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toxic baby bottles? - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
toxic baby bottles?  -  polycarbonate
According to a report released by the scientists and environmental Union, ordinary baby bottles sold in North America contain "very significant" chemicals related to infertility and cancer
Health promotion team.
Chemical double phenol A is A synthetic hormone that can be extracted from certain plastics when heated, and it appears in nine different polycarbonate bottles commonly sold by three different manufacturers in Canada.
Double phenol A, I . e. , double phenol a, is used in the manufacture of hard polycarbonate plastic, which can be found in many items, including hard plastic bottles and lining of tin or aluminum cans.
95% of all bottled babies contain BPA, the report said, and the number was cited, according to science. org.
Trend News Google cloud service disruption missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupt Harris "the only appropriate response to evidence of a known leak of toxic chemicals in baby products is phasing out, using more products to prevent harm as much as possible, report author Mike Schade said in a press release.
"Environmental health organizations from all over the United StatesS.
Calls for immediate suspension of the use of BPA in baby bottles and other food and beverage containers.
It is reported that the baby's Toxic Bottle: The double phenol A extracted from the popular brand's baby bottle, "the double phenol A is A developmental, neurological, estrogen-like reproductive toxin, can interfere with healthy growth and body function.
Animal studies have shown that this chemical can cause damage to the reproductive, nervous and immune systems at critical stages of development, such as infancy and in the uterus.
"Exposure to BPA is widespread, according to US media reports. S.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 95% of Americans tested had detectable levels of BPA.
A recent study shows that BPA levels are the lowest among adults
The most young people and the most children.
Read the whole report here. (20 pgs. )
Findings from the United StatesS.
Studies have shown that when a new bottle is heated, it is made by Avent, Evenflo, Dr.
Brown and Disney/First year filter levels for BPA that caused the alarm.
Major retailers such as toy fight city, CVS, Target, Walgreens and Wal-Mart-
Mart reportedly sells baby bottles that filter BPA.
According to another report from the California Center for Environmental Research and Policy, animal experiments linked low-dose exposure to BPA to serious health problems, including: prostate and breast cancer early onset of puberty obesity sperm high activity decreased lead to changes in the immune system, what will parents worry about?
The coalition that issued the report recommended reducing exposure to children by using glass or polypropylene bottles
It usually has a "7" or "PC" on the lower side"
Instead of polyester.
If you continue to use polycarbonate bottles, you can: manual
Wash the bottles to keep them away from the rough detergent or flush the bristles, both of which can scratch the surface and release more chemicals.
Avoid heating food in containers.
Avoid the use of infant formula milk powder or canned foods, which are packed in containers packed with polycarbonate.
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