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trial wrapping up for 6 men charged in 2016 murders, kidnapping - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
trial wrapping up for 6 men charged in 2016 murders, kidnapping  -  black plastic sheeting
It's officially called the killing room"
Arom, Surrey. C.
, The walls, ceilings and floors are carefully covered with transparent plastic cloth fixed with gray tape, where the kidnapping victim allegedly believes he will die.
The man's name was protected by a publication ban, he is at the heart of the Royal House's debate over Harinam Cox, Shamil Ali, GopalFigueredo, Erlan Acosta, Ellwood Bradbury and Matthew, the chief prosecutor, karionandani, who concluded the debate on Tuesday at a complex trial.
These people face several charges.
Including kidnapping, illegal imprisonment, extortion, serious assault and manslaughter
In the death of Samantha Le and Xuan van Viba
On September 2016, Cao en lived in a house in East Vancouver and was accused of abusing the kidnapping victims in Surrey's house.
All six men pleaded not guilty to the charges.
According to officials, the bennaby shooting could be linked to double homicide and kidnapping in 2016. According to the royal police, victims of kidnapping and murder live in a house in Vancouver, and cox lives in the basement.
Cox is said to be a friend of the man. his five co-
The victim was also allegedly aware of the accused.
Crowns said that figerdo met the victim when he was a roommate at the Fraser Regional Correction Center in Maple Ridge.
According to the official statement, figueredo appeared in the men's home one day.
On September 2016, he had a roll of money in his hand.
Cox joined them.
After a while, Cox and figerdo left.
The man was allegedly followed by footsteps and was attacked in his home by three or four men dressed in black balaclava.
According to officials, he was hit by a "uniform" and his glasses flew.
Allegedly, he was punched and kicked before bleeding, tied his hands with a power cord, felt 1 feet, and the gun was pressed on his head.
The man had previously testified that before Figueredowas heard saying "Go, go" he heard four shots and everyone left and took the man to North SurreyOn Sept.
On the 17 th, after receiving the kidnapping report, Vancouver police found the body of Samantha le anxuanwan Viba.
Cao en on Dipp square.
A man of discordyear-
Old children were also found at home.
Cox, Ali and figerdo were both in their 20 s and were arrested two days later after extensive police searches and rescue of the victims.
Bradbury, Stewart and Acosta were arrested on January and February 2017.
According to the Crown, "One will not forget that the kidnapping victim was with the accused for about 45 hours, during which time he matched the voice, the face and the name, according to the chief prosecutor.
Andani said it was "the type of interaction that people will not forget," adding that the victim also saw the accused close-up and that his evidence was supported by a large number of forensic evidence, including fingerprints and DNA.
Chinese students and her family extorted money in another "virtual kidnapping" and officials say the victims were beaten and tortured by the kidnappers.
Four fired bullets were found and two shots were shot in the head of each of the two murder victims.
Murder weapons have not been found.
The DNA of all defendants and kidnappers was found in two scenes in Vancouver and Surrey, and also in cars used in the alleged crime.
The shoes worn by Figueredo, Cox and Ali were found to have blood on them, while a black power cord in the "murder room" contained the victim's DNA.
The house in Surrey is described as cave-like and has few furniture.
The "murder room" is the smallest room in the house with only a crib mattress and a pink blanket.
In another room officially called the "garbage room", the police found three unfired bullets that matched the bullets used in the killing, and a lot of garbage, including used fast food and cigarettes with defendant DNA.
According to officials, there is also an open charcoal bag in the room because these people want to burn the garbage and the house together with it to cover up their footprints.
The Richmond man is accused of kidnapping, sexual assault and impersonating an officer, allegedly worth $1 m. There are other details to support the case.
The store video showed the men buying supplies in Canadian tyres and Home Depot and balaclavason Sept.
And the phone used to call the kidnapped victim's associates for ransom.
One of them bought seven identical pairs of shoes, six pairs of sweat pants and six wool tops.
According to the official, the ransom is called $1 million: $250,000, which is used to pay the so-called boss, and the rest will be separated among the defendants.
The British government is expected to close the final debate on Wednesday and defense lawyers will provide their debate next week.
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