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tropical storm isaac drenches haiti, swipes cuba - corrugated plastic

by:Cailong     2020-11-13
tropical storm isaac drenches haiti, swipes cuba  -  corrugated plastic
Tropical Storm Isaac has poured heavily in Haiti, razed tent camps, survivors of a devastating earthquake that began hitting eastern Cuba on Saturday.
Isaac killed at least four people in Haiti and is expected to strengthen into the hurricane before hitting the Florida Keys on Sunday and crossing the Gulf of Mexico.
Driven by the warm Gulf waters, it is expected to be 100-mph (160-kph)
The wind hit the United States. S.
During the middle of the week, it is located on the coast between Pham, Florida and New Orleans.
As Isaac marched into the Gulf, the United StatesS.
Republicans are set to gather in Tampa on the Gulf Coast of Central Florida to begin the national convention on Monday before the November presidential election.
Energy operators in the Gulf of Mexico shut down offshore oil and gas drilling platforms before Isaac.
The storm could spur the short term. term shut-
$ 43% in Ups and DownsS.
According to Thomson Reuters's Weather Insight forecast, offshore oil production capacity and 38% of natural gas production.
On Saturday, Isaac's Storm struck the southern coast of Haiti, flooding parts of the capital's port. au-
In the 350,000-magnitude earthquake, more than 2010 survivors lived in vulnerable settlements. A 10-year-
The girl was killed near the port. au-
Government officials say a woman in the southern coastal city of Jacmel was killed by a tree when a wall fell on the Prince.
In a tent camp in the seaside slum of solesoleil, the corrugated plastic shed was broken and water poured in.
"We have never seen such a thing before.
Everyone escaped to the church, but I didn't want to leave my home.
All my stuff is wet, "said Edlyn Treville, 47, who survived with her cat. “I’m cold!
"I 've been wet since last night," added the woman without shoes.
The storm caused power outages and floods, and blew off the roofs as they crossed the hills and heavily cut down the forests of Caribbean countries.
The wind had weakened as of Saturday afternoon, but forecasters said rain in Haiti would continue.
George engwa, spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said the damage has not been so terrible so far.
"Fortunately, there are no reports of serious damage," he said . ".
Late Saturday afternoon, Isaac's center is 120 miles east of Cuba (195 km)
United States, Cuba, East of CamagueyS.
The National Hurricane Center said.
The maximum wind speed of the storm is 60 miles per hour (95 kph)
If these winds reach 74 miles per hour, they will become hurricanes (119 kph).
Hurricane alerts on the Florida Keys and southwest coast of Florida have come into effect.
In Haiti, the authorities and the United StatesN.
The troops worked to remove debris from the roads and fallen trees.
The government and rescue groups tried to evacuate thousands of tent camp residents on Friday, but many Haitians chose to stay in their fragile temporary shelter, apparently fearing they would be robbed.
Chan Conga, who lives in a camp called La Piste, tries to tide over the tent.
But it collapsed in the cold wind and heavy rain of Isaac, forcing her to seek shelter at an old cholera clinic packed with hundreds of people.
"We were praying and singing all night," she said . "
"We ask God to protect everyone.
"In Haiti, floods and mudslides are still a threat, and in the poorest country in the Americas, many people barely survive on less than $1 a day.
Rescuers say the flood could also trigger another cholera epidemic, which has killed more than 7,500 people in Haiti since its first appearance in October 2010.
In the Dominican republic, Isaac cut off power and telephone lines, and the floods cut off at least a dozen towns.
Emergency officials say nearly 1 million people do not have electricity.
The southern coast, including the capital Santo Domingo, is reported to have suffered the worst damage.
Rising winds and waves hit eastern Cuba on Saturday afternoon, triggering government warnings in 11 provinces.
In the eastern city of barakoa, Cuba, the sea washed over the pond and the ankle --
Deep into the nearby streets.
Cuban television said more than 1,000 people were evacuated to the homes of friends and family before a possible flood.
"We are more afraid of the sea and the flood than the rain and the wind.
It often rains all year round, but when the flood comes, the sea comes, "said Yamila Sanchez, a Baracoa housewife.
The storm is expected to cross directly over the town of Moa, Cuba's nickel center
But officials say they do not expect major problems and have enough ore on hand to continue processing for up to five days.
Cuba is one of the top ten nickel producers in the world.
In Florida, Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency, an administrative step aimed at simplifying disaster preparedness.
Emergency managers urge tourists to leave the Florida Keys safely on Saturday.
A single road connects low chains
The island at the Florida peninsula and Key West Airport is expected to stop flights on Saturday night.
At Cape Canaveral on the east coast of Florida, the storm caused the wind to be delayed until next week NASA launched a pair of satellites studying the Earth's radiation belt.
Isaac received particularly close attention due to the Republican convention.
Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will receive a day meeting for the party's presidential nomination.
Party officials said the meeting would be held as scheduled on Monday, but then adjourned until Tuesday afternoon.
Hurricane Center meteorologist Matt Sadie said Tampa could be hit by coastal floods, storms and torrential rains.
"This seems to be the main threat at the moment," he said . ".
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