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top 10 cases for iphone - polycarbonate plastic price

by:Cailong     2019-08-13
top 10 cases for iphone  -  polycarbonate plastic price
The inciio Silicon V3 case for IPhone 3G/3 GSFor is a bit different, try dressing up your phone with one of these inciio Silicon cases.
The design is striking, with a variety of colors such as turquoise, purple and classic black to choose from.
Consists of polycarbonate plastic housing with silicone core to ensure maximum shock absorption quality.
You can also get a screen protector, a cleaning cloth and a horizontal stand included in the price to make sure every aspect of your mobile life is taken care.
Not only is your iPhone really protected, this design also features cutting
Convenient for all controls and ports.
Zero splash on slim
Glue card buckle-
If the iPhone 4 case design is stylish and does not add volume to your phone, try one of the 7 colors of splash ZERO slimfit snap-on case.
In addition to looking good, this case provides protection through flexible packaging
Touch the polycarbonate material with a rubber finish-perfect for grip and fingerprint retention. The "play-
With design, you can still access all iPhone features while protecting your phone. The snap-
The compact design also means that, in addition to being easy to install and secure in place, the phone has barely added any volume to really reach its "slim" name.
Worth buying from Amazon.
The Marware Sport software GripEdge for the IPhone 4OK, so at first glance its design is very eye-catching, but you might think it doesn't look like a box.
Well, you're right, but the protection and style it adds to the phone means it works just as well as the box, without adding any volume, and without taking anything from the phone's style.
Marware Sport Soft GripEdge is a Soft strap that extends outside your iPhone to protect the edges and corners while providing two movie covers on the front and back, make sure any scratches are on hold as well.
If you are looking for a minimal solution to the iPhone protection issue then this is the perfect solution.
It has 6 different colors to choose from, both to match the style of the mobile phone, but also to add a little color and drama to stand out from the crowd.
About $20 from marware, you can buy some and change according to your mood.
This phone has also entered the top 10 of our iPhone 4 phones.
As one of the toughest cases of the iPhone on the market, this product of Case Mate should retain the worst accidents --
Protect and happy iPhone users.
It provides two levels of protection for your phone, the first is silicone skin, it can be comfortably placed on the phone for maximum impact absorption, the case is a tough plastic case, most bumps, bumps, and drops can be handled.
It has a textured finish that prevents the phone from slipping out of your hands and adds only 1/2 to the phone, so it won't be too big even if you get some solid protection.
There is currently a full black or gray/black, white/black combination to choose from-it is said that more color matching will be added soon.
This option can get $35 from Case-
Dude, it's not bad considering its work in taking care of your phone, it also comes with a self
Adhesive tough polymer screen protective case.
If you like a variety of colors to choose from, then the iPhone's inciio ultra light feather collection case will be on your street.
There are currently 12 colors to choose from, Super
The Light option of inciio also provides good protection against damage to the outer shell of the form factor fitting, with little volume added to the iPhone and a size of less than 1mm.
However, it is made of super strong polymer, so the performance will not be cut in order to provide a slim housing.
In fact, this is so thin that you can even keep it unblocked while connecting it to many iPhone bases.
The soft touch matte finish also means a good grip when using the phone, plus two screen protectors to protect the screen. elago S3 EL-S3-
The YE case of the IPhone 3G/3 GSiPhone case is not more noticeable than the yellow case of elago-there are also soft black, gray and white and eye-catching red.
Whatever color you choose, the style of this case will make your iPhone stand out from all the other products.
It not only has cutting function
So that your ports and buttons are accessible, but there is also a circular cut on the back of the case
Show the away part of the Apple logo.
Unlike most cases with the iPhone, this model of elago takes into account how tricky it is to use the iPhone port while still keeping your case.
Remedy this by providing you with a dock adapter.
The polycarbonate material used is also lightweight and durable, which means maximum protection.
Amazon is priced at less than $10.
Case Mate iPhone 4 signature leather case-another leather Case with a high rating
Mate is the top ten best case for our iphone.
This iconic leather version features a low profile style
Level protection.
Not only does this model have a nice looking leather case, but it also has a carbon fiber case, which means that it is an impact-resistant leather case with superior protection.
It embraces the form of your iPhone, giving you access to all the features and ports you may need.
Also include a screen case piece to make sure your iPhone screen looks as good as the rest of the phone and stays safe and sound.
$35, this is a good case to buy
Partner with leather sleeve with excellent protection performance.
Incase bamboo slider for IPhone if it is important for you to treat the earth as kindly as you would like your iPhone to be treated, then eco-friendly Incase bamboo slider shell is perfect.
These boxes have the color of dirt and are made of bamboo into 40% boxes, usually made entirely of plastic.
Bamboo is not only a great ethical choice, because it grows so quickly that the bamboo used in this case is made from fragments discarded during production such as chopsticks.
Warning: these cases are very popular and often out of stock, so grab one as much as you can.
Incase is available for $35, which is not a bad price for protecting your phone and keeping it on the right side of nature.
For more eco-friendly options, please see our list of top 10 iPhone eco-friendly cases.
OtterBox Defender Series case for Apple iPhone 4 (
IPhone 3GS also have)
The IPhone's OtterBox Defender Series case is another "tough" case for those of us who have a hard time keeping their phones from landing or being crashed.
The silicone case hugs your phone tightly for tough shock absorption, the included screen protector prevents scratches, and the high impact polycarbonate case can withstand most of the things your iPhone can afford.
The textured look also ensures that you have a good grip on your phone.
The whole package adds an iPhone case to make your phone really dropproof.
The suggested price for this tricky case is $50, but Amazon often features no more than half the price.
There is also an iPhone 3GS version, which makes it the iPhone 3GS case for our top 5.
IPhone 4 has almost no case-
Mate Barely the Case is probably the highest rated case on the iPhone.
This thin "almost no" case comes in 8 different colors, both metal and transparent, and it provides protection to cover up its thin look.
Not to live up to its name, not to increase the volume, this case also provides very good
Provide full protection for your iPhone while keeping all the important buttons and ports accessible.
The impact-proof housing is a flexible plastic that protects the back, corners and edges of the phone-the screen is protected by an inclusive screen protective case.
The section on the back also ensures that the Apple logo is visible and, in fact, there is no difference between the entire design and the style of the iPhone.
Directly from Case-
A partner of about $25.
All models in our list of top 10 iPhone cases are highly rated in style and functionality, whether you want a slim case that doesn't add too much volume or, in harsh conditions, this is a tough case where you will have a choice.
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