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tried & tested / wild weather warmers: which is the driest of them all? our panel rain-tested different waterproof jackets - silver coated polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-08-15
tried & tested / wild weather warmers: which is the driest of them all? our panel rain-tested different waterproof jackets  -  silver coated polyester film
It's not easy to buy a waterproof jacket.
First of all, the choice of fabric is dazzling. Gore-
Tex, an original breathable waterproof material designed to stop the accumulation of sweat inside the garment, has been added in by many competitors.
To understand the difference between them, you need a degree in physics.
Then the design features-
Do you really need the crotch strap connection point or the underarm ventilation zipper?
We asked a Test team to submit a jacket for between £ 30 and £ 300 for the most stringent tests.
Even the closest outdoor life to you is walking to the local off-site
License, please read on.
Our guide will unlock the mystery, including the most stylish if you plan to wear a jacket on the city streets instead of on your way to the South Pole.
Brian Harman, Elephant breeder at London Zoo;
Trevor Vasi, production manager for Anglia Television, is currently filming the chief;
David Russell, administrator of Lake District National Park
Officer Kate from the independent fashion team
The top three testers wear a different jacket every day and score them out of 10 points (
Whether the sweat is collected in the jacket)
, Wind-proof, comfortable, free-to-action, practical features and value for money.
To test whether the jacket is waterproof, Brian Haman wears every jacket and gives his elephant five
Use more than 100 gallons of water for a one-minute shower.
Their score became the best. Buy Star rating.
Constable Kate also rated each jacket according to its street fashion value.
* Winton Regatta: £ 37.
95 Isotex coated nylon.
5/10-street fashion
This lightweight jacket is the only one that does not have full marks in the waterproof test;
Brian Haman gave only two out of 10.
When the water started coming in from the front, I was only in the shower for one minute.
Although the manufacturer said the fabric was breathable, the tester left a bad mark on it as it prevented the sweat from flowing out.
Also, it is considered too fragile for winter weather.
"It's hard to do proper testing at this time of year.
This is really a light summer rain jacket.
"Therefore, it may perform very well, but I have questions about its breathability," said Trevor Vasi . ".
Two of its advantages, Dave Russell argues, are that it can be easily placed in a backpack and has a large pocket.
Officer Kate likes this light fabric.
"Simple styling is an advantage," she added.
Good sneakers in Puma.
Castelland: 79.
95 Isotex coated polyester/cotton; zip-
Available in wool lining.
5/10-street fashion
Reasonable price and good rating so worth a try. The rating of this car is very similar to that of Lowe Alpine Robson and North Face Stowaway II, but it is much cheaper.
It doesn't score particularly high in terms of wind resistance, but it scores very high in terms of freedom of movement.
Trevor Vaisey said: "This jacket is very comfortable.
An excellent Hood
It does not require the usual action of "Honey Monster" from one side to the other.
All in all, very good.
Dave Russell, who climbed up the top of Helvellyn in all his jackets, had a different idea: "I'm not feeling well at all.
I was very wet after a short walk.
The hood is poor and provides little protection.
The only advantage is the length.
Brian Haman thinks it's not going to be a bad thing for my job.
It gives me a lot of action.
Officer Kate found it in a similar style to that of the regatta and liked the matte finish of coated polyester/cotton.
* ALPINE robrobson: Pound 160 3-layer ceramic 1600 (zip-
Wool lining available).
1/10-street fashion
The ratings are good, but you may find that although it is not considered excellent, the design flaws have achieved good results in all aspects.
Neither Brian Haman nor Trevor Vassey likes the hood and it falls off his face.
It creates many blind spots.
Brian Haman says it's not practical when working around elephants.
But Dave Russell felt that the Hood was well protected in bad weather.
Trevor Vasi also complained that the jacket was noisy: "not working well with movies or TV," and he found that when he wore the jacket on cold days, no zipper wasin liner.
But Brian Haman found it heavy.
"Jacket on duty" and "water just flowed out in the shower ".
If you're wearing this, don't expect to impress others with your sense of fashion: "Even for those who are down-to-date, it's not fashionable," says Kate costbull.
* Berghaus gemini zx: 300 Gore-Tex Taslan (2-layer).
8/10-street fashion
High score, but on the price with Gemini you will get two separate jackets, a waterproof jacket and an inner polyester "bomber jacket "(
Although 300, it's almost not 2 for 1).
It scored very well, especially in terms of wind resistance.
David Russell found that the inner jacket was less breathable, larger in size, but very warm when it was zipped: "perfect for harsh conditions," he said.
Brian Haman also felt it was warm, and, for a bulky jacket, he thought it gave him a lot of freedom of movement.
"The color is lit and dirty from the elephant's box.
Although they liked the jacket and I liked it too, Trevor Vasi thought it was too warm for the two jackets to be together: "There was too much lining for East Anglia, this jacket is not warm enough, though.
He prefers sleeveless lining.
Kate costbull's verdict was: "The Purple and the shocking pink are not very good, but the shape is simple, the length is short, and there is a lack of detail.
"* Palamo Xiamen Hua: 108 nylon, waterproof and Nikwax tx10.
I Street fashion rating 1/10-
In the third price, Berghaus is rated as high as Berghaus, using different waterproof techniques to waterproof to other manufacturers, keeping animals such as dogs warm and dry on the road, the company said.
It scored high on wind protection, comfort and freedom of movement, and achieved good results on other standards.
The testers found there was a lot to praise: "It was very comfortable, soft and light to wear.
It is warm and provides good protection.
Pack it in your backpack.
"I would love to buy one for my own use," Dave Russell said . ".
The fabric is too soft, though, and Brian Haman and Trevor Vasi are worried about tearing it up.
Trevor Vaisey added: "One drawback: the softness of the material makes it difficult to put the bag on the shoulder for more than a few yards before wrapping around the ankle]
The only person who had a different opinion was Kate constbull: "It was not successful to try the parka style.
Really scary shiny lining.
Like a nylon sleeping bag.
Good length though (ie long).
The northern crossing II: £ 139. 95 2-Gore textile-Tex.
Another lightweight jacket folded into a small bag. Fashion grade 1/10 Street.
The jacket scored high on all criteria.
Brian Haman and Dave Russell don't like a slightly shorter length.
Brian Harman noticed that the jacket was quickly dry.
Trevor Vassey and Dave Russell clashed again on the hood: for Trevor Vassey, "looking at anything on the horizon can lead to severe neck pain"
While Dave Russell sees this as a good size, it provides reasonable protection, especially for the hood that folds onto the collarbone.
Officer Kate said, "Major Gray
The blue decoration of gasoline is not good either.
Hate tags on Arm that make horrible noises as you move, so kind of like train watchers, not city groovy.
Shareholders: Luo alpai, 0539 724740;
North 0629 580484;
Palamo, 0892 784477;
Berghaus, 091 415 0062;
The regatta of 7472971 years. (
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