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understanding the different types of home elevators-features, pros and cons - polycarbonate tube

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
understanding the different types of home elevators-features, pros and cons  -  polycarbonate tube
Home elevators are also becoming a trend because of their convenience and energy saving.
Although most elevators will achieve the basic purpose of lifting to a specific height, there are also some additional features that make a difference between several types.
We can roughly divide the elevators provided by the home elevator company into four categories, namely: the combination of hydraulic and hydraulic system technology, hydraulic elevator is the preferred form of home elevator.
The hydraulic pump in the elevator is connected with the piston and the pulley.
Several brackets are used to connect the hoist on the piston.
The Pistons are placed on the base and there are several brackets to support them.
Tighten the shaft and sling properly using the steel cable.
Use the L-shaped sling as a platform to place the cab firmly.
Therefore, you can rest assured to smoothly pass through many floors without any bumps.
When we talk about the advantages of this type, it includes very smooth driving, no jerksNo noise, because there is no friction between the motors because the oil can be installed anywhere in the House, space can be a major drawback as the system requires a space for a separate room and pump.
Pneumatic is the latest trend in the field of home elevators.
It is equipped with a polycarbonate tube and works through air pressure.
A separate tube is placed inside as the cab of the elevator.
It is also known as a vacuum elevator and does not require any accessories such as chains, cables and Pistons.
The perfectly fit parts are assembled into the tube of the vacuum elevator to maintain the air pressure in a balanced way up and down the cab.
When the Space pressure above the cab drops, the cab is lifted up.
When the pressure is slowly released, the cab drops, which leads to an atmosphere under the cab that resembles a cushion.
The benefits of this elevator: no need to install a separate room anywhere, it can be installed even in the old home, it is very easy to install, the installation cost is lower. It was designed using the old method where rotating cinch was used
The cable is wound around the drum.
The motor is attached to it.
The motor is usually installed on the top or even under the crane.
This saves space because the individual room of the machine is not important.
Although the price of this type of car is cheap, you will experience a noisy and relatively rough journey.
Another major drawback of this type is that stop points are often unpredictable.
The outlet point can change the level depending on the load inside the elevator.
The benefits of this elevator include: very eco-friendly, can be used in modern homes, no need for cheap lift weights, they are often referred to as electric elevators.
The lift cab is suspended on the shaft and the counterweight is used to pull the shaft up and release it down.
Since they do not use oil and are often easily suspended, they are not considered safe.
This type of elevator is not used in earthquake-prone areas.
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