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tungabhadra continues to be in spate in honnali - where to get mylar

by:Cailong     2019-07-30
tungabhadra continues to be in spate in honnali  -  where to get mylar
More than 56 families living in two residential areas of Honnali taluk, Balaraj Ghat and Bamboo Bazaar have been transferred to the community hall and a porridge center to provide them with food and shelter, until the water in the river receded. Water-
The water level in the Tamara River has been kept at around 11.
In the past two days Honnali has 25 m, 30,000 of the cusse's water has been discharged from the Bhadra Reservoir to the river, and another 36,000 cusses have been discharged from the Tunga Reservoir to the river. The 11. 25-m water-
The water level of the river is said to be the highest in recent years.
The threat of flooding is spreading in about 21 villages in hornarita.
Aware of the possible dangers, the authorities have transferred residents to government schools and community halls.
Thousands of acres of rice and corn were flooded.
At the same time, tahsildar and income officer of Honnali taluk visited the area and promised farmers that he would take steps to obtain compensation after assessing the losses.
It is expected that officials from the Ministry of income, agriculture and horticulture will investigate and evaluate crops
Loss for a day or two
Over the past two days, nine houses have been damaged due to heavy rainfall in Honnali. At the same time, a 14-year-
Old boy Saras reportedly died in the rain
The related incident occurred on Sunday in Chennenahalli, Honnali taluk.
According to sources, the boy went to the ground to help his father, accidentally stepped on a live wire and was electrocuted.
However, official sources denied the theory of electric shock, saying the boy died while trying to establish an unauthorized electrical connection.
Many villages in harkhar and halapana hartaruk face the threat of flooding.
As roads and bridges are fully covered by water, road connections to many villages in the two Taruk have been disrupted, including Hala sabaru, Ukkadagathri, Sarathi and chi
In the same way, the roads leading to the Harawa guru, the gabyao, the South dibeur and the nituru also lost contact.
Officials decided to use ships to transport residents of the affected villages from Monday.
Life jackets are ready in all the floodsprone villages.
According to official sources, more than 12 houses have been damaged in Harapanahalli taluk in the past two days.
Six houses were damaged in Harihar taluk.
The Daily Mail Reporter reported that several villages in Hadali Taruk were besieged due to the floods on the tonggabala River.
The inflow of decline on Friday suddenly increased due to heavy rain in the catchment area on Sunday morning.
The rate of inflow is about 1.
65 lakh cusecs enter the Tungabhadra reservoir in Hospet with a flow of about 1. 45 lakh cusecs.
Villages located on the upper reaches of Tungabhadra reservoir and on the banks of the river, including Kotihal, Angoor, Makarabbi and Byalahunasi, with no road connection.
In order to provide various help to the villagers, the village accountants have been camping in these villages.
Vijayakumar, horspite of the tax collector, called the roundthe-clock control-
Rooms have been set up to monitor the situation and to send information on any issues facing these villages.
He also said that all assistance would be provided to the people in the trapped villages through boats.
According to the information that arrived here, the water of the swollen Tungabhadra sprayed into the nearby fields, flooding the fields of mai la, Alawi, the linnaarari, Navari and the horses
No loss of life or damage to property has been reported so far.
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