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Two arrested in North Side slaying - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
Two arrested in North Side slaying  -  plastic sheet
On Saturday morning, about six hours before firefighters in San Antonio found his home on the northwest side dead, his alleged murderer had called a man. of-
An affidavit of the arrest warrant stated that the state's relatives frantically admitted that a man had been stabbed and dismembered.
The 56-year-old was not recognized on the phone, but within 24 hours of his killing, the 50-year-old police officer and the 36-year-old Grana ex-girlfriend were arrested.
Both were charged with murder.
According to the arrest records, they were still in prison on Sunday night and were released on bail of $150,000 per person.
Because the two suspects gave different reasons, the motive for killing was not clear.
According to the affidavit of arrest, everyone claimed responsibility for the death of grra.
Police also said Quinn had revealed the murder to more than one relative.
For the first time, the couple seemed to behave strangely around 2 in the morning. m.
Witnesses told police on Saturday when they asked for a car from a relative.
An hour later, Quinn called a guy out there. of-
The affidavit says he "cut" a man who "hit his friend Connie in the face.
It also quoted Quinn as saying that he had dismembered the man.
Quinn also threatened to kill Annis, the affidavit said, telling relatives that he would not surrender or be caught alive.
A publicly recorded search shows Quinn has a long record, including 2009 people convicted of drunken attacks in Bexar County.
The relative immediately called the police, the affidavit said, telling the police that "he had no doubt that Michael Quinn had killed people ". Around 6 a. m.
The affidavit says the police went to Quinn's apartment, but he was not there with Annis.
Three hours later, firefighters found grra in his home that had been set on fire.
His body was placed on the floor of the living room, on a piece of plastic;
The affidavit says his leg was sawed off in the upper part of his thigh.
According to the affidavit, he had a binding mark on his neck and a trauma on the back of his head. By 1 a. m.
Police arrested Quinn and Annis with him on Sunday.
During the interrogation, both said they had killed grera.
Yanez said that when she lived with him, he refused to return some of her things.
Yannis was with him, Quinn said, but insisted he killed grera.
A neighbor of grra did not want to reveal his name and said he would be missed.
He was shocked at the news of his death.
The neighbor said he had only seen Yanez once, and the two appeared at home two weeks before the killing.
The neighbor said it was the house of the parents of grra.
He took care of his parents and later rented the house.
"He is very friendly and always talkative," the neighbor said . "
"Just a very good neighbor.
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