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tips on how to mount photos - polyester film sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
tips on how to mount photos  -  polyester film sheets
"Installation photo" means the technique of fixing the photo on a frame, mat, display board or any such stand.
Choosing the right bracket depends on a variety of factors, of which the degree of protection required, the cost, and the availability of the equipment are important.
Under ideal conditions, like in a museum, completely sour-
Free conditions must be used and maintained as acid usually fades the photo.
In addition, the photo must be able to be separated from the stand without leaving any marks or marks.
Although this extreme care is often not necessary, it is always good to know it and install it using acidic materials for general use in the home and office.
In most cases, materials that are usually available, such as photo corners, mounting corners, and tape and paper towels, can be achieved.
Using the photo corner mounting is a small set of plastic hinges that are attached to the mat or board and should cover the 4 corners of the photo.
There are two direct advantages to using the photo corner: 1.
It allows free movement of photos.
Usually, photo buckles are tightly attached to the stand because the shrinkage and expansion rate of the photo and stand varies with temperature and season.
Photo corners make the photos very loose and allow them to shrink or expand at their own speed to prevent bending. 2.
They are not limited by the size of the photo.
The same set of corners can be used for the size of the photo as needed.
Be careful not to use photo corners containing PVC plasticizer or acidic ingredients.
Safe photo corners are usually made of polypropylene or polyester film (Mylar).
It is also possible to install onto the mat using self-adhesive tape.
This is a great way if you are going to box your picture after that.
But the downside is that it is not easy to remove the picture or replace the mat afterwards.
Album installation StripsPhotos can be installed into the album using the "perspective album installation bar.
These are usually made of polyester fiber.
The plastic covered on the photo must be acid free.
Again, care must be taken to store the album at a relative humidity of
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