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using naturally occurring building material can be a greener gesture - plastic roofing sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
using naturally occurring building material can be  a greener gesture  -  plastic roofing sheets
Mud is one of the most common natural building materials, it is the Earth.
It is available all over the world and has in fact been used as building materials for thousands of years.
In many villages and small settlements in Africa and Asia, it is now even a very commonly used material, and it is estimated that even now, more than 1 out of 3 people in the world live in mud houses.
One of the main advantages of the mud house is that this material is always available locally and there is little need for skill to be converted into materials used to build the walls of the house.
The interior of such a house is still very cool.
Often, the mud is used with the frame, which is again made of other natural materials such as branches, straw or bamboo.
Mud is usually used in the form of clay, which consists only of more fine particles of the material.
It can be mixed with sand or gravel.
The thickness of the wall can be as high as 36 inch, which can make the wall reach a height of more than 20 feet.
Straw or hay is used to form continuity between layers.
The material and labor costs of building this mud house are considered negligible, as most mud houses are free to build with the materials provided by the area and those who will be living in the house.
The roof of the mud house is generally made of materials such as branches and straw.
In some places, you will find that the roof is made of metal or plastic sheets or even rustic tiles, but it depends to a large extent on the economic situation of the person who built the house.
The floor can also be made of mud and is often processed with other natural materials to provide a functional surface as well as other artificial materials such as tiles.
Clay and mud are also used to make bricks for better buildings.
The manufacture of bricks does require kilns, but dry bricks are also often used.
Bricks can make walls thinner and more regular in shape.
Photo source: wooden houses in Wikipedia are being restored. This is a rare person who will not realize a wooden house made entirely of wood, another natural building material that can be used to build a house
Walls made of logs can be absolutely wind-proof by filling gaps between logs with mud or other materials.
Another natural building material, also from plant sources, is straw bundles and bamboo.
Straw is something that can be planted anywhere, and even in today's world, 0. 2 billion tons of straw need to be processed every year in the United States. S alone.
The straw packed together intensively can help build the walls and can actually keep all the heat outdoors.
The buildings were even built before 200, and some of them are still standing.
Bamboo houses will be similar to wooden houses, which may be more common in areas where such grass does grow in large numbers as building materials.
Image source: WikimediaStone has been used for construction all the time. Sstone is another kind of building material that exists naturally and is still being used very widely in architecture.
While naturally formed stones or boulders can be used with lime or other mortar to form very strong walls, it is no stranger to a house built using only dry stones.
Even now, they are very often used for building walls and area fences.
When a stone needs to be cut into a regular shape, the cost of the stone as a building material will rise, and when such a stone must be transported from a distance, the cost will rise further.
But some very fine finishes of stones like marble and granite cause them to be used as building materials thousands of miles away from the quarry.
This is a rare public building in the world with no expensive marble or granite coating and flooring.
Image Source: Wikimedia waste materials from building eco-activists around the world provide justification for reducing waste and reliance on landfill disposal.
This allows scientists to study the possibility of using this waste in building materials.
While these materials, such as grain shells, engineered wood and other materials, are not natural building materials in a strict sense, the reuse of waste helps create an environment in which materials that do not affect other natural resources are used.
After all, even building materials that naturally exist like wood, stone and mud can run out of resources, no matter how rich they look at the moment.
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