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unsettling tales of the unknown dead - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
unsettling tales of the unknown dead  -  clear plastic sheets
In the Pleasant Valley Memorial Park, a small cemetery in Annan Dale, just decorated Auburn --
A woman in her fifties or sixties has a transparent plastic sheet on the floor.
She put an eight next to the sheets.
An inch Christmas tree decorated with golden balls and red ribbons.
She was wearing double-light glasses with translucent frames, all blue-
Eddie Bauer is wearing a blue sweater and blue trousers. she is carrying a green backpack.
In the dark
On the morning of December, she sat down and finished a bottle of brandy, perhaps chasing it with peaches and mango juice.
She turned on a portable tape recorder, put the headphones on her ears and listened to comedian Mel Brooks and Carl Reina recording of their "2,000-Year-
The Old Man "routine.
She then reached into her backpack, took out a plastic bag and a roll of masking tape, put the bag on her head and tied it up with tape.
She put a roll of tape back into her backpack and lay down and suffocate. It was Dec.
1996, when "Jane Doe" committed suicide, it was clearly determined to remain anonymous.
She did it almost four years later.
This happens occasionally at every police station.
A body was found and no one seemed to know who it was.
Sometimes killing people;
But more often than not, suicide or death is caused by accidents or exposure.
Usually, the mystery will be solved in a few hours, up to a few days.
But even today, with automated fingerprints, DNA testing and computerized police information networks, Virginia authorities still have to solve about four similar mysteries each year.
For some counties, the release of enhanced photos of the person can be quickly identified.
This is the first time Jane Doe of ferfax has done so today, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has been computer-enhanced.
Across the state, 38 of the 40 unidentified persons identified since 1990 remain anonymous.
A legal death investigator at the Richmond state forensic doctor.
Despite a series of scientific measures taken by the state to try to name with one person, many people still evade identification.
"For these unidentified people, they are like my children," Morrison said . ".
"I want them to go home.
I feel terrible for those families.
Even if they are not the essence of society, some people love them.
This is my own sport.
"Many detectives who work in mystery feel the same way.
The case of Jane Doe at ferfax explains why.
Shortly after 9, the cemetery staff found her. m.
They called the police.
Forty minutes later, Richard Perez and Detective Mike Hedley arrived and her body was still warm.
When investigators checked her pocket to confirm their identity, they found only two envelopes, one for the cemetery and one for the coroner.
Both of these bills have two clear $50 notes, and one with the same type of note: "I passed away. . . .
I don't like autopsy.
Please order cremation with funds provided.
Thank you, Jane Doe.
"When they were unable to identify the woman through fingerprints and to find any family members from the reports of missing persons, the police distributed a photo of the woman through the news media. Still nothing.
Not everyone's fingerprints on the file.
Not all missing persons have been reported to the police.
"Just because we have the ability to track people doesn't mean we will catch everyone," Morrison said . ".
Some unidentified people may be mentally ill or homeless, or they may be substance abuse.
"These people are slipping through the cracks," Morrison said . ".
Over the years, the number of unidentified cases has remained roughly the same-
There is no increase, but there is no obvious decrease even with technological progress.
Speaking of Jane Doe, Perez said: "What makes it so frustrating that we are not dealing with skeleton remains.
Someone should know the lady.
"In the absence of identification for a few days, there is a standard procedure for police and medical inspectors to try to establish identity.
A complete set of photos and X-
The light from head to foot was filmed and the clothes were fully recorded.
Like DNA samples, fingerprints and handprints were taken.
A forensic dental specialist performs a dental examination and designs the digital code for entering the National Crime Information computer, as well as the fingerprint code.
Radiologist reviews X-
Ray for special marking or interruption. A high-
The resolution photo of the fingerprint was sent to the FBI for a more careful examination.
If this person appears to be from another country, the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization will also be consulted.
Sometimes none of these steps will produce any results.
On May 1996, a man was strangled and found in a suitcase in Louden County, and his whereabouts are still unknown.
A woman who was shot dead at the Falls Church in May 1990 was also unidentified.
Some help with technology-
On computer software at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, twice used to decorate photos, providing a much less traumatic view of a person.
1996 in Prince William, 19year-
The unidentified old woman was named on the same day that the enhanced photos were broadcast on television for two weeks.
A few years ago, in Alexandria, a man who died of a heart attack on a city street was recognized only after his photo was polished and released.
There are two unidentified victims from 1990 of the victims.
Investigators called the first "Ms Bone" because only her bones were found in the Centreville field in 1993.
When an anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institution examined her, he found a knife wound on the bone, possibly dating back to the end of 1980.
Last year, a police officer at ferfax made a piece of her face with clay, eyes, hair, lips and her unique front teeth, one of which was bent and rotted.
Another case for Fairfax is Jane Doe.
Every year during the festival, the case surprised Peres because the woman's body was found a week before Christmas.
He believes that as long as she is in good health and dressed properly, he will recognize her as long as he has as many clues as possible when he leaves.
But he resigned from the Felix Department on Friday and found a job in North Carolina, and Jane Doe still frustrated him.
"If she's a drifter, she's the best --
"The Drifters I have seen," Perez said . ".
She wore a gold watch.
Carratkin ring, with four pieces of jade, Peres thinks it may come from clothes from upscale shops such as Saks Fifth Avenue.
The place she chose for her death, the Pleasant Valley, may be unknown to a drifter.
That woman has eight.
The one-inch scar on her stomach may have been caused by a caesarean section.
She lies near the place where the baby is buried in the cemetery and dies, but not near any particular grave, most of the stones nearby are closest.
Except for Brandy (she had a 0. 14 blood-alcohol level)
She swallowed settle and had two empty juice bottles and a roll of new masking tape in her backpack.
But unlike many of the suicides Peres saw, she had no receipts in her pocket and the police could track her actions.
"Most people don't think of this when they commit suicide," Perez said . ".
Perez added: "The lady seems to have made a thoughtful effort to let us not know who she is and she has already planned it all . " He noticed suicide notes typed, cremated money, and even plastic sheets on the ground.
"I don't think I have ever encountered a case of beating me like this.
"Anyone with information about these women can call the ferfax police station at 703-691-2131.
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