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u.n.s.c id badge - transparency film

by:Cailong     2019-07-15
u.n.s.c id badge  -  transparency film
Hey guys, in this manual I'm going to show you how to make the HaloN. S. C ID badge.
First you need to download the USN. S.
The c id template I made, you need the following: inkjet printer inkjet transparent film card paper or 1/8in. acrylic (
These are just to look like you don't need them, but the movie is fragile)
Dremel tool with cutting wheel (
Only when you use acrylic)
Scissors Glue (
Such as mod podge or mod podge magic)
As well as the free personalized QR and barcode in the picture I provided, show you how to make id, if you do not have Microsoft Word, I would be happy to make one for you, all you need to do is email me at RunicGoods @ yahoo.
Com and provide pictures and bar codes, I will send you a pdf of the id to be printed by email.
Once you print the id to the transparent film, you can keep it as it is and find a case for it, or you can cut a frame from the card, or you can stick it on a 1/8 cut.
Acrylic, I like acrylic because it can fully see the effect of id, to cut acrylic, you either need a dremel tool like me, either you can find an organic glass cutter attachment for the puzzle.
Please be careful with both tools, if you use the dremel tool you need a long sleeve shirt because dremel melts more than it does when cutting, and it will melt the plastic but it does go very fast if you use the jigsaw puzzle, be careful, it's easy to slide off the line and you can get hurt, so be careful, once you get the acrylic cut, you can now put the glue of your choice on the acrylic and you may want to wait until it becomes sticky so it's easy to get the bubbles out.
Once the film is glued to acrylic, I recommend using size magic to place a layer of protective layer on the film, once the film is completely dry, you are done if you choose this method.
If you choose to make a frame with a card, you can start by printing the template on the card and start by a window where you can see the information, once the window is cut out, you can use the mod podge on the back of the card and put it on the front of the movie, once it dries, use size magic to reinforce it and once it does, you feel it looks good, you're done.
If you need any help on this project, please do not hesitate.
Thanks to all of you looking at this structure, it's a really fun and cool project.
Thank you-
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