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uflex, fiinovation to roll out natural resource conservation initiatives in bhind - pet polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-25
uflex, fiinovation to roll out natural resource conservation initiatives in bhind  -  pet polyester film
New Delhi [India], Apr. 7 (ANI-
Business Telecom India)
: India's largest multinational flexible packaging materials and solutions company, Uflex Co. , Ltd. , has moved forward in its efforts to create a sustainable ecosystem, expanding its existing partnership with fiinvation (
Global CSR consulting firm)
Plan for conservation and optimization of natural resources in the Bhind area of central state.
Earlier last year, Uflex, together with fiinvation, through the implementation agency AROH Foundation, successfully launched rainwater collection and
This year, Uflex will work with Fiinovation to replicate successfully in a village near Malanpur, Bhind District, Central State through "bal Mahila Vikas samitii"
The leading microfinance institution in profit organization and central state has been working on rural development, child rights promotion, poverty reduction, water, sanitation, Environment and Natural Resource Management.
It is worth noting that Uflex produces PET chips (
Raw material of polyester film)
At the factory in malampur, the annual production capacity is 72,000 tons.
The Bhind district initiative will be to replicate the "best environmental protection program" that was recently confirmed by the headquarters base press CSR Leadership Award jury as a identified village in the gaotam Buddha Nagar district of the National Capital Region ".
Very similar to the NCR initiative, which aims to build the capacity of the community to protect and optimize the natural resource base.
This will specifically include a well-planned front
Site rainwater collection structure for collecting rainwater and charging the reservoir;
In a village near malampur, organic and inorganic cover is used to protect soil cover and concentrated planting.
The initiative will further require the planting of 2400 saplings in plots owned by individuals and communities to increase green coverage and feed livestock throughout the year, while supplementing farmers' income.
About 100 farmers will benefit from intervention in the next three years.
The initiative highlighted the active participation of all stakeholders, such as villages, farmers, local administration, social workers, schools, men and women.
This will result in an increase in the groundwater level due to penetration, thus better providing water for household and agricultural use;
It reduces soil erosion, improves air and water quality in an all-round way, and increases the number of healthy businesses in villagers. Mr.
Soumitro Chakraborty, CEO
After expanding our contact with Uflex, we said, "our cooperation with Uflex Co. , Ltd.
It has always been the most successful one, effectively committed to environmental sustainability at a time when the country is facing a massive environmental crisis, especially when drought and groundwater depletion.
The natural resource conservation initiative, aligned with the sustainable development goals, aims to motivate other businesses to carry out Plantation-driven and rainwater harvesting, thus helping India to achieve the desired national goals.
"Shortly after launching the plan, sir.
Ashok Chaturvedi, chairman and general manager of Uflex Limited, said, "I am pleased to see that the good practices we have accumulated while working in villages in the high tan favernagar district have been replicated.
No need
Wheels are invented every time.
Sustainable environmental interventions that have been tried and tested have become considerations for others to benefit from, thereby contributing to greater benefits. Our on-
The field experience in the village of NCR will greatly help us to carry out this initiative near Malanpur, central state. " (ANI-
Business Telecom India)
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