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Triona McCarthy: Under the influence - holographic packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-07
Triona McCarthy: Under the influence  -  holographic packaging
If you like it.
Sing the latest desire
Have a beautiful world and then our "cosmetics"
Aholi' has opened up all her new troubles for you.
My feet are the worst.
Not only does my second toe look like a flipped finger because it's actually bigger than my big toe, but my feet get really dry as well.
Guys, the struggle around this way is real!
Dovocare intense eye cream, above, billion euros.
95, treat on my pig's trotters and remove the dry, hardened skin as it contains De-cutin lactic acid.
Top tip: Also excellent to remove those stubborn fake tan around the elbows and knees!
As shown in the picture, Cindy Crawford's style is so relaxed that it looks like she's never worked too hard --
Kind of like Claudia King I visited recently in her complicated city. centre salon.
From the art on the wall, to the contemporary music playing, to the perfect eyebrows I have now, the refined taste of Claudia is evident in every detail!
I'm very picky when it comes to eyebrows.
I like low-key and low maintenance because, without exaggeration, the shape of the eyebrows can make you look or break your appearance, and cluddin clearly shoulders the mission of beautifying the world, one person at a time.
22 South William Street, D2, Tel: (01) 633-
6737, or see claudinekingbrows.
IeI recently met with Sharon Rabi, creator of Dafni, a truly effective hair straightening brush.
Entrepreneurs and engineers understand fri-
Hair women like me really want to use hair gear, like me, Sharon is a working mother.
Dafni smooth the hair in a few minutes without having to divide it into several parts.
Her most important advice includes using only Daphne on dry hair and brushing her teeth slowly.
The above Dafni Classic retail price is 149 euros, and the retail price of the travel version of Dafni Go is 115 euros. ieMini, my two-year-old, is make-
Angry like her mother!
She likes to put my eye shadow on her face.
My way to deal with this mess is to take it out of the package, put it in the pan, crush it and add a little Vaseline and cream eyeshadow voila!
"Very Superstitious, writing on the wall, very superstitious, the ladder will fall. . .
"I 've always loved the song Stevie Wonder, superstition, and I couldn't help singing it when I was wearing a superstitious costume of over 125 euros, which is Frederick Mahler and designer Albert
This "big aldehyde flower" described as "the essence of clothes, the silhouette of women wandering after leaving the room" is the scent I like to use most when I want to feel complex --
Yes, I have become very superstitious in order to bring me good luck!
My name is Triona McCarthy. I'm a plastic surgeon. aholic!
Lotion and potions are my dedication, and even after 14 years of writing a column, it can't stop me from completely losing my Jingzi and being obsessed with new products.
This Buxum may contain a nude palette of over 45 euros.
Became my favorite.
Remember, there's always room for your work --
A very bright neutral eye shadow palette.
This one is perfect for putting in my bag and I can mix and match different eyes every day.
All shades are flattering, so you will really use every shade in the palette, and most importantly, the primer
The injection technique means that the shadows are locked in place, so the formula for strong coloring slides onto the lid with powderto-silk feel.
I'm mench kit can also be customized Oh just open the pull
Take out the drawer, change to a new color, or refill it with your favorite color.
My sister Laura lives in Oz and she turns me into a new shiny body scrub with Australian skincare label Frank body and under 18 euros. 90.
Its holographic packaging is completely addictive! The sugary-
The sweet scrub exfoliates and moisturizes to give my skin a subtle glow.
I don't have enough stuff-
Sold out soon, by the way.
Track it on asos. com or eu. frankbody.
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