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two minutes for booking: hockey holiday gift books - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
two minutes for booking: hockey holiday gift books  -  clear plastic sheets
This part of the hockey season is also a gift.
So if you want to combine hockey with gifts, it's a great choice to read a hockey book.
This is a particularly good year for big companies.
Format gift book with hockey theme.
There are seven things to consider here.
"Reflection 2008: United NationsH. L.
Hockey year in the photo "by the United NationsH. L. and the N. H. L. P. A.
With N. H. L.
Pictures and Getty Images (Greystone, $27)
There is no great photographic material for sports better than hockey, and on the fly, the body in a colored uniform sets off on white ice, surrounded by equally colorful fans and passion that is visible everywhere.
The trick to a great hockey photo is freezing
When conflicting subjects stretch themselves to the maximum, they may get some spray ice, unbeatable facial expressions, and of course puck.
Of course, it's easier said than done, but the book has 150 of the best photos you 've ever wanted to see from last season, some from unforgettable games, some from forgotten games, but it's all inclusive.
There is not a bad photo here, and there is not one that is more blurry or less than the high quality.
The photos fill the page and make the most of their content and composition, although this means that the photo identification information is not conveniently stuck at the end of the book and is small and difficult to saveto-
The type of reading is very inconsistent with the previous image.
Nor is the book due to photo editing, which is a crime because they have picked out thousands of photos and have done great work.
But don't let it stop you.
The benefits of hockey against cancer are beneficial, which gives you another good reason to get the book.
Jim Heinz and Gary Smith's save face: The Art and History of goalkeeper masks (Wiley, $34. 95)
As a bare goalkeeper who started his hockey life, his first mask was the transparent plastic Louch mask properly included by the author in the early evolution of the mask (
This is a terrible device that blurs my field of view)
His first hockey hero was Forrest Wally, who was the last goalkeeper who didn't show up.
But not the last time.
That's Andy Brown)
I admit that this book has brought some kind of complicated feeling.
As the first book devoted to this subject, it fills an important gap, and the author certainly has expertise in this field, and Smith has been particularly good at making masks since he was 14.
Over the past 40 years, many of the most colorful and memorable masks have been beautifully photographed and discussed, as have the various processes of mask construction.
The section on the first mask at the beginning of the 20 th century was interesting, if a bit thin, but the sidebar of the great mask producer was a real contribution to the hockey scholarship.
My main problem, however, is history.
One center is the author's suggestion that the game without facial protection is the reason for the great pressure goalkeeper experienced in history (
More complicated than this)
, Another description of their resistance to the mask comes from the coach and management (
In fact, when many goalkeepers themselves, not just Worsley, have great reservations about the revolution to join Jacques Plante).
When they mentioned that the goalkeeper lost sight due to being hit by a puck, some names and events would help (
Baz basstien is a notable example).
The most important aspect of the mask emphasis is --
Their adoption changed the way the game was played because the goalkeeper could change their style without worrying about the injury.
In fact, the ability of the Rangers goalkeeper Henrik lundwest to consciously "look up" is like a football player, and with the appearance of the mask, he ushered in the latest changes.
If there is more depth and context to these discussions, the text will be significantly improved.
Nevertheless, as a fine work on the art and science of mask and mask making, it is not only a gift to the goalkeeper on your list, also a gift for anyone interested in hockey's most open tribal goals. "Officer N. H. L.
"Hockey treasure" by Dan Diamond (Carlton, $50)
There has never been a hockey book like this.
Contains 30 copies of movable rare artifacts
From comic books to old player contracts to old-fashioned hockey cards, schedules, and games --
Memorable photos and eyes
The design of this book is pleasant and has a different view of hockey history.
Diamond has been in charge of more top companies for the past 25 years.
High quality hockey books are more than ever, and it has written an authoritative article for souvenirs and hundreds of photos.
He and Craig Campbell of the Hockey Hall of Fame dug up some great reproductions in the Archives of the hall.
In doing so, they contributed an interesting new footnote to the history of the game, digging 1958 of the redesign for the Stanley Cup base, a little narrower than what was eventually adopted and built.
The blueprint includes Frank's reprinted letter from Selke jexs to confiscate 1955 of Detroit.
The Montreal match that caused Richard's riots.
Looking through this book is like flipping through the papers of the Hall of Fame. “I. I. H. F.
All of the first 100 stories
Time, "Szymon Szemberg and Andrew Podnieks (Fenn, $24. 94 Cdn)
If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that one of our tasks is to cover international games.
If you don't know much about landmark historical moments in international competition, you can't ask for a better introduction than this book.
Just right with I. I. H.
The 100 anniversary of F, the range of events covered is obviously very long, but it is also admirable and extensive, including stories from the Olympic Games, World Championships, World teenagers, like the Canadian cup, unique encounters such as men's and women's competitions. More?
Yeah, it's like making a story.
99 Coney Buton's feat as the only one to win the World Championship and Stanley Cup in the same season.
Interestingly, history and debate-
The ranking of anything is worth it. (The 1980 U. S.
There is no Olympic miracle on ice.
Just in case you're curious. )
But you can forget the hierarchy and just read it as an authoritative but easy-to-understand overview of global games and their top highlights.
There is no real hockey library without this. “St.
Michael College: Kevin Shea and Larry Cole and Paul patzko play hockey and prayer of 100 (Fenn, $40 Cdn)
Canadians, especially Canadians in Ontario
Mike is the top school in Canada to produce N. H. L.
184 so far.
The team played in area O. H. L.
It was added from Mississauga sand today, not the same as the Maple Leaf costume
Sponsored junior clubs at the Toronto school that day.
But they have an organized hockey game in 100.
Not including three seasons they don't have a team on ice)
Their history is certainly a welcome addition to the history of the sport.
What a great history it is.
Mike's language is so small that the author's language is set to a fairly small type to accommodate all languages. No matter;
It was professionally researched and documented, with good illustrations that gave readers the first time to learn about the career of some of the game's legends, Frank mahofridges and Joe PukinAnd if St.
Mike is the Virgin of hockey and father David Ball is Knute Rockne.
So is Bauer's story.
The same is true of Lloyd Percival, who is one of the nameless heroes of modern games, and the early Soviet team gobbled through his hockey manual as a guide to building their project
"Black and Gold: The Boston brown bear in the photo for 40 years", by Steve babiño, written by Rob Simpson (Wiley, $34. 95)
There are many large ones.
Over the years, formatting the illustrated Bruins books began with a very difficultto-
Ten years ago, through the team's official 75 th anniversary book, 1976 books were found by Harry Sinden and Dick Grace, who served as photo editor.
This time, it was his job to capture the atmosphere of Bruins hockey more than ever before.
From full action shots including the Boston Gardens and the current TD BankNorth Garden landscape to-
Jersey retired and the ice shot at the closing ceremony of the garden, coach Gerry chefvers and Gary Duke wearing an unbeatable plaid sports jacket behind the bench of B, for Stan Jonathan, he hit a damn Robbie fetoek into a little black man --and-
All good white snaps
Phil Esposito's locker room has the charm of luck and the feeling of B hockey is loud and clear.
You would think of a brown bear book without an immortal photo of Bobby Orr flying in the air after the 1970 Stanley Cup goal --
The goal of winning is incomplete, but without it, the book feels emotionally satisfied.
The only downside is that there is no real artistic direction to make the most of these photos.
They are just taken on the page to fit into the space, not to be the guiding force of the book. Mr.
Simpson's good text, filled with interviews and memories, seems like a reward.
Honorary Canadian, Hockey Hall of Fame by Andrew poldknick (Fenn, $45 Cdn)
This is one of many books celebrating Canada's 100 anniversary season, which focuses on 54 players, coaches and builders in the Hockey Hall of Fame by year of entry, from Howie Morenz and Georges Vezina in 1945 to Patrick Roy in 2006.
The list of players includes life imprisonment prisoners who are harmful to algae Hua, like the brothers of pelyworth and Richard, and the fame of the players is to realize the blue sky before or after them, blanc et rouge, like Rod Longway and Dennis Savard.
In any case, this is an unparalleled collection of talents in N. H. L.
History has proved this.
There are many beautiful photos in this book, and occasionally there are unusual photos --
For example, Doug Harvey's Doug Harvey night on the forum
Let you hope to include more such things.
You want them to be included.
Or at least-
Hall of Fame media members of the club --
Among them are Elmer Ferguson, Jacques Beauchamp, Andy O'Brien, Red Fisher, Danny galmay, Dick Irwin, Elmer Ferguson, Rene Lekawa
However, this is a must for Habs fans on your shopping list.
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Stu-Ho-like this list.
In honor of Jack Farah, I will add "family Ice ".
This time of year, for anyone ready to venture in the cold and build their own backyard ice rink, this is a great article.
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