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thrice as nice | nagpur news - times of india - polycarbonate material

by:Cailong     2019-07-21
thrice as nice | nagpur news - times of india  -  polycarbonate material
Modern exterior in the south of the airport | the building has glass facades and tiles in red and dark blue.
One side of it consists of a gray tile layer | the first and first floors.
The upper layer will be used to reach the second platform more
Purpose | a hall will be built in the station building for marriage, parties, etc.
It will bring revenue to MahaMetro.
People can take the subway to participate in the event | Wardha Road near the north end of the Khapri Railway Bridge (RoB)
New airport Buddhist architecture | part of the building is inspired by the Sanchi stupa.
The central part has a dome with a diameter of 13.
5 m, 8 high. 5 metre.
The top of the dome is 40 metres from the station floor.
It has a stainless steel frame and polycarbonate body.
It will not be affected by the rain, and it is maintained free of charge.
Polycarbonate materials will not be allowed
Ultraviolet rays through its Buddhist incense interior | there is a Buddhist look in the station, due to a month-
Buddha's feet are high.
The statue is made of sandstone.
It will be shielded by a half circle of glass.
People will be able to go to the statue of only Buddha Jayanti nearby.
For the rest of the year, for the citizen sandstone exterior, it will be out of range | the outside of the station has cream installed-
Colored sandstone tiles produced by Hunter Douglas, Germany.
The tiles are hollow from the inside and are made of damp soil.
They help keep the underground passage cool inside the station | an underground passage has been built to allow passengers to reach the second platform.
It is under the subway line location | it is in the east of Chinchbhuvan by using a bridge under the railway line KHAPRI Victoria building | the station is designed in Victorian style.
It is also affected by the Tudor building, with steep roofs and cross-gable details (
Triangular upper part of the wall at the end of the ridge roof).
It was inspired by the Bandra Suburban Station in Mumbai in the 1920 s.
The color of the roof is red and the truss is white.
The red roof is made of aluminum plates, not tile art interiors | murals, sculptures, metals, mosaics, murals and paintings will decorate the interior of the station.
The materials used will be marble, jute, fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)
Ceramic and bronze.
MahaMetro also plans to carry out wall installation, optical fantasy | an underground passage for the huge sculpture underground passage has been built so that passengers can later reach the second platform link with Khapri railway station, an underground passage will be built to link the subway station to the location of Khapri railway station | it is located inside Mihan, close to special facilities special lift in Khapri village | elderly citizens and parents with babies for different disabled persons on each platform.
For visually impaired people, the elevator button has braille.
Proposed a special ticket counter for different disabled facilities for children and visually impaired | to guide visually impaired people to separate from the street to the platform, tactile flooring toilets | general public toilet facilities and universal toilet facilities for men and women for different disabled persons are proposed in the concourse baby feeding room. Download the India Times news app in the latest city.
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