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troubleshooting: iphone 4 microphone doesn’t work - protective plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-02
troubleshooting: iphone 4 microphone doesn’t work  -  protective plastic film
Third-low microphone volume
Party IPhone case on iPhone 4 covers microphone or top microphone.
Remove the case and make some calls to see if the caller can hear you better.
Play some music and see if the volume is better.
When you first receive your iPhone, a transparent protective plastic film is covered on the display to protect you.
If you do not remove the film, make sure it does not cover the microphone or speakers.
If so, remove it completely.
When talking to the volume settings on the MicCheck iPhone, the sound is low.
The volume setting button is located on the left side of the iPhone.
You can adjust the volume by pressing the button up or down.
Check if the microphone mesh cover and the top microphone hole are dirty and blocked by debris or lint.
If so, use a clean, small, dry soft
Brush with a brush and clean the hole.
Brush the microphone mesh gently with a brush.
Make sure you're from 30-
Pin dock connector so you will not brush any lint into dock connector.
Cleaning the headphone jack as a standard Apple iPhone headset is a nice headset that can do the job for most people.
While they will never please enthusiasts, they work well for most of us.
One of the best features of Apple's iPhone headset is the microphone button, which allows you to control music while talking.
If the microphone stops working on the headset and you call Apple support, they may send you a new pair of headphones.
In many cases, however, it is not the headset that causes the problem.
In many cases, the headphone jack is dirty.
You can take the end of the paper clip and see what you can find there.
Lint is easily caught there or something else in your pocket.
Gently clean the hole with a paper clip and try the microphone again.
Make sure you power your iPhone off completely before doing so.
Use the flashlight, take it into the hole and see if you can see any lint or anything.
If the iPhone 4 microphone is not working, it may cause an update to the iPhone due to an app conflict.
Updating the operating system on the iPhone can correct this issue.
This update is available free of charge via iTunes.
If the microphone is still not working after this update, the issue is likely to be a hardware issue and you need the help of Apple technicians seeking certification.
Here are the steps to update the iPhone software.
If the microphone on the iPhone is still not working, take the iPhone to the Apple store for repair.
If you have a jailbroken iPhone, then Apple won't replace it for you.
When you jailbreak the iPhone, it completely cancels the warranty.
Here are some extra things to try.
If you have tried all the other methods and the microphone is still not working, you can try to restore the device.
However, you may want to call Apple before completing the full recovery, especially if your iPhone is still under warranty and has not been jailbroken.
Wherever you buy the iPhone 4, you can take your iPhone to any local Apple retail store.
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