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top paid ceos in mass. - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-17
top paid ceos in mass.  -  pet manufacturing process
How much do you do-
What is the annual salary of executives?
See the remuneration reported by the company to the US Securities and Exchange Commission in its 2012 annual report.
Listed companies are part of national companies. Boston. Update AFL-
CIO data when there is updated information.
The data listed is 2012 of the salary, which in many cases includes salary and stock options as well as other payments.
2012 compensation: $4.
6 million compensation: $2.
Boston 9 million-
Revenue from the broker network is $3.
According to its website, 6 billion in 2012.
Casadi was also approved as part of his compensation plan.
2012 compensation: $5.
3 million compensation: 6 million Bedford-
According to its website, the company develops, manufactures and supplies diagnostic products, medical imaging systems and surgical products specifically for women.
Hologic develops and manufactures diagnostic, medical imaging systems and surgical products for women's health needs.
According to the company's annual report, the company's revenue for 2012 was $2 billion.
A company press release said the US Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the software developed by Hologic for its breast X-ray project.
2012 compensation: $5.
7 million salary: in July 2005, 7 million salary became President and CEO.
2012 compensation: $6.
Millions of compensation: $9.
In April 2012, 6 million NStar merged with Northeast utility.
Shivery is now the non-executive chairman of the company's board of directors.
Left: Thomas May, chief executive of NStar, left, right.
2012 compensation: $6.
Compensation: $5.
Wilmington 4 million-
US-based biotech company
This year, the world's top 100 51 places.
The company raised animals for research and reported sales of $1.
According to the company's annual report, it was 1 billion last year, down 1%.
2012 compensation: $6.
3 million compensation: $6.
BOSTON-5 million
According to a company press release, Cabot is the world's leading producer and seller of carbon black, which is used in tire manufacturing processes.
The company has 18 factories around the world, with annual sales of about $3 last year. 3 billion.
The company says it employs about 5,000 employees worldwide.
Cabot announced on June.
NHUMO is Mexico's leading producer of carbon black, according to Cabot.
2012 compensation: $6.
4 million compensation: $8.
The company's sales fell by 1.
It was 2% last year and Staples is changing.
As the lease expires, the company plans to cut half of most of its largest locations.
This year, 45 of them will be transformed into stylish products that incorporate mobile, online and online featuresstore shopping.
2012 compensation: $6.
Millions of compensation: $6.
3 million biotech has an office in Waltham but is based in Ireland after purchasing Elan drug technology.
According to a press release, Alkermes reported a 48% increase in total revenue to $0. 575 billion, the first full fiscal year after the completion of the merger in 2011.
2012 compensation: $6.
Compensation: $13.
Take Over 3 millionaires in Cambridge
In 2009, Vertex was headquartered and led the first company --
In February, he resigned from his post to bring medicine to the market. 1, 2012.
2012 compensation: $6.
9 million compensation: $12.
2 million Needham-
PTC-based software for about 27,000 customers worldwide, including many of the best customers in the worldknown brands —
Whirlpool, Harley and other companies
Davidson, modern and Caterpillar.
Last year, PTC's revenue and market value rose 25% to $3.
3 billion, ranked fifth in the world's top 100 this year, and ranked first in technology companies.
PTC acquired MKS in last May.
A Canadian software manufacturer has created projects to help companies manage smart product manufacturing for $0. 3 billion.
But there are some bumps in speed.
In April, as a European deal was not reached, PTC reported lower than expected earnings in 2012, and Wall Street reacted negatively.
Shares of the company fell 21%, the biggest drop since April 2000.
2012 compensation: $8 million compensation: $9.
1 million before Boston utility merged with Northeast utility last year, may disclosed that the company may lead the merged company.
2012 compensation: $8.
4 million compensation: $8.
7 million Boston
There are 1,197 employees based in financial companies.
2012 compensation: $9.
7 million compensation: $11.
8 million Sword Bridge helps companies provide data faster through the Internet.
According to Akamai's website, Sagan served as the company's chief executive from 2005 to 2013.
During his tenure, the company's sales quadrupled.
Sagan is now listed as executive vice chairman of the board of Akamai.
The new CEO of the company is Dr. Tom Leighton.
2012 compensation: $10.
6 million compensation: $9.
Owen D. 900 million
Thomas succeeded.
The company said Mr. zukman retained the position of executive chairman.
2012 compensation: 10.
On 2011, milongmani, a former Johnson & Johnson executive, came to Boston Science.
At 2012, Natick medical devices recently announced.
After the deal is expected to be completed, the acquisition will expand the product range of Boston Science to treat abnormal heartbeat and other heart problems.
2012 compensation: $10.
Compensation: $12.
8 million Waltham
There are 7,500 employees based in the medical device company.
$25,000 car allowance, $20,000 financial planner, and $50,000 donated by the company to match his own gift.
Compensation of 2012: compensation of $11 million: TJX Cos of $11 million.
Compiled already.
The Framingham retailer is also one of four Massachusetts companies on the list for every 100, and has topped the list twice.
TJX's sales grew from less than $2 billion to $26 billion.
Meyrowitz said the company's future revenue could grow to $40 billion.
Meyrowitz joined the company in 1983 to become a buyer of its hot stores or missed stores.
2012 compensation: $11.
Millions of compensation: $8.
Month millionThe Boston company's 2013 Global 100 list on the 4 th.
The company operates communications companies around the world, driving 2012 compensation for demand for mobile communications and entertainment: $11.
3 million compensation: $11.
3 million board of directors of Biogen Idec
The basic salary is $1.
3 million, but according to the regulatory documents submitted in August, there is an opportunity to earn more incentive pay. 26.
Three Scangos
The annual contract is scheduled to expire on July, but the board of directors of Weston biotechnology extended it until July 15, 2014, after which the contract can be extended by 12-
One month, the document says.
Under the new contract, Scangos will be able to receive a bonus of no less than 140% of its base salary based on the company's incentive plan.
2012 compensation: $15.
Compensation: $16.
1 million State Street is one of the largest employers in the state, with 12,000 workers.
Last year, the city allowed the company to build new offices in the innovation zone on the South Boston waterfront.
Both initiatives are typical of Wall Street's leading companies, saying it is necessary to keep executives safe.
2012 compensation: $16.
Millions of compensation: $13.
2 million compensation from EMC
According to the documents, he also received $113,545 in work-side benefits, including private jet travel, financial planner services, and special medical examinations for executives.
2012 compensation: $19 million compensation: $16.
8 million 2010 Salary: Swanson has been CEO of the company since 2003, with a salary of $18,591,959. The Waltham-
According to the company's annual report, the company's sales last year were $24 billion.
2012 compensation: $19.
Compensation: $14.
MillionHealey became CEO of the global asset management company in January 2005.
According to a press release, at the end of 2012, total assets managed by the AMG affiliate investment management company amounted to approximately $432 billion.
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn recently acquired a stake in Burlington.
Headquartered on Apple's iPhone, the company specializes in voice technology used in Dragon software and Siri.
According to a document from the SEC, his salary increase came from stock income.
Specializing in the voice technology used in Apple's iPhone's Dragon software and Siri.
According to a document from the SEC, his salary increase came from stock income.
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