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two gurugram underpasses lost roof covers during dust storm | gurgaon news - times of india - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
two gurugram underpasses lost roof covers during dust storm | gurgaon news - times of india  -  polycarbonate
GURUGRAM: Engineers at the Rajiv Chowk underground passage project submitted a report to NHAI after strong winds blew off the six polyresin roof tops of the underground passage on Friday.
Some of the roofs of the Hero Honda Chowk underground passage have also been rooted.
The repair work of Rajiv Chowk has been completed.
Bloom Consultants, engineer for the Rajiv Chowk underground Channel project, submitted a copy of two copies
A report on the matter.
"No damage was found at Iffco Chowk and the signature tower.
But some of the polyester plates in the canopy of the Rajiv Chowk underground passage were pulled up.
On the canopy at all three intersections, the design and materials used are the same (
Rajiff market, Iffco market and Signature Tower),” it said.
The report added that Rajiv Chowk had a much higher wind force than in other areas, and the sheets were pulled up because of the wind.
The Rajiv Chowk underground passage was opened to the public on January.
Ashok Sharma, project director, Gurugram NHAI, said, "We requested a report on the possible reasons for the engineer to change the sheets.
We cannot comment on the quality or workmanship of the contractor at this stage.
Saurabh Singhal, transportation specialist at Bloom Consultants, said, "there is no damage to the property or vehicle.
We immediately removed the sheets from the scene.
The repair was completed in a few hours.
Commuters, however, question the role of the authorities.
Amrita Raj Singh, a resident of Sohna Road, said, "I was present when the roof slab collapsed.
It's terrible when metal pieces fly around.
The authorities should inspect such incidents.
Their negligence may lead to a major accident.
Saurabh Kumar, a District 10 resident, said, "I have left the office and one of the roof slabs fell off the road as I passed the Rajiv Chowk underground passage.
The sandstorm is very serious and most cars stop, but someone may die if the car is driving all the time.
The Hero Honda underk underground passage has not yet been opened.
Ravinder Singh Yadav, head and NHAI engineer of India's technocrats Ltd, said, "those roofs were taken root because they were not repaired.
Repair work is under way.
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