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ultra-light glazing - polycarbonate sheet uses

by:Cailong     2019-08-22
ultra-light glazing  -  polycarbonate sheet uses
Blowing is effective because the viscosity of the molten glass increases as the temperature drops.
If a part becomes too thin, it cools down and becomes more sticky;
The hotter area around it stretches first and quickly matches its thickness.
This principle is also applicable to the stretching of very fine fiberglass;
But unfortunately, the drawing of the thin glass plate failed.
It is not possible to maintain sufficient thermal uniformity on its width.
In this regard, daedaros recalls the excellent stability and uniformity of the simple soap film.
If an area is suddenly thinner, its surface tension rises and pulls it back to a safe thickness.
So daedaros is looking for "soap" for the molten glass ".
In order to have a suitable surface activity, its molecules must bind to the glass-
Like to be with someone who is not compatible with glass.
The silicone or charged silicone part of the first action should have thermal stability;
The second good candidate is Buckminster.
Like graphite, it must be completely incompatible with the glass; it has a high (Sure, unknown)melting point;
It can be carried with you
A chain connected to a silicon unit.
The chemist at DREADCO is working on the project. Detergent-
It will be difficult to handle the glass filled with melting.
Optician, for them, even the tiny bubbles in the melt are a headache, and they are frightened by its tendency to bubble and bubble. (
However, the insulation engineer will welcome the glass foam as its own product. )
From the free surface of the melt
The glass film will simply be fast-
Parallel wires.
It will be set to a uniform thickness controlled by the molecular interaction between its surfaces, possibly a small part of the Micron.
The glass film is very flexible and tough, and daedaros is confident in many new uses of his products.
The book with a glass Page was fired.
Printing will stand the test of the times.
Thin glass cells change the chemical spectrum. Two-
The size glass lasers and optical conductors will open up new areas of photon and communication;
Hard interference filter of beamSeparator,
Reflective layers and photographic films invade the optical system.
But the main purpose will be glaze.
The glass film is laminated on both sides of the tough polycarbonate sheet and will provide excellent window material
As transparent, hard and smooth as glass, not scratched and unbreakable.
Windows are the fatal weakness of modern houses, shops, offices and vehicles and will eventually be safely armored.
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