double glass shower on both sides of it.
Hughes did the renovation in the eastern cabin. meets-
The western style of the stylish sushi bar.
Japanese tea pots, chopsticks and rice bowls, books and potted orchids are cleverly placed on the shelves;
Scroll of calligraphy and Oriental scenery on the wall;
The blades of ceiling fans look like Elegant Thai fans.
When I arrived, I went straight to the beach and then chatted with the owner on the terrace of the cottage below her hideout II.
I had grilled fish for dinner, and it was delicious with a corn cob and a cup of chardonnay.
Had time to jog to Kilauea light the next morning, built in 1913 at the northernmost end of the Hawaiian Islands, and now surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary, where red-
The bird's nest with feet and the huge frigate bird soar.
The nearby village of Kilauea used to be the headquarters of the sugarcane plantation, where there was a very old lava --
Stone Church and an excellent bakery/cafe in the Conlon mall.
But then to Maui, there was a very different paradise to explore.
The tree house on Maui knows that there are two sides on the island and there is plenty of sunshine (
Highly developed)
West, rural East, this is the epitome of Hana town.
Haana arrived by the famous Haana Road, with 56 bridges and 617 curves.
I rented it as soon as I got to kahuri Airport (for $45 a day)
A funky old Jeep with a mileage of 181,000 miles because David Greenberg, owner of Hana Lani tree house, told me I needed a four-wheel-
Drive the vehicle to the habitat in the kukui nut tree.
Then I bought groceries at Mana Foods in Paia town and went east to Hana (about a two-One hour drive from hotel.
Greenberg's direction of tree house development (
There are four, two to eight Housing, $45 to $85 per night)
Great. he was right about the Jeep.
When you arrive at the fruit stand that marks his 20-year-old entrance
Acre is about five miles west of Hana town, and you will face a rocky dirt road that goes straight to steep slopes.
I held my breath, fell it and walked to the head of the trail leading to Greenberg's newest tree house tree kiosk, where I stayed for the first night.
Then I got stuck.
So I left the Jeep and walked about 200 feet metres back into the jungle, where I found the tree kiosk, which was actually not supported by the trees, but built in the middle of them, stunning views of the Hana Coast. Made of two-by-
It has only one wall with four pieces, plywood and corrugated plastic roof materials.
The other side of the structure is open to the jungle and there is no screen, as Greenberg describes, "This is a wallpaper pattern that will never be repeated.
"There are two beds lying in the mosquito net, and the pillowcase and the bed sheet do not match;
A plastic desk and chair;
A small room for clothes;
There is also a wood counter with plates and a propane stove.
The refrigerator is a refrigerator (
ICE is not provided)
, Bathroom cottage right in the bush nearby with real toilet and outdoor coldwater shower.
A little hot will make me happy, just like the cushions and mirrors on the floor.
But I can't really complain about the decor here because Greenberg hangs heliconia and ginger flowers everywhere.
When the sun went down, there were torches and citronella candles lit, and lovely evening sounds, even after not figuring out how to get the propane stove to work, I ate only watermelon for dinner. By about 9 p. m.
The only thing I can think of is to douse myself with insect repellent and get ready for sleep.
There, I read with a flashlight and fell into deep sleep, I woke up once or twice when it rained or when I needed the stumble bathroom to go to the bathroom.
The next morning, the assistant manager living in a house at the end of dirt road helped me remove the Jeep from the muddy road and I drove into town for breakfast at Hana Ranch restaurant.
There, I learned that a cut-off wire cut off the power of the entire Hana Coast, which didn't seem to upset anyone.
Hana is like this, laid-
Go back to your own brisk tune and hum.
I 've been there a few times before, and that's what I know about the beautiful red beach behind Primary School.
The road to it is dangerous, but this sand pocket embedded in the eroded slag cone is one of my favorite beaches in the world.
It was blocked by the curved lava.
Rock arms and nudist favor (
Who seems to know the best spots for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing on all islands).
Greenberg went crazy later that day.
Scientist mop, with curly dark hair, is currently building more tree houses in a tourist park in Hainan Island, South China Sea, and he showed me his other tree houses (
There are two hot water running water)
, And introduced me to other guests staying on their deck or on lawn chairs cleaned from Hana dump.
They are all happy campers.
I mean campers because living in Hana Lani tree house is almost a place to get there without a tent.
Greenberg also took me to my new place the next night (
Booked a Tree booth before).
The tree house, near the top of the mountain, has no name, but in fact part is supported by a tree.
This is Greenberg's first tree house for $500 with clear plastic roofs and screensin loft bed.
It was recently renovated and I liked it better than the kiosk, except that it shared a toilet and outdoor shower with the manager assistant's house over a hundred steps.
Big Island Buddhists know that they are looking forward to shared bathrooms at the Wood Valley resort center on the Big Island of Hawaii, as I had a short stay there three years ago and never forgot.
It is located five miles north of Pahala, a dying sugar cane plantation town, about two
One hour drive from Kona airport.
I like to drive south from Kona near monaloa;
This road leads to the South Point, before going north to Hawaii Volcano National Park, passing through sweet towns such as Waiohinu and Naalehu, as well as the black sand beaches of Punaluu.
The area is known as the Ka'u desert because of lava flows flowing out of the Kilauea crater, which is currently active in monaloa and the North.
But the valley lies in the great shadow of 13,677.
Foot monaloa, creating an area in sharp contrast, is licked with black fingers of hard lava between the Green pasturelands and the Australian nut forest.
On 1868, an earthquake followed by a tsunami and a massive mudslide wiped the entire valley off the map.
But it's back again, so Nago Rinpoche of Lhasa, Tibet and Dharamsala, India, the grand lama of the Nago monastery, can set up a temple here in 1973.
It sits on an elegant yellow, orange and green building with lotus flowers and elephants engraved on the lintel, originally built as a mission of Japan to serve migrant field workers.
Since the local sugar cane factory closed a few years ago, the fields have been sown.
But on 1980 and 1994, the Dalai Lama visited the Mugu, where the peacock parade and prayer flags flew in the breeze.
Holiday Center (
Rooms are about £ 25 and offer double beds and single bunk beds for prices ranging from $25 to $50)
Right under the temple.
It has a communal kitchen, a meditation room that is often used for classes and workshops, and a wonderful surround porch.
All rooms are simple but very clean with Indian tapestries and thick quilts on the bed.
A Buddhist monk provides services every morning and evening, but there is no sect in the leisure center here.
During my visit, a couple who lived there came to the island just for the birds --watching.
There are about 30 green beaches in the south corner-
Minutes drive, as great as in Hana, but hard to get (
If you don't have a vehicle that can manage dirt roads, you have to walk three miles from the parking lot).
I also hike on the national park trail in the Cayou desert and have a picnic on my way to the top of monaloa.
But most importantly, I'm still sitting in Wood Valley. (
Start text of infobox/Infographic)
The largest number of flights to Hawaii is direct flights to Honolulu;
Round-trip by US, Continental, Delta, Hawaii, Northwest and United Airlines-
Travel service starts at $492. 20.
Two major international
Hawaii and Aloha Island Airlines fly from Honolulu to Kauai, Maui and the Big Island.
Telephone, telephone (800)323-
3345. There are two flights a day from Honolulu to Hana.
There is also a direct service to Kauai Island (on United), Maui (
American Airlines, Hawaii, United States of America
And the Big Island (United)
Starting at $602. 20.
Walking around: most major car rental companies have offices at major airports in Hawaii. My cut-
Speed Jeep on Maui from adventure jeep, phone. (800)701-
Jeep near kahuri airport.
Place of stay: hideout of secret beach, 2908B Kauapea Road, Kilauea II Kauai can be booked through celebrity Resort InternationalO.
1596 case, Kapaa, HI 96746, contact number. (808)823-8667, e-4 aloha @ gte.
Or through other Hawaiian leasing agencies;
$325 per night, 4-
Minimum and $100 cleaning fee per night.
Hana Lani tree house in Maui. O.
Box 389, Hana, HI 96713, contact number(808)248-7241, fax (808)248-7066;
Internet http://www . maui. net/~hanalani; e-
@ Hanalani from Maui. net;
Two to eight people are $45 to $85 per night.
On the Big Island of P. Wood Valley ResortO.
Pahala Box 250, HI 96777, contact number. (808)928-8539, fax (808)928-6271; Internet e-
Hello, nechung. net;
$40 single person, $50 double person, $25 dormitory.
Information: Hawaii tourism bureau, 180 Montgomery Street
Suite 2360, San Francisco, CA 94104; tel. (800)353-5846, fax (415)248-
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