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use of modular clean rooms and its customization - acrylic panels

by:Cailong     2020-11-24
use of modular clean rooms and its customization  -  acrylic panels
In recent years, clean room equipment has become a necessity for almost all departments involved in research and manufacturing.
The clean room is basically a sterile closed area with controlled temperature, pressure and humidity to create the ideal environment for sensitive processes.
It can use a HEPA or ULPA filter to generate a one-way flow of air, forcing the pre-
Through filters and prevent more polluted air from flowing into the existing polluted air.
Modular clean rooms have additional portability and flexibility in terms of size and addition or removal of different components.
More emphasis on pollution-
Hi-free dining, research and introduction
Technology electronics and other sensitive products, most companies are using clean room equipment to ensure that their products are safe, clean and pollution-free.
Modular clean rooms and other clean room equipment completely eliminate the possibility of any contamination and ensure the delivery of high quality products and customized products.
The modular clean room provided by the company has a flexible design that is suitable for different industries and allows customers to modify the design later to meet their requirements.
The model can be expanded or upgraded by using a combination of additional parts and multiple rooms. These free-
The independent modular clean room is easy to assemble and can be moved easily.
The clean lines of the prefabrication design are visually appealing, consistent with the overall appearance of the equipment.
The filter and light area are covered with clear anodized aluminum panels that further contribute to a clean look.
When the device is running, the easy-to-use drop ceiling is located below the light area and can be pulled down after use to keep the work area clean and dust free.
Compared to other models on the market, the company's rigid walls of modular clean rooms are better suited to withstand internal high pressure.
The variable Wall guard allows the pressure to be adjusted to 0. 06 in.
Control the flow of WC in and out of the room by adjusting the flow of air in and out of the clean room.
The interior room height of these modular clean rooms can extend from 8 feet to 14 feet and provide an open free span from 6 to 34 feet.
Although full length transparent acrylic panels are the most common and preferred option, you can even choose solid, white coated aluminum panels that will be used in more crowded areas to protect privacy.
The material selection of the wall panel includes transparent, transparent ESD or yellow acrylic, polyester and white painted aluminum.
These prefabricated modular clean rooms meet international standards and are available in the range of grades 1, 00,000 to 10 and offer the most sterile environment at a higher price.
The device offers a range of additional features to meet individual requirements to increase its appeal.
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