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tired of seagulls stealing your chips? hungry jack's claims to have invented holographic fast food cartons that scare off the pesky scavengers - holographic paper

by:Cailong     2019-07-04
tired of seagulls stealing your chips? hungry jack\'s claims to have invented holographic fast food cartons that scare off the pesky scavengers  -  holographic paper
They are notorious pesky birds because they steal food from our walks along the beach.
But fast food giant Hungry Jack came up with a quirky solution that could end the chip
Steal seagulls.
The chain says it has developed the world's first seagull.
The mosquito repellent chip after the launch of the "seagull scare package (PTSG)
This is a reflective carton specially designed for its new "thick cut chip.
Customers in Australia can enjoy their potato chips as the latest packaging is made of holographic reflective material that produces optical interference.
When the sun shines on the dazzling surface, the silver packaging prevents the feather scavenger from squeezing the food in a harmless way.
In the development of the packaging, the company worked with "bird lovers" to produce a "protective coat of arms that provides the best possible seagull protection for the Hungry Jack's chippers ". 'Seagulls.
When you think your chip will never be safe from those pliers
According to an advertisement, the mouth-like chip addiction, feather reptiles, and Hungry Jack have made a breakthrough.
"Introduce the backpack that scares the seagulls.
The surface of the flash is printed on holographic paper, reflecting light and protecting our new thick slices.
Released at Seagull
Throughout the country, Australians can finally enjoy their thick French fries with peace of mind.
The bag that seagulls are afraid
The packaging of irresistible potato chips is impeccable.
Scott Baird, chief marketing officer, said the launch of the innovative PTSG package was the culmination of months of contact with some of the country's best bird experts.
'We want our customers to enjoy our delicious new thick cut chips calmly, so we first launched QSR to the market to solve this problem, 'he said.
"The Hungry Jack family is known for being better, we have better burgers, and now we have better fries, so we feel the need to provide better solutions to our customers, and protect Hungry Jack's customers from seagulls.
The food giant claimed the inspiration came from Australian farmers who used the "scare tower" to protect their crops from bird damage. For seagulls-
When the mosquito repellent chip works, the package needs to be in direct sunlight and it works effectively when the package is kept or moved.
French fries are sold in eight select coastal shops around Australia: Bondi Beach, Circular Quay, Manly (New South Wales)
Surfers Paradise (Queensland), Seaford (Southern Australia)
And Falcon, Fremantle, Rockingham (
Western Australia).
The fast food giant said on its website that seagulls migrate north during the winter season to supplement their suntan, and luckily our VIC & TAS store is the seagulls free zone and no protection is required
Only in a limited amount of time can customers flock into participating stores with new thick cut chips.
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