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ultrathin and lightweight organic solar cells with high flexibility - white pet film

by:Cailong     2019-07-25
ultrathin and lightweight organic solar cells with high flexibility  -  white pet film
Future specific requirements for lighting, display and PV will include large-area, low-
Weight and double mechanical elasticity
Electronic skin, textile, surface finishing foil, etc.
Here we show the polymer
Based on photovoltaic devices with a thickness of less than 2 μm on the plastic foil substrate, the power conversion efficiency is equivalent to that of its glass
Based on peers.
They can withstand extreme mechanical deformation reversible, with unprecedented solar cellsSpecific weight.
We formed a random folding network within the equipment area, not a bending.
The treatment method is standard, so the weight and flexibility of LEDs, capacitors and transistors should be the same to fully realize ultra-thin organic electrons.
These ultra-thin organic solar cells are ten times thinner, lighter and more flexible than any other solar cell of any technology so far.
Rigid slide with a _ 500-nm-
As the supporting base of 1, thick silicone rubber layer. 4-μm-Thick PET foil.
Its pet is Mylar 1.
4 CW02, obtained from Putz Ltd. Folien KG.
Sticking the PET film to the holder makes it easy to achieve all subsequent plane processing steps including rotating coating, thermal annealing, and vacuum deposition.
These devices can be stripped from the support stack without damaging the solar cells.
We spin PEDOT: PSS (
Clevios PH1000, mixed with 2 sulfur oxides of 5 volume %, mixed with 0. 5. vol% Zonyl FS-
300 The surface active substance of fluorine promotes the moisture on the hydrophobic PET from the fluorine card)at 1,000 r. p. m.
60 seconds, then 2,000 r. p. m.
Pet movies in their 60 s.
The sample is dried on the hot plate at 120 °c for 30 minutes, resulting in 150-nm-
Thick PEDOT: PSS layer with about 100 Ω square.
P3 ht of 30 mg (
Obtained from plextrooper and purified by repeated re-precipitation)
And 30 mg ml PCBM (From Solenne BV)
At 1,500 r, P-chlorb is spun. p. m. for 120 s.
P3 ht: PCBM is partially cleared by toluene
The soaked cotton swab reveals some PEDOT: PSS to allow contact.
The P3HT: PCBM film with a thickness of 200 nm was obtained.
The sample was transferred to nitrogen
The filled glovebox and annealing on the hot plate at 150 °c for 15 minutes.
Finally, under the pressure of 1 second and 10 mbar, 15 nm Ca and 100 nm Ag are evaporated by heat.
The active area of a typical device is 0. 1 cm.
These devices are first characterized under the illumination of the dark and solar simulators (A. M. 1.
Global Spectrum of strength of 100 mW, spectral mismatch correction).
The features were recorded using the jishili 236 source meter.
All measurements are made in nitrogen. Box full of gloves
The thickness of the layer was measured with an AFM digital instrument with a size of 3100. The s. e. m.
Fix the sample on a rigid glass substrate and deposit thin (
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